Noob raiding help

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  • Morning all,

    Noob here, looking for some help / explanation. Mostly out of interest to see if there is a game mechanic I am missing. Here is the scenario:

    Server day 12. Nearby village at population 46, not changing. This player has no other village, no alliance (appears to be inactive?) Scouted it numerous times over last 48 hours and always zero troops, zero defences (gaul village). I am also gaul, I sent 1 x TT to raid, and it died. The report says no defenders, but I assume this is because I died so receive no information. Scouted again several times subsequently and still zero troops, zero defences.

    I am trying to understand how my TT died, is there some explanations? For example - does a village have it's own defence level which is sufficient to kill 1 x TT? Or the player is actually active and built some troops (but then, why I never see them on scouting - they are always out of town somewhere?) Or maybe the player can keep their troops somewhere out of town, and chose to return them before my raid? (but then, where can they hide those guys?) Is there something I miss? I don't care about the specific case, I just wonder if there is another mechanic / explanation, which would be interesting to know for future!

    Thanks for any help or advice, sorry for probably very noob question... :)

  • Hi,

    You should always send more than 1 unit.

    In this case I would recommend to send 2 TT.

    Certain buildings in a village give defence so keep that in mind.

    But with TT you should send 2 units and I recommend that if you still lose on that target and he is small in size just ignore that one.

    Best regards,


  • raiding with 1 TT on oasis only.

    for raiding small villages with 1 TT, you need to upgrade them to lvl 6 in smithy...

    Otherwise, you need 2 TT to raid ...

    here you can calculate a little:

    Travian :: Uitgebreidde gevechtssimulator 2.0

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  • u need 120 strenht to avoid losses on no troops villa.. residece palace wall gives def points.. so if they are high like lvl 5 you will always loose your single troops

  • If the defender's loosing is at least 25%, the report show them defend power.