Travian: Shadow Empires x2 and x5 Speed - What's new?

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    In Travian: Shadow Empires, everything changes. Bound by destiny, former foes become trusted neighbors while mighty enemies roam in the far distance.

    But in a war-torn world, who can really be trusted? How much worth does an oath have on Travian's battle-scarred lands?

    Curious to find the details about what is coming to the Shadow Empires x2/x5? Read the full information below!

    (For a more in-depth look, you can also read our Server Start Announcement here)


    • 5 tribes.
    • 5 factions and different winning conditions - more information here.
    • Ancient Europe Map 801x801 (check it out here).
    • Hospital.
    • Conquering mechanic: On conquering: the village tribe of the conquered village stay.
    • Troop forwarding.
    • Troop merge.


    Here is the summary of the changes that will be implemented in the Shadow Empires second iteration:

    • 2 International servers, one x2, and one x5 speed
    • New Task system
    • Early game oases changes
    • Rearranging buildings option
    • Vacation mode changes
    • One-time-offer
    • Starting gold is 130 gold
    • Gold club costs 200 gold



    If you're not already familiar with it, the new task system contains many different tasks that can be completed throughout the game, not just at the beginning as the current one. Each village has specific tasks to be completed, as well as general tasks for the whole account. Each task has multiple levels that can be achieved.

    For example, a player may be required to build a Main Building level 1, then upgrade it to level 3 and then to level 7, and so on.

    Rewards are simplified compared to the old task system. The reward for a completed task is always a certain number of resources (the same amount of each type of resource) and hero experience. The size of the reward depends only on a few factors:

    • Each task type has its own reward multiplier
    • Each subsequent task of the same type grants a bigger reward
    • Hero levels grant an additional bonus to all rewards

    Additional information about the new task system can be found ➡️here⬅️.



    Features of the new Oases setup:

    • Oases are created without any resources.
    • Whenever a nature troop is killed, a certain bounty reward is added to the hero inventory depending on the nature troop supply.
    • This extra bounty will be clearly shown in the raid/attack report.
    • Oases' resource production starts once all the animals that originally spawned on the oasis are removed – either through combat or capture.
    • Note: The hero does not need to take part in the battle. The reward is granted even if all attackers – including the hero – are killed.


    Yes, yes, yes! We know you love conquering other players' villages, but we are also aware that sometimes you really don't like their taste for building positioning. So, no more of that! For 20 Gold you'll be able to rearrange all the buildings once per village to your preferred position. Take your time and place them where you really want them. Gold is charged upon saving the new village layout.




    Features of the new Vacation Mode:

    • A 12-hour cooldown is added to the "abort" action, once vacation starts.
    • A 12-hour cooldown is added to the "start vacation" action, once vacation ends (regularly or after being aborted).
    • The number of vacation days is reduced to 15, divided by the server speed.
    • Entering the alliance donation page during vacation brings the player to the "abort vacation mode" page (like all other sanctioned actions).
    • Annexing an oasis in the last 48 hours blocks the player from entering vacation mode. The player can enter vacation mode once the oasis is annexed for longer than 48 hours or is lost again.

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

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