Troop movement across your villages

  • Hello all

    I had played travian long time ago, and now joint once again.
    Now reasantly i have stumbled on a problem

    I have two villages and what to send my troops from one village to man head village. When i have done that the problem starts.
    I want to use thous sended troops for raiding, attacking u.t.c but only thing they do is sit defensively and eat my food. :D. Is this some have changeable?

    Tnx for your responses

    Best regards

  • Troops can only be used for e.g. raiding if they are send from the village they are build in. (on normal servers)

    Reinforcements to other villages can not start to attack from there.

    On regional servers (such as Shadow Empire i think its called right now) you can build troops in multiple villages and merge/integrate them into one specific village using gold/ressources. If integrated into a new "home" village you can start raiding from this specific village.

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  • Thank you for response

    Then whats the point of villages with 1/1/1/12 resources if i cannot combine my army in normal server.?

    You mean 1-1-1-15? 15crop fields?

    Well, if used as non capital villages.. Once you've fully upgraded them you can use the crop to feed troops via traderoutes.

    Having a minus production in a normal village isn't that bad, as long as you feed it properly.

    So if you for the start build 1,000 Clubswingers to get started with raiding and such, you can simply create a traderoute into that village with 1,000Crop per hour and counter the minus production.

    Keep in mind that traderoutes are only available through the gold club which can be activated for 200 gold.

  • it seems like an excellent suggestion :)