Hero mercy letter dove

  • Hello,

    I have this problem. I just started a server and hero went on an adventure, which lasts one hour and 20 minutes to a one direction.

    When I count both directions, the summary is ballpark 2 hours and 40 minutes.

    In server start, it generates more adventures. New adventure spawns. I do not have horse yet. I get horse from the adventure. I cant abort mission from the rally point, because it has been 90 seconds or more.

    So I suggest a new hero item: A dove which sends the mercy letter. The dove is supernatural; It fell same pot than Obelix. However, the consequence is different: it´s trained to be so fast,

    that It can easily travel from an other of the map to other. The dove carries a letter. It tells the news from emperor: you have been released from your duty by a high order.

    Hero, being selfless, falls into the sword. The new hero deploys immediately.

    The hero dove is a rare item: It spawns only once in game beginning and it can´t be sold.

    Thank you, and good bye.

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