Wonders Of The World

  • Well I guess it is over anytime now...

    So I'll take advantage of this forum in order to congratulate and offer heavy kudos to the IKEA confederation since they're the obvious constructors of this servers World Wonder. You played a great game and I am very happy that you have won the official title and I applaud you!

    Since all the Surgers have been after Gunners butts for longer than half the server but still it's been a pretty close run between IKEA and us G. this past week so here's a toast to you 🥂

    Some gamers of the Travian type have intimated that either Gunners is a wing of the great north or vise versa...

    Is like to clarify that this is a misunderstanding.

    We both are sovereign & independent!

    And both of us are GREAT ;)