Fastest launching times for the second village!

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    Fastest launching times for the second village

    Rules & Info about this HOF here.


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  • Rules & Info about this HOF:

    When does the launching time clock begin?

    - At the start of the server.

    Can the launching time clock begin when I create my account?

    - No.

    Do my settlers have to settle a second village to get my score validated?

    - Yes

    How can I have my score registered in this Hall of Fame?

    - Join the Community on Travian: Legends official Discord and use the dedicated channel #second-village-hof to share your performances!

    What is the time format?

    00:00:00 = hours:minutes:seconds

    Example: 99:55:21 = 99h55m21s


    It's not an easy task to check manually the fastest launching times for each server so don't hesitate to tell us if you see a mistake somewhere. We will correct it.

    Thank you!

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