🏛️[LT]Ieškome Ambasadorių!/ [EN] Looking for Ambassadors! 🏛️


    Dear players,

    The Travian: Legends Ambassador Program is expanding and we are looking for some new members. We have two elections per year and the time has come to start the second election round for 2021!

    We're looking for Ambassadors from the following communities:

    • Hispano
    • Lusobrasileiro
    • Hungary
    • Baltics

    What does the Travian: Legends Ambassador Program mean?

    The Ambassadors are a group of representatives that are democratically elected by the players. They advise and assist Travian Games in the development of the game Travian: Legends. The group of Ambassadors represent the views and interests of the players and bring regular feedback from the community to Travian Games representatives.

    What is the function of a Travian: Legends Ambassador?

    Every Travian: Legends ambassador represents the community of players and creates a bridge between the players and Travian Games. An ambassador is the first point of contact for the Travian: Legends team (developers, game designers, communications representatives, etc.) to get fast input or organize more detailed rounds of feedback.

    The ambassadors participate in various chats to talk about the development of the game and contribute their feedback and priorities from the community.

    How can I join the Travian: Legends Ambassador Program?

    To become an ambassador, you need:

    • to be at least 18 years old, as you will need to sign a legal document;
    • to be elected by the community of the domain you want to represent;
    • to be able to speak English at a fluent level as all conversations (both written and verbal) with the Travian: Legends team will be held in this language;
    • to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that the Travian: Legends team can involve the ambassador in discussions in the confidence that they will remain private unless there is mutual agreement to share the contents of the discussion publicly.

    You can find more details and information about the Ambassador Program ➡️ here.

    This sounds like me! How can I apply?

    If you think you're the perfect person to represent your community, and you speak English, feel free to fill out the form ➡️ here.

    How is the selection process organized?

    The application will be open from March 10th until March 21st at 23:59 GMT+1. In the next 2 weeks, the team will evaluate the application and pick up to 5 applications for each domain which fits with the purpose of the program. The selection includes also a short voice interview with the possible candidates to evaluate their English level.

    On April 7th, the voting process will be started for each domain where the community will be asked to vote for the ideal candidate to represent them as an Ambassador. For this purpose, each candidate will introduce themselves to give you some more details and information about themselves and what they stand for so you can make an informed decisions while voting.

    By April 22nd, the final list of participants will be publicly disclosed on our communication channels (forum, Facebook, etc).

    We are looking forward to welcome a new group of Ambassadors. Submit your application now and participate to make our game and our community even better!

    You can ask question or discuss the program ➡️ here.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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  • Dear players,

    We’d like to thank every applicant for their interest in the community and the ambassador program.

    The Community Management Team evaluated the applications and interviews with potential candidates which took place on Discord in the past two weeks.

    We’re pleased to announce the following candidates:

    • Audrius for Baltics
    • Ramirez for Hungary
    • Niobe Vorenus for Lusobrasileiro

    For Hispano we actually have two possible candidates remaining and the community can vote on their favourite candidate!

    Some applicants dropped out halfway through the process or didn’t make it to the next round of evaluations.

    If you’d like to know more about the new Ambassadors, you can read their introductions and get in touch with them here.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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