Europe30 - Lag Issues

  • Hello players,

    As many of you already have noticed we are still experiencing some recurrent lag issues in Europe30 gameworld.

    We were all very excited to see so many of you joining the Europe30 to try out the cool features of our new regional gameworlds setup and we are very sorry now that this issue is affecting your time in the game.

    The biggest factor that has caused this situation has been the incredible number of players that have joined this gameworld. We didn’t have such a busy speed server in almost 7 years! It has been way above what we originally anticipated. This, sadly, we were not entirely prepared for.

    Initially, we thought that the problem may ease itself with time. We know by experience that the stress to the gameworlds is always the biggest upon release. So we gave it some time until things could slow down.

    With the following 48 hours, we closely studied the issue to try and find a solution. We worked on a hotfix that was recently released. This hotfix improved the performance, it has processed all the delayed events of the server and should prevent more event jams from happening again. We hope that the connectivity delay won’t rise to the lengths that it was before, but it has not entirely solved the issue either.

    • We have decided to close the gameworld to new registrations to stop the lag from growing.
    • We will continue to work on the performance of this gameworld as one of our biggest priorities.

    We sincerely apologize for the toll this is taking on your experience of the game and please know that we will do our best to have it fixed as soon as possible.

    The Travian: Legends Team


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  • Hello everyone,

    As compensation for the experienced lag, every account has been granted 20 Gold.

    Again, we sincerely apologize for what happened, our team is still working on it to improve performance.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • Hello everyone,

    We want to let you know that we are closely monitoring the performance of Europe30 gameworld. We are aware that the lag issues continue mainly during peak hours and we will continue to work on them.

    The problem isn’t caused by the number of registrations, (as we’ve had bigger registration numbers in the past), but instead, due to the number of simultaneous players connected at one time. For example, there might be 15k accounts registered but only 5k are actively playing at one moment (sending attacks, completing tasks…).

    We keep taking actions to improve the performance of the gameworld regularly and we expect it to get better with time, but unfortunately, we can’t promise an immediate fix. We deeply apologise for that.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • Dear players,

    We would like to share some insights and information with you regarding what is currently happening on Europe30, as well as explain how we are moving forward today.

    Yesterday, after discussing the issues with our provider and working closely together, we switched the gameworld back to its original environment during the long maintenance.
    When we put the gameworld live, we quickly realized that those provider’s issues were still ongoing.

    This is indeed not the quality of service we want to offer you, so we truly apologize for the events of yesterday’s afternoon and night.

    This morning, we decided to put Europe30 under maintenance to approach a solution for the connectivity issues, and event jam issues that you have been experiencing.

    We aim to achieve two things during this maintenance:

    • We will implement a more stable solution for the performance of the gameworld
    • We will rollback the server to a previous back-up taken yesterday 07/04 at 12:07 GMT+1.

    After a rollback, you can expect the following things to happen:

    • All payments that happened between the backup date and the time when the gameworld went on maintenance mode will be re-booked.
    • All the troops that were "on the way" by the time of the backup will be returned back to their home villages.
    • Artefacts and Construction Plans will continue to spawn on the same dates as before.

    The compensation of 200 gold you received previously, will be added again to all the accounts automatically.

    We will also be giving an additional 50 gold to you as compensation for this long maintenance and rollback in the next few days once we ensure the gameworld is running without problems.

    The Europe30 server will leave maintenance today at 14:30 GMT+1 (15:30 CEST) and the rollback will be applied.

    From the moment the gameworld leaves maintenance, starvation will be deactivated for 24 hours until 14:30 GMT+1 (15:30 CEST) of the 9th April 2021.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience.

    Your Travian: Legends Team