Hero resources should only supply the home village

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  • pretty much the title says all ,
    i feel like it kinda "easy" or cheating if u need resources in any if your villages you just need few click and booom u have it .

    it totally makes the Merchants useless in this spectrum .

  • Agreed. I also was surprised you get new quests again for every new starting village, way to easy to build, but these are minor issues imo.

    The gold advantage is what kills this game, reason why LOL or CS go are still popular is because money only buys aesthetics. 20 gold to rearrange buildings? The greed is real. I paid 1,50 euro for 150 gold, thats all travian is getting from me.

  • so money for aesthetics is good but when its in travian (rearranging buildings is aesthetic) its bad?

    Moving buildings should be core gameplay imo and 20g is way to much. With aesthetics i mean like differnt shaped/ colored buildings you can buy like LOL or like CS go.

    I really think travian costing so much gold is not good for travians own longevity, "pay to win" (to get in game advantage) is killing travians own playerbase.