Day 234 end of server maps

  • Hello all,

    We hadn't meant to post again, but Flufie says it would be nice to look at how things finished. We have made some final maps, not of the alliance groups as we have seen them before, but of players in groups which have confederacies with the wonder accounts. If mistakes were made in assigning alliances to the confederacies, then apologies! These were checked with representatives of the different groups.


    IKEA, Duat, NoSpies and Strange in purple; GUNNERS, GUNNERZ and Goofers in green; TEN Y, TEN - AD, TEN X and 2.01-A in yellow; everyone else in red.

    The Nordic alliance and Gunners are quite straightforward. The zerg alliances are spread out a lot.

    It is Flufie's view that this map shows how things went so badly wrong for the zerg alliances. Maybe last time we played, 9 or so years ago, the zerg would have been effective. TG have been changing rules to try and make this style of play ineffective, and it seems they have succeeded. Had the zerg managed to take more construction plans, things would have been different, but as they didn't they could only directly support their wonders with members in four alliances. This excluded most of the zerg. Many accounts were left unable to send defense, and only providing resources indirectly via raiding by someone inside the wonder groups. We believe, had the server been ongoing beyond the new rules being actively enforces, there may have been serious issues around allowing resources to be transferred in this way to the wonder holder, pilgrim.

    There has been growing evidence of cooperation between Gunners and the Nordic groups. They are shown as autonomous on this map though.

    I don't see any point really in trying to show other data for the different groups, as having the zerg alliances mixed together in this way makes things very distorted.

    I will now reflect back upon the alliances in Flufie's first analysis, on day 21. If the group is still playing now, a map will be included.


    Remained loyal to the zerg. We are not sure exactly what they have achieved though.

    Duat and IKEA

    It has been interesting reading their thoughts on the server. Meticulous planning, well executed. Flufie says they are the most willing to adapt their gameplay in light of changes to rules and play of others, and arguably the most willing to learn.


    Errm.. they were assimilated by GoW??


    Short lived alliance. Now we have learned a bit more about how the game works, I fear Bubbles is no longer a viable option as a serious group (in the past we could get along quite nicely in a tiny group), due to the alliance bonuses heavily favouring large groups which can contribute more.


    Considering the main stated aim of the zerg was to put Gunners out of the race, they have done amazingly well. For their members to continue fighting to the very end in spite of the onslaught is admirable.


    Lost their name, but certainly their presence in the NE must have had an impact upon Gunners.


    Was a bit sad really they failed. Flufie suspects, had they been around still when the zerg was formed, they would have joined it and proved very useful in attacking Gunners members.


    Really nice group of people, with a great wealth of experience and knowledge about the game. It is Flufie's view that they have not adapted to the new ways as well as they could, and that if/when they do return they will look and behave a bit differently. It would be foolish to assume that because things didn't work out the way Goats may have hoped this server, they would be a push over next time.

    TEN and 2.01

    Flufie called TEN boring on day 21, and asked who 2.01 were. He was joking, but it does seem interesting that at the end of the server, despite our account (Pippin) being in a wing of TEN, we still don't know much about them. They have been loyal to the zerg though, and seem friendly enough.

    That is all.