What is wrong with the 10X server

  • Is anybody else experiencing extreme lag and the webpage itself just not loading?

    I have got the "unexpected error" as well as the "Service Unavailable" at least 8 times todays. Is there anyone tracking this?

  • Why is there no official statement about the problems, what the problem is or how long it is expected to take?

    When I manage to load the page then hangs after a few seconds directly everything again. You can't even dream of upgrading buildings, sending troops or buying items at the auction.

    Just sad that you don't get any information here!

  • Reply to my ticket:

    I understand that this is frustrating for you, I have called in both the technical team and the management team to investigate this issue,

    No response as yet to whether it will be fixed today

  • For real im done, paid money for this game and already lost troops because couldnt send them away because of this fking lagg.. shit game

  • Yeah, I will agree, it has been happening on a lot of the international servers I believe. I don't know what it is, but I hope it gets sorted out soon.