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    Hello players,

    Are you curious to find the details about what's going to change in this version of the Travian Shadow Empires x2/x5? Read the full information below!

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    General Information
    Link Travian Shadow Empires 2x - International Travian Shadow Empires 5x - International

    Start Date



    Start Time

    17:00 UTC+2

    17:00 UTC+2


    T4.6 Shadow Empires

    T4.6 Shadow Empires

    Map Size




    2x speed

    5x speed

    Server Length 120 days 50 days
    Interface languages All



    5 (Romans, Gauls, Teutons, Egyptians, Huns)

    5 (Romans, Gauls, Teutons, Egyptians, Huns)

    Set up Ancient Europe Map - Victory Points - Factions - Conquering Mechanic
    Ancient Europe Map - Victory Points - Factions - Conquering Mechanic
    Relevant timelines

    Beginner protection

    3 days 2 days

    Beginners protection can be prolonged

    3 days

    2 days

    Tier 2 hero items spawn After 25 days (+- 24h) After 10 days (+- 12h)
    Tier 3 hero items spawn After 55 days (+- 24h) After 22 days (+- 12h)
    Speed factors
    Troops training 2x faster 5x faster
    Building upgrading 2x faster 5x faster
    Resource production 2x faster 5x faster
    Troops traveling speed 2x faster 2x faster
    Merchants speed 2x faster 5x faster
    Auction duration 12 hours 4 hours
    Artworks Max effect 1300 CP 700 CP
    Artworks and Water bucket cooldown 24 hours 12 hours
    Small townhall celebration Maximum 500 CP Maximum 250 CP
    Big townhall celebration Maximum 2000 CP Maximum 1000 CP
    Additional features
    Hospital Yes Yes
    Troops merging and forwarding Yes Yes
    Gold Features
    Plus Account and Resources Bonus duration 3 days 3 days
    Incoming Gold Transfers From everywhere From everywhere
    Outbound Gold Transfers Only to another 4.6 gameworld Only to another 4.6 gameworld

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