New player, settled a 15 crop as my 2nd village

  • I think i've made a mistake, yesterday i settled my 15 crop (2 village), and now i think it should have been my 3rd village

    nonetheless, what should i do now? settle a 3rd village near the 15crop? and should i settle with the 2nd village or the 1st?

  • Common suggestion: you should near the 15crop, from the 15crop.

    And my other common sugestion: the second village (it is mean the first settlement) let be the new main village. So, probably you do not mistake with the 15crop.

  • Hi,

    Settle a second village as a 15 cropper are more common than not.

    Great work on finding one.

    I would go for a third village in the same area as your 15 cropper.

    Best regards,