The 2020 Travian: Legends Tournament is over!

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    Qui audet adipiscitur!

    Who dares, wins!

    350_0002_EndDate.pngThe 2020 Travian: Legends Tournament is over and we would like to congratulate all participants for enduring and fighting till the very end.

    In the upcoming week, we will run the usual end-game checks and we will release the official ranking lists. Winners will be contacted via email within 14 days.

    Now it’s time to celebrate and get some well-deserved rest before the 2021 Travian: Legends Tournament Qualification rounds start again in June!

    As Publius Syrius once said “Ubi concordia, ibi victoria” - Where there is unity, there is victory. It’s time to work on new alliances and prepare your plans for the next fight!

    See you on the battlefields,

    Your Travian: Team


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Just wanted to say: Great job Travian on creating an actual trophy!

    I advocated for it some time ago, don’t know if it’s my voice heard or just a happy coincidence but nevertheless nice!

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