Victory speech from NordicX round 8

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  • So it was over for this time.

    I am very grateful to be part of the management team for this fantastic alliance TLS

    Many thanks to Jägermeister who wanted to take care of our world wonder.

    Many thanks to Knoppen and koskenkorva who worked and tore with the clay pile

    Many thanks to Nameless and Pokémon

    Without you, this would not have happened


    You did it

    You really gave Everything for Everyone

    You all made sure we won !!!

    Thank you all from Angostura

  • Its usually the ww holder who opens up the thread, soo is this the thread?

    Djpave/J-Ice @Fix11 | DramaQueen/Brim @fix12 | HUPS!/Aamuset @fix13 | Ujo/L7 @Fix14 | Peter Pan/Kamut @fix15 | Katuma 25/KuRa @nx3 | Petonivesi/F-Zone @nx4 | not Petonivesi/Iginla @nx5 | Vetonipesi/ACAB @nx6 | Ministeriö/D-Tytöt @nx7 | King Kkong / S @nx8

  • Okay let me write in more serious way than previously in this forum, as it has been how things usually go. This post includes some analysis about operational side of things in the server as it was only relevant thing happening in the server.

    First of all, gg winners. You played servers as it should if your main goal is to win. Well done.

    Secondly, just briefly about our own account. Players were Tamikaze, mustis, Silascee and myself. Our account started as average roman deff/one operational hammer account with horrendous capital oases. I guess it was end result as well. Account was not pre-recruited to any alliances and location was next to some Nameless players. Unfortunately, Nameless was never possible alliance for us as we surely have some differences what type of gaming is counted as okay. Ultimately, we decided to join p2.

    Then a bit more about server. I have not seen this active server pretty much ever. Somehow other skilled alliances (Nameless, S) decided that they do not make any ww-hammers and decide to focus only on operation. I guess it is fine to decide that as you are welcome to do w/e you want in your only account. Maybe they did not recruit any willing players to do ww-hammers in their alliance, and it was just a coincidence? Probably not, but I guess it is possibility. Ultimately lack of ww-hammers in other alliances effected mostly to our playing.

    One thing I did not understand was lack of imagination in operations. I would expect quality and different type of operations if u decide that you are purely operational alliance. But no, operations were 95% piggy-trains to our hammers or capital operations. S walling 8 operational hammers to our one operational hammer (same size as 2 of the biggest walled in operation). Nameless making operation to ww-hammer with 2 waves from every player. Hammer was capped as it was expected, and Nameless lost every hammer that was part of the operation. Problem for us that even two operations like these killed us 3 M deffs. Maybe that was point of these operations, but if not these were just plain horrible.

    Worst mistake in server was when S robbed our architect, which had only 1M of defence. We definitely had deff-shortage, but this can’t happen in server, where we know enemy only have ware-hammers. Ultimately this was seal to our loss, and it was only our own fault. Additionally, I think our problem was mixed accounts. Kanga, Dogmatix and Aimery had their own thing, which I respect. They had strong accounts builded for them, but not really for alliance. They were capable of deffing Aimery’s off themselves, so they did their job well. Other accounts? Strong moving deff accounts from Hecate and Luppakorva. I would say that we are part of this group with Transukoira. Other than that, accounts were mixes. Not strong offensively or defensively. We would have needed way more defensive minded thinking to survive constant operations. Alliance was not that good location wise. Players were too spreaded. Indeed, we gained from this in artefact period, but for the rest of the server it was painful. Too weak accounts and not that good location wise.

    Positive side of alliance was that players were chill, and I understood that was motivation for playing for the most people in our alliance. This resulted good atmosphere. I think I can be sometimes a bit annoying person as I can take this game too seriously, but I do not think I had that bad image in the ally. Nobody said anything at least:D. Constant attacking made some players lost their motivation, but I think we managed very well with beating like this. Unikuu MVP. Good job guys!

    I admit that my post can sound a lot like whining about attacking in war game, which I do not like. This surely was not my goal in this or previous posts in the forum. For my defense I am saying that I think we have had our conversations about pure operational alliances in small servers like this, considering balance of the server. I am not saying that I disliked playing. Quite a contrary, I would have lost my motivation early after artefacts without action. Maybe this was bound to happen as we probably would have had really easy win without S/Nameless operations. Nobody would have liked that either.

    Lastly, thank you everyone for this and previous servers. I hope we can still discuss about travian or some other topics in discord/irl even if people are going to quit playing after nordics. P.S. International 3x starting in Tuesday.

    fix1: Gisangel -> Criblizer, fix2: feltsu -> Lexyz, fix3: Tyttöset, fix4: Mad_Dog, fix5: RusketusRaidat -> Kiukku, fix6: Mehukatti, fix7: Nosporde fix9: Tim-Antti, fix11: TaylorSwift, fix12: TurhatPojat, fix13: frágile, fix14: Green Day s1(2): NotYourFriend, s1(3): Olivia, s1(4): Seilori, nordicsx4: Spede Beard, nordicsx5: CataLAN, nordicsx6: Bunny Party, nordicsx7: Jack Hammer -> Muotovalio, last nordicsx: Pönthiittine

  • Henlo frens and greetings from the ape crew King Kkong and from the Syndicate ally

    (if you are not interested in the account part, skip to the 'ALLY & SERVER STUFF')

    monke chill. monke deff. monke lied

    About the acc, after exhausting last round on Ministeriö building a wwk, we wanted to continue with

    mainly same players, me, Cromeh and Lainee with some late recruits just before the start - Juhe and Epekki.

    Lainee in nights, me in morning, day and evening, Juhe filling the gaps, Epekki working and Cromeh in Spain (please pray)

    That was the core plan for the server

    The plan was to build a chill deff teuton acc, but after quite succesful start and for what I believe we had the

    settlers out moving first on the server -- it was clear this will not be a chill round. We landed on 150% and the surroundings

    started soon fill with TLS players. Unlike last round, we were not building ww-hammer so we didnt have to erase our neighbours

    from the map d10 so that helped our goal to be number 1 deff in the server, both in deff total and deff points.

    Soon we started farming which was well, not super lucrative but helped a lot queuing paladins from two villages in that

    stage. Without problems we were settling around 1,5d gaps, but fck these teuton merchants when settling anywhere further than

    2 squares to get good oasis for the village - almost blew my brains out couple times.

    As planned we made also a arti sweep, which was used for couple arti sweeps, large trainer from natarians and one from

    TLS. We also opped with that couple times, and it was walled on like weekly basis.

    We started mass spear producing like week before arties, ended up like 250k at arti spawn and 1,4M by BP spawn. Around 2,2M

    produced spears and 135k paladins. Since we held the large boots and were online 247, we were forced to keep almost everything

    home for fast responses and deff calls. Because we were farming, we were able to do that without having to make any prioritazing.

    Well that cut us off from the sim race eventually when certain acc with just scouts and ally-provided small diet could just

    focus on simming, but we werent here for some useless sim ranks. We took the most important sim rank, which was gold medal from

    the first week. We ended up with 1,2M spears and 35k paladins alive at the end of the server.

    About account dynamic: for me it was very lucrative at the start that we had Lainee at nights and mon-fri the rest was my

    duty while Juhe filling in the gaps if needed and Epekki and Juhe handled the weekend day times while I could take some time

    and mind off from this game (well in the end it wasnt like that:D)

    Highlights from this server from my pov:

    1. achieving 1st position in every stat (except off) in General

    2. breaking the 1M spear limit

    3. grabbing the UT from p2 with 1000 imps

    4. chiefing Pekka Töpöhäntä's off

    5. grabbing p2's large arc

    6. grabbing TLS's large arc

    7. conspiring the operation Great Fog


    Soo at the finishing line of last round I was invited to a discord channel for the next round

    completely unaware of the ally plans or even its to-be leader.

    By the start of the server, I was supposed to be just mere crew member but couple weeks in,

    laicos asked me to be his deff coordinator, which later we know was a useless role due lack of incoming operations.

    The ally was supposed to be pure op ally to balance out the server as much as possible with some defense accs

    to be able to deff certain targets, like possible trainers, hammers etc, no ww, no ww-hammers, maybe confed with somebody

    needing help.

    Around d16(?) we started operating on the Nameless capitals, took a few of them with our mighty hammers,

    but laicos started suffering bit lack of time to put in this game, and Nameless took a serious hit for losing

    couple key accounts to TG (not commenting if they were falsely accused or not) so we eased our operating in that direction

    while chance of getting walled grows rapidly and losing hammers before arties would not be an option.

    Later the artis were coming and in my opinion we were well prepared for them with catapoints, but what weren't prepared for

    was me and markus handling it completely so we were caught red-handed, pants down. Got some good arties, missed couple by just minutes

    end ended up with a unique arc to be traded for better arties, turned out that nobody wanted it :D

    The arties eventually got spread pretty good, one ally being the clearest winner on that day ending up with UT, UD, UC, small trainers etc

    and that was p2.

    It was just been announced that this would be last nx and like 2 days after arti spawn Lantti approached us with

    a proposition of a joint ww with us supporting them. After almost week-long negotiations first within our own ally we

    decided to go with a counter-offer, the confed were only to happen if we were building it and since that wasnt their

    original plan, they needed some time to think it through.

    During that meeting (d42 i think) p2 was operating on CoCa then like second or third day in a row after Posomies

    made some banter against p2 in the forum, which later bit him in the ass hard. Lantti showed me the reports from their

    previous op and it was so close I didnt piss myself seeing those f*cking huge, cant even emphasize it enough, OP HAMMERS

    being used to op at d42.

    We held all the top deff positions in S in the server and we had like total 1,5M-2M of floating deff around that time,

    but if those hammers would have been used in a piggy trains, it would have been any deff coords nightmare while p2 doing

    good job with altering TS levels during the op making scouting hard.

    Lets say this now: at this point we were kinda neutral party still, without eyes set to any targets.

    At that point p2 also held all the ingredients needed to win: ww-hammers in the making, about all largest top10 hammers

    on the server, best arties and solid premade player base. We had already heard rumours about possible p2 and SW confed

    in the making making a meta of +80 players so it should not be any suprise who we would go after.

    So we started operating on the strongest alliance on the server, which was the purpose of our sole existence. First ops on caps:

    succesful, couple later ops -- not so succesful due a certain catastrophical mistakes in executing said ops. I wont open

    up that matter since, since I have yelled enough to him already.

    p2 tried to op in this direction, but apparent blindness of capacity of own hammers caused them to go chicken and aim for multiple

    targets, which led us walling some hammers and losing two caps, but thats about it of incoming ops.

    Day after that walled op on Aimery!, laicos realized (finally, had to push it little with some harsh talk) that due rl-stuff,

    he doesnt really have time required to run an ally with rapid pace operating and day-to-day stuff to take care of,

    so I took over running the ally. (this was not a roast targeted to laicos<3)

    I tried, I tried and I really tried to provoke just about anyone on the forum to make any incoming attacks, not because I felt cocky

    or "full of myself", just wanted any chance of action in this direction and use for deffs since the deffs accs started

    to suffer from the increasing troop consumption, tho some acc didnt have the same problem and him you could see as ruler of

    the largest empire

    Like one player from Pönthiittine, who normally plays with us, said that we have nothing to operate and gain, thats true

    and so didnt the Nameless as their founding purpose was the same as ours.

    Soo there came the ww phase, exciting and all.

    Big news, stop the press: ally with 0 ww hammers lost

    Reasons we lost: no excuses here, no ww-hammers and Nameless+TLS coalition bested us in hammer sizes and amount of deffs.

    Reasons p2 lost: losing large arc and two mistakes on using the Aimery! record hammer: first it was used way too

    early from the leading position, since nobody in their right mind would have targeted that.

    Second mistake was Aimery!s missclick on the listing of ww's and accidentally targeted S ww instead of TLS ww.

    Reasons that aided TLS+Nameless to victory: underdeffing and still deffing the large arc, nobody won in that except


    I said it in discord public channel and I will say it again -- I will not hear any bullshit excuses

    about Aimerys target because "blah blah S would have come anyways to demolish wares" -- well only reason we would come if we

    we were suddenly and unexpected set 8 days behind by zeroing our third or fourth position ww so we would not have any other choice

    but trying to buy time with ware demolition.

    Our last hail mary time buying, burntotheground-type exit-operation was a server wide, border-crossing fog piggy trains trying to demolish bot p2 and TLS (which required us snatching also TLS arc) warehouses, and I was glad to see

    all parties willing to participate in each others demolition and piggy trains, all though both needed some convincing after seeing

    S coming also and I trust both p2 and Nameless was thinking "am i being lied to and baited", well like I said,

    we threw everything in that hoping that both Nameless and p2 would be out of the race and the possible victory for SKS.

    TLS ww had already crazy amount of deffs and it really surprised me how much they could gather more. Kudos to that.

    PRE-EDIT: I had written this couple days in advance, so few things in this may be inaccurate, but in hindsight, the call for Operation

    Great Fog was proven to be right. The amount of deff 85 accs or so in the TLS+Nameless+Pokemon confed could gather surprised me,

    but as now we see how much they were set back, I couldnt have gone for better solution, too bad it turned out to be too little.

    So I think this was it for me, atleast for now, maybe eux later this year.

    To the part everybody has been waiting the most, the shout-outs:

    Thanks goes toooooo:

    My dual, Cromeh, you know why

    My other dual, Lainee, huge hours steadily almost through-out the server, every fucking night, holy shieet, hopefully you are alive :D

    My third dual, Juhe and Epekki extremely important key role as fillers to ease out "full-time" players

    Laiskat, especially cof, damn fine job whole server, participating in every crazy shit op came to mind,

    grabbing the unique trainer was one my favourite moments on the server

    Murre, only woman in internet im simping <3

    Veix, my favourite copper salesman

    Toby, hell of a job as solo account and my kind of guy

    Every op participating acc wall after wall, no questioning, Kennel bois, Mundi, Diri, Yarrface and Excuses.

    Every deff players, hell of stretching when call were made and Kakara could always find something to send.

    perskii, Laurushka, hell of a solo accounts and was pleasant chatting with you

    BEN IS, parsa10 and topzy, nice steady going once again with some good old länkytys kkontent from topzy

    Redo, helped when needed with calcs&brainstorms

    Players in CoCa, the few active players who made a hell of amount off deffs (testosika, Kenttämestari) and those

    who were willing to clear BP's like platyposs and Näätä

    Jarski who was so karski that she needed to be prayed for

    Ppl from enemies, Unikuu, Satneros and Gaute: thanks for trusting me in the operation

    I first had decided to without the flame section, but since it was asked here we go:

    Revenge Body: first times first but never have I seen such account potential go to waste with the lowest troop

    ratio on the ally, possibly on the server. Only value you had was stockpiling up the useless arties under the large eye.

    Aye, we did some good scout walls with your scouts but too bad enemy didnt bother to scout ever during the op.

    One unnamed player within ally with leading history: you prolly dont realize this, but your public questioning, backseat leading

    and bad-mouthing is sometimes really frustrating and lowering the troop morale in the ally quite a bit

    The same goes for one unnamed Roman acc, whose players round after round just idle, squeel and rarely achieve anything

    while implying how much better they are than anybody else. Skandalf did good job on that account tho.

    Overseer(Luppakorva): I still dont know who you are, but one of the most childish, idiotic and cockiest forum users I have ever seen. Flame

    when flame is due with apparent zero understanding of the game

    Some unnamed CoCa-leaders: irl>travian, always but you guys disappearing was well-predicted, thats why we wanted to do the

    ww building, so this was not basically a flame but a statement. Luckily the rest of active players were enough self-steering,

    so I didnt have to do much. Thank you testo and Kenttis

    The Discord crew made this game once more playable, thank you!

    Djpave/J-Ice @Fix11 | DramaQueen/Brim @fix12 | HUPS!/Aamuset @fix13 | Ujo/L7 @Fix14 | Peter Pan/Kamut @fix15 | Katuma 25/KuRa @nx3 | Petonivesi/F-Zone @nx4 | not Petonivesi/Iginla @nx5 | Vetonipesi/ACAB @nx6 | Ministeriö/D-Tytöt @nx7 | King Kkong / S @nx8

  • Thank you and sorry. Was supposed to just chill and play deff until I can retire from the game for good but Neve baited to play off one last time. Turns out I cant chill and play off at the same time which made the game not so pleasant at times.

    Thanks to duals, Ryysy and Neve + leaders, discord gang and defenders.

    See you on the next eu 3x, hopefully the community stays alive after these merges.

  • I don’t think there is going to be a conventional victory speech... So here is the game out of our viewpoint on the Pripps Blå account.

    As usual, when the last server ended we told ourselves, this would be our last round of Travian. But like so many times before, I and Badaam wrote to each other asking if the other wanted to play the upcoming round.

    The first weeks of the server everything ran smoothly, Badaam worked from home and I’m having distance studies. The perfect mix for a Travian addiction. We managed to settle a 15c with 150% just an hour before another player landed. This round would have been ended way earlier if that turned out another way.

    Anyway, we continued with the development of our villages, and when it was time for artifacts we had around 16 villages (a record for us). Two offs, ready to be used for the taking of artifacts. As usual, we have tremendous luck with artifacts nearby. This account was involved in taking 6 artifacts with the help of our dear friends Minttu and Swagga. (I’ll get to them later)

    When one of the Great warehouse/granary plans we captured was stolen by Coca, we began looking for another one. We managed to take one from our to-be confederates, Nameless during the night with our small boots. (It had to be done, sorry)

    As the days went by, I and Badaam started losing the motivation for playing this game, as so many times before. We wanted to get rid of our offs so we could log on 1-2 times a day to just build deff. I sent away one of our offs on a trainer belonging to p2?! I might be wrong here. Badaam was not happy since he knew that was a WW-hammer, so it would be defended even though we had 4 hrs to get there during the night. It was walled. So when it was time to take BPs, we decided to use our remaining offs on a BP. Successfully capturing it, but we logged in at 10 the next day, and Laiskat had paid us a visit taking it.

    After this, the account went full deff mode. Beginning from shy 100k to 400k in two weeks, taking 1st place in the ally in that matter… Anyways, the ally had the numbers, and that worked out for us.

    As I’ve said so many times before, this is my last round of Travian, and I think I speak for Badaam here as well. Damn, it has been a really good time. End of an era, truly. It feels good ending it with a win.

    Lastly, special thanks to the TLS ally. At sometimes, the lack of coordination may have been a little too much, but ey, we won. Also a big thanks to our confederation!

    Albani, you will forever be named Swagga in my book. Made sure we had the potential to defend ourselves early on, even though it turned out to be the case that we never needed it. Great round man!

    The Minttu account, Phillo, and Rursus. Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. Without you, this round would have been bland and boring. Whenever you are in Sweden, hit me up brothers <3

    Badaam, my Co. It has been a great number of years playing these rounds. Now, at last, I think we both know who is the better Travian player is. I.e. we will have to revise the Pripps Blå profile ;)

    Bye, all!


  • Although I had to quit midway through the server, I guess I'll say a couple of words. I'll try to keep this flame-free as much as possible, but I think we all know that won't be a successful operation.

    With knowing my irl situation is on a place where it is, I was well aware I wouldn't be able to play the round all the way to the end actively, and early on I wasn't sure how actively I could play, although I was aware I could fill in spots as the clock time wasn't a thing that was keeping me from playing. With this in mind, I asked for total 1 account if they were interested to have me, and after long discussions they decided not to take me on the account for x reasons. I honestly feel like they should have as I was able to put so much hours in the first month after all, but it is what it is. After that I pretty much decided to not even go for the round, but one person asked if s/he could ask if y player wants me to have on his/her account. I said sure, go ahead, as long as s/he mentions I wouldn't really be able to put up big hours. Even that didn't happen in the end, and I was certain that okay, I won't be playing at all then.

    At some point - like week or two after that - Hive asked if I would be interested to come play with him. Telling him the truth about not really being able to put up hours and only would be able to play around a month - depending when the server starts. This was around mid-January. Hive told me that it would be a chill account and no worries, everything will be just fine. While knowing Hive is actually a pretty good guy, but also knowing myself, I was really skeptical at first. In the end I decided to go like "what the hell, I won't really be playing for long and it will be at least an experience." We decided that our only goal for the account would be getting at least 1x raid gold. With that in mind, account was extremely successful. I also remember thinking around d15, that I'm surprised how I had no bad things to say about Hive thus far. For me the account was chill and fine, although not a top-tier account. I feel like Hive - and iiKe who joined later on to the account - didn't feel like that was a chill account. One of the problems is that what I think as an chill account really isn't a chill one for everyone, and I ended up in a position where I felt like I was pretty much soloing the account for last - lets say around 2 weeks - before I quit. Might have been shorter or longer. Although I didn't really care if nobody else was playing, as I really felt like it was really chill for me to play even alone. Different things came up that made me lose my mind pretty hard about the account stuff, but I won't be opening them up as they are things between our account players. Yes, some of the stuff is known by other ppl as well, but I believe no1 beside us knows the whole story. When I decided to quit, I probably would have just jumped to on a different acc and played big hours there, but already having irl stuff pushing on my shoulders and knowing it wouldn't get easier - only the opposite - it was pretty clear I wouldn't really be any use for anyone at that point.

    In the end, even though it might not sound like it, it was a nice feeling playing really chill account without stress. Also there wasn't any drama - even though it might sound like there were, it was just a bad fit - which I'm happy about.

    Although I thought I wouldn't even mention about any alliance stuff, as I wasn't a leader but oh damn. I don't know do I have to change nickname or something for ppl to really get it that I'm not leading. I kept saying all round long - "I probably won't be here even when the arties even spawn" "I'm not a leader" "I got no clue about alliance stuff, ask Hive" etc. and still ppl just kept thinking I would be some kind of leader. I kept saying about not leading inside our alliance, as well as to every other alliance. It was well-known fact across the server - even before the server started - that I wouldn't be playing for too long. Yet I feel like every single member inside our alliance got caught off-guard with that, even though I ended up playing for longer than I was supposed to? All the stuff that could be thought as leader-stuff that I did, was because frankly there was none doing them. And at all times I was trying to push someone else to do them. There wasn't a single indication that I would want - or feel like - doing anything leader-ish stuff. Even when anyone came to my PM about some alliance stuff, I instantly told them to go to Hive's PM.

    But even after all that, I feel like it was fun "playing" travian since - well, god knows when - and would do it all again.

    And for the thankies-part:

    Hive & iiKe - kiitos teille kuitenki siitä, että tämmönen tili tehtiin. Olishan tossaki tilis ollu halutessaa potentiaalia aika paljoonkin, ja ennakkokaavailujen perusteel kyl mentiin tavotteist ns. yli.

    Pitahaya - kiitokset kaikest tän runin aikasest höpötyksest. 8)

    Pösömies - kiitti myös kaikest jubailust + catoist.

    Bhulli - en mä oikeestaa tiiä mitä tarkallee haluisin tähä sanoo, mut kiitos. Tuntuu et olit viimenen jota kiinnosti millää tavalla liitos kylis - kunnes suakaan ei enää kiinnostanut.

    Primadonna-tili - oikeest jopa jäi tosi positiivinen kuva teistä. Harmi et teidän spotti sit oli mitä oli ja mite loppupeleis kävi. Jos (kun?) pelaan kylistä, niin mielelläni kyl nään teidät samas liitos.

    Redo - kiitti öisist tft ja jubailuseurast. o/

    Jadsku - kyl sää tiiät miks 8)

    Unikuu - En tiiä kuuluuko iha tarkalleen kiitoksiin, mut menköhö. Jäi vähä harmittaan kuinka aina kun tulit mun ja redon kaa meidän tft voiceihin niin sun cäpistä lähti peltoi, vaikka olikin huvittavan ironista. Vaikutit kuitenki iha jeesjees tyypilt - vaikkei otanta nyt olekaan iso.

    Kiitokset joka ikiselle jonka kanssa juttelin ties mistä, oli se kyliksest tai formuloist tai ihan mistä vaan.

    Fix11 ForeverNeitsyt @ HM | Fix13 krasny/Marttyyrit @ O | fix14 Smurffit! @ BILL | fix17 Avast @ RPN | fix18 Wannabe @ I.T | Fix19 Baby Alice @ RuRo | fix22 Frozen @ Prinssit | Fix23 Puppelit @ Aapeli | Fix27 Saint Lucifer @ Pahikset | n3x3 Angry Walrus @ KuRa | n3x4 Huh & Huh @ F-Zone| n3x6 Alfred J. Kwak @ YJ | n3x8 Tommy Two Hands @ CoCa | tc3/2.5 royax @ TurVa | ts2 marse @ Sirkus | ts4 Ned Kelly @ FF | ts3 Taylor Swift @ -/lia | ts4 Victoria @ Kiira

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  • Thanks for the server!

    Decided to stop playing travian december 2020, but this time it didnt even take one month to change my mind. Main reason was when Unikuu, Ato, Vehi and Lagri wanted me to join next nordics 3x with them. First the 4 of them were thinking about making a wwc account all 5 of us. I kinda wanted to go Gaul deff and in the end me and Ato decided to go Gaul deff. I set the goal for us to be the best def-account in our ally where we almost succeeded.

    Few things about our account Luppakorva;

    It was my first time playing competively on 3x and we tried a raid start with Gauls making us like 6h too late to send settlers. This costed us our settlers bouncing twice. In the end we were still able to get a decent 125%. By this time we got told to make one op's hammer also. Queued off first and started making def like week before arties. During this time i kinda knew the def situation was quite horrible in our ally making to top-2 def in just 6 days :D

    After arties we used our off quite fast and went full def. Just pushing more and more def all the time and moving it around. We at p2 were getting targeted almost every day so def was moving back and forth a lot. Vehi and Lagri as sitter were moving def during nighttime quite a lot also. Lost all cap fields once, half of the fields once and few fields 1-2 times. The one time we had def in our cap we ended up walling solo-waves from Diri Dam.

    After Nameless took down our cap fields we kinda stopped using cap and just using boosters to queue def to wonder. We ended up finishing second in def points but i dont think we were the best def-account. King KKong being the best and Hecate as a second.

    Sims rank 29

    Def rank 2

    Hero rank 2

    Off rank 84

    Few things our operations;

    I was making most of p2 op's. Against CoCa we did really well and had nice amount of op's hammers in use. After we saw S was moving def to CoCa we knew there was nothing more to gain there. Did one op's against S walling in 1/3 of the targets. During this time most of our off accounts started going hybrid since def-players in our ally were not able to produce enough def. After op's against S we did mainly op's against SKS walling 3 hammers against Unique confusion. We continued doing op's against SKS but it wasnt really worth it. Roughly when SKS had both of their wonders at lvl 60 we launched an op's against both of their wonder ending up zeroing the other WW and taking down all the large ware's in the other wonder. Thanks for SKS moving architect :D

    Should have done better as op's coord!

    Thanks to;

    -Unikuu for leading and he did really an awesome job at it! The dedication and amount of hours put to this server to make it more enjoyable for every one of us was really nice to see. MVP of p2 by far!

    -Ato playing with me and we did really well together. Hopefully we will still play together in the future!

    -All players in Hecate account! (Nyx, PartyQueen and Vradchuk) really a stellar performance. Most important singular account in p2 from my pov.

    -HateDevil with crazy amount of work at ww holder account!

    -Vehi and Lagri for sitting our account whenever needed and nice talks and ideas.

    -Everyone from p2! Was really a nice server and had great time in discord with everyone <3

    In the end i need to say few words about my usage of forum's. We had good laughs in discord! :D Of course all of it is just banter and just one way to try to create better and more interested server for all of us :) Pav3 dont believe everything you read on the forums! 8o

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  • Petong Minister aka Sad M o n k e here.

    I just came here to thank my duals for being there mostly when needed. <3

    First time going purely def with a small hammer and I think we did pretty okay on that scale.

    Also want to thank people on S discord that keep this community so close.

    Hopefully I will see most of you in the future because wouldn't want to miss any content.

    Äijjien ilta tosijjjaa.

    ps. Kenttämestari can you please update the clock

    - Rome

    Oddish/Valio @nx2 // Katuma 25/KuRa @nx3 // Petonivesi/F-Zone @nx4 // not Petonivesi/Iginla @nx5 // Vetonipesi/ACAB @nx6 // Ministeriö/D-Tytöt @nx7//
    King KKong/Syndicate @nx8

  • Idk really what to say guys, im conflicted; these servers have been even(ish) with possibility to everyone for win, so by the time of the speech, you'd still have some adrenaline running through your veins, but now? Now I haven't give a shite for the server for a month and a winner's been more than clear for the best part of it

    Normally I'd be able to pinpoint everything and everyone at fault that has lead to this, I mean I could do it now aswell, but usually its been for educational purposes, now it would just be burning bridges, so I'll just ramble a little bit


    OP-ally? Well aight I get it, if ally is lead alone, you don't want an ally that needs you to be on to make calls 247. But when roster is this stacked with talent, opping is such a waste of potential itself. Why does an op ally need 14 out of 22 to be def accounts? Why weren't we told this ratio pre-server so wouldnt have to play effing gauls forced to switch to off to balance it out?

    I think this is what ultimately was the problem. We had arguably the best offensive roster, meaning we wouldnt be needing that much def. We had nothing-to-lose agenda, meaning we had no super-important targets to def. We had our biggest accounts (at that point) going to play def/scout; Kong, Simps, Revenge, (us), not to mention the few strong solo accounts, so we'd be having massive def with nothing to def, which would mean that we'd be forced to participate WW-race or 60% of the ally would have nothing to play for. Yes, I voted for the ww-race myself aswell, but you have to understand that this was simply due to the fact that it had become a must, as people werent convinced/forced to play off. After this we still had the chance to repair our course towards more ww-focusing ally off-wise, which wasn't done

    We had 2 or 3 accounts willing to make ww-hammers, but "they weren't needed". How come we end up piggy-training to WW's with our so called op hammers anyway. Why didn't we turn our big op-hammers into ww-hammers when our heavy participation to ww-race was announced (over 40 days ago?) Was it too late to announce such tranformations as you can only queue 15k more catas into 20k total? Instead this res was used queue secondary hammers which were driven to WW without hero, without making damage

    Sure, Aimery!'s hit on us came "as a suprise", and Im not saying it was close enough for it to matter for sure, but how come def, nor even heros were called for any hits that came to our WW? Sure Aimery was called couple hours late when nothing could move there anymore. So to me, saying "no excuses, TLS bested us because they had more def", is an excuse itself, when we weren't using nearly our full capacity on either of the hits we took.

    Yes we had accounts that didn't live up to their potential, but do they deserve blame when ally itself doesn't live hear to its potential? Its potential was scuffed day1 and frankly idk. Guess one could say "Why didn't you say anything or do something if you saw everything was going to sht" and well idk. After the supermassive fck-up on artefacts I lost my faith and motivation for a few days, and after it was restored I felt like not wanting to force my opinions either, but rather answer when asked, which was never.


    Peacock-defense? really? First time I see an ally lose it so heavily due to what happened in the forums (in nordics)

    Here's what I don't get, we had ppl undermining your prowess and skill in S, while simultaneously reasoning why we should only focus you. I think this was due to very unsuccesfull trolling in the forums. So massively counter-intuitive. You had, well scrubs, acting like the kings of the server, while simultaneously making fools of themselves in other allys eyes, which resulted:

    - People thinking you were to win (due to acting stronger than you are)

    - People thinking you didn't deserve to win (due to constant crying and well idk whats the word)

    What you guys were doing lacked logic, I mean this can be seen from the writings;

    "S wanted us to lose, wanted us to hit Aimery to them" while on next post "S is the only one not happy about the outcome" or

    "Opping useless caps d60" while on next post "casuals lose motivation to fill def forms every day"

    and from the whole server plan;

    If server has no ww-hammers why arent you defending architect more heavily (1.4m not 1m as were posted earlier)? Why don't you try to get one back? Why waste op-hammers on SKS WW, when it could be easily dropped by us / Nameless? Why don't use joker to roll arch even tho you had one? Why were une diet and une trainer given freely?

    and diplomacy;

    Why would you op a 10-person ally like CoCa, like you should know they will ally some1 to match out the player difference, and wether it would be us or Nameless, you'd be at massive fault. Why would you then op us, an ally with nothing to lose and more def than any other meta combined? Why would you ally with LH? You would gain what, 800k def (LOL) to WW, but simultaneously you would get Nameless as your enemy. And are these guys known to fight with people-deficit? No, you should have known they'd ally someone, and who? Well TLS obvs since rest were taken, which would mean you wouldnt even be favourite for the ww-race either.

    Why and why and why, theres too many whys to which apparently nobody found out the answer? If you are to continue playing on eux after this round, these are some questions you need to find an answer for as its not gonna be easier there.


    "Attacking me made you lose the game" - Raki (After destroying a market from Kkong booster on day79)

    "Syndicate should get themselves some jobs and stop playing 24/7." - Jägermeister

    Idk wether to rejoice that you guys finally won a round of nordics before it came to end, or be sad that the server went through the toilet so heavily that you'd win. I guess you can't do anything wrong if you don't do anything? The only good thing / good decision for you that you made was to ally with Nameless, and this was after you were the only alliance left to ally, so was it really a decision? And one could even argue that it was a bad decision as it made you 100% clear winner, meaning such moves are usually looked down upon.


    Look, I get wanting to "back a lesser ally to make them a competitioner for ww-race" but here's the but. If you have more def alone than the two biggest competing coalitions (p2+LH) & (SKS+SKPigs) combined, being the biggest ally on the server (Bigger than us+Coca combined), its not really backing up, but securing a win. You were more than capable of forming a side of your own to WW-race without any diplomatic moves, so why repeat last server and again form such a big meta. People were ridiculing P2+LH making one and you make even bigger even though you had not been taking any hits throughout the server, as p2 had. You gon be fighting the 250 acc italian metas with 500 of your own to keep up with the ratio that you've accustomed to in nordics? Last I checked we dont, as a region, have that many. You guys need to learn to fight from a deficit or atleast on even ground

    Idk I could write an epic, about things that were again effed up in this server but it would be such a tldr, and honestly Im done caring so ill go to "thanks" - Guess Jadsku will write more about our acc

    Personal POV:

    Duals: Karskijarski & Kelmimelmi, maybe some more thanks to KJ as Melmi was jogging for the past month or so, but nevertheless we made a decent account (for a gaul-hybrid) with our limited playtime. Best in our category for sure, but was there any other gaul offs, guess not

    King KKong: Our 4th dual, big shoutout especially for Lainee for either watching over us in the nights I couldnt play or for keeping company in the nights I could

    Kotetzuru & Cof for watching attacks aswell (and other(s) if I forgot)

    Voice-crew - Äijjjies nights, listening to bängers and casinostreaming is a BiS way to spend your time during quarantine

    and allys POV (well not really allys, but who imo should be thanked):

    Pav3 - Taking over the ally and trying to win, not that it was always pretty, but you did your best, and since this wasnt originally you're cross to bear, ppl should be thankful that the ops were able to continue.

    Laiskat - never stopped playing, never stopped trying and having a nice off account again

    OP-Crew - no major fckups except for some in the start, but more importantly the attendance rate kept high, even tho we kept walling a lot at one point

    Fix1/Pedawbd Fix2/Hercu Fix3/Zender Fix4/HEuNUKKI Fix5/Apple Lija Fix6/Freyr Fix7/TopDog Fix8/Rosa&Orjat Fix9/Pieni Ja Tuhma Fix10/Sivistynyt

    Tx3/1 Narkkari Tx3/2 Sivustakatsoja Tx3/3 HUPS! Tx3/4 Ei Ressii

    N3x/3 Cured Curiosity N3x/4 Death Note N3x/5 3 And half men N3x/6 Wintage N3x/7 HALOO N3x/8 Excuses


  • Congratulations to winners: TLS for making it level 100 with the Wonder!

    Last Nordic 3x End Speech

    About me:

    I'm kinda new to this scene and leading on my 3rd 3x server wasn't easy decision. I wanted things to go forward from previous servers and not be stuck in place.

    So this was my first time being on leading position. I have had some experience helping with stuff, but not really that much decision making before.
    On server my account wasn\t that good what I was aiming at first, but it's what it is now. Those deff coordinations takes some time and energy.


    We started building line-up pretty early on last server, and I was kinda chosen to be leader on this one. I wanted to make couple main points on leading as being more informative to others and in need ask for advice, but still able to make decision by my own.

    First idea for this server was to build ops-ally since we knew that our resources for more was going to be limited. That being part of stuff happen last server end and some personal issues.

    4 days before server start we had gathered around 11 accounts for the server, but just before start we had gathered around 30-35 accounts! Huge thanks to Jupe for recruiting, since he is way more know person on this meta than me.

    Early Server:

    Early server wasn't anything speacial really. We recruited couple more accounts, but wanted to keep strict line for recruitment! So size of ally would not grow so much.

    SKS wanted to do some co-operation/confederation, but our view for server quality didn't match what we wanted from server. We tried to have peace with S G since we knew they will bully us at some point of server. Personally I was settled middle of S G, so I was prepared to lose my capital and made new one.

    Mid Game:

    We collected almost every artifact we wanted, only few runs turned back! We collected uniq trainer and uniq diet from uniqs and also couple small trainers and diets. Only thing that would have been nice to have was small warehouses artifact.

    At this point we started receiving operations from CoCa targeting uniq diet. So I ended up losing most from my capital. We also started doing some operations against CoCa, and our atmosphere started rising to really good when we made succesfull hits!

    Middle of one of our operations, we got info that CoCa and S made confederation, end expected our offs to be walled, but went through on most of targets. At somepoint we got first operations from S and their target was again same as CoCa's first target: Uniq diet at my capital. So new rebuilding was awaiting at the morning.

    And about L.H confederation, we made this since they were only one that was ready to help deff with us our WW and WW hammers. But in the end there was some miscommunicating and clearance issues with same personal issues that affected this co-work.

    End Game:

    We made plans to collect building plans, but had some calculations wrong so had to do them again in 5 minutes before them appearing to map. We still managed to gather all 3 we wanted.

    Since we were only ally really building WW hammers we received huge amount of ops to limit our effectivness with those. As looking after runs we could have done those way better than we did, but this is what we tough was best for us. We didn't expect so many trains going on the end game.

    And those runs most of the players would have spend those even earlier than I gave permission. Ofc these runs was affected by fear of loosing them on operations we had going almost everynight at that point.

    So basicly those ruined our strategy, but you always learn new things! And this server have been huge learning oppurtunity for me!

    Aimery hammer controversy: Our plan with this hammer was knock out S out of end victory, since we knew they had so much deff on the WW that our ops hammers would have not harm it at all.


    We ended server with 38 accounts with:

    Population 562 647 and 3rd highest average population on server.

    Attacking: 3rd most points and average place 4th.

    Defending: 24,8 million points which was over 2 times more than second ally.

    I have to thank everyone in our alliance and everyone who participated on the server, even tho sometimes it felt like hell for us.

    I counted that, after artifacts we got attacks on about 40 days. (ops or not)

    After all it feels exhausting starting to count how many hammers we walled this server so won't be naming all of those, maybe if I find collabs of those I will include some links/pictures.

    But now for more personal thanks listed next.

    First of all whole p2 ally: Thanks for following me, we made our best shot towards winning, but felt little bit short after all we went through together. We had so many awesome persons in our team and willing to play once more with most of you!

    And for separate accounts I have to thank!

    Tenavatuokio/HateDevil: You were my back support whole round! When I felt exhausted, you told me to rest and telling me you will take care of my account meanwhile. I know WW was going to take lot from us, but you managed still building it up!

    Myrskylinnut/Nisse: It's always nice to have backup plan and you holding and handling our Building plans once again was huge help!

    Hecate/Vradchuk: You were my trusted deff help at nights! I could always trust you to sit atleast one of deff targets and helping counting things! And ofc those excel/sheet knowledge!

    Hecate/Nyx: When we had anything to ask from TG you were always ready to help us and get us info we needed! <3 And ofc had nice talks on private! Also thanks for taking some care on deff calls on morning/days when I slept without even asking!

    Luppakorva/Overseer: You made really nice account and those early operations was huge success! Also when you joined to voice chat it was always pleasure to change opinions!

    Tohtori Sykerö/Vehi & Lagri: Thanks both players making 4 hammers that cleared nice amount of villages, some from natars also!

    Pönthiittinen/Kitto Katsu: Thanks for helping with deff coordinating and scouting when needed!

    Taikuriluttinen/ Welho: Thanks for helping with deff sheets etc. and with artefact sheet.

    Tuttiritari/Jupee: Thanks for recruiting some new faces for me to ally!

    Aimery & Kangapanda etc: We recruited you to ally at early game and you telling me your plan I was ready to help with it. We had nice chats during server and learned some new tricks from you

    And ofc all of our deff players who still kept building new deffs everytime we walled some enemy hammers! We wouldn't have this change without you guys!

    And enemies:
    Redo ja Lantti: Never coming againt to voice chat since I don't want to lose capital fields anymore.;(

    And some reports:
    Hammers we walled (not all)

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  • Revenge Body

    Why should I write a long speech, if there is nothing to write? Simple list is enough, so here it goes.

    Plan was to make low-pop scout account with low activity to build up scout walls for people opsing. Instead we got this:
    Population: 59k

    Troops: Missing (we accidentally built treasuries to replace the barracks)

    Town Halls: Level 20
    Artefacts: Yes (11 artes in the account at the end) and Afterwork too

    Activity: Online less than 1h in a day, still hold a small diet. Alpha account

    Activity in Discord: Much länkytys & Account with green ball and starvation rolling on at the account same time.

    Duals: Best SuurScoutti-team. Positive vibes only

    Duals (moe-, Lian & Qala):
    It was nice to play with you and have some fun. Gold well spent! Special thanks to moe- who bought gold packs with me <3

    Pav3: Thank you for the leading and replacing Laicos to keep the ally rolling on. Thanks to Laicos for the time you were leading.

    Excuses: Account full of good guys, big nice, no excuses.

    King Kkong: Big thanks for the content with Juhe's cleaning every single day with Cif Citron Long Drink. Cromeh accidentally got the same job at the end of the server with Hartwall Grey Betong

    Murre: Lovely Murano <3

    One positive vibe line from our account chat to show up our positive vibes:

    Tekis mieli pultata se vinkuintialainen pumpulikani shakkivihkoineen vitt^^n tältä serveriltä ulisemast - Rare Dual's Revenge

    Pitkä matka ja pienet askeleet

    - Junnu

    Fix3 Missä-X | Fix6 BaX | Fix14 BaX | Fix15 BBQ | Fix19 BaX-Power | Fix20 BaX-Power | Fix21 Hanuristit | Fix22 Pocahontas | Fix23 Puppelit | Fix24 BaX |Fix26 Sariel | Fix27 Saint Lucifer | Fix28 Kivimagneetti | Fix29 Jake Bölök | N3x Moonshine | N3x2 Kauppisen Pete | N3x3 Keittokeisarit |N3x4 Huh & Huh |N3x5 Junnu & Unna | N3x6 KanaaliRapu | N3x7 Valmentaja | N3x8 Revenge Body |

  • Howdy everyone, and thanks for the server.

    I wont make too much of a speech, and I will skip the account summary as I at some point turned from a semi okayish deff account, to a scouting-machine.

    First of all, the origin of Nameless was as stated above by some of the others, we decided to mainly do ops and have fun this round.

    The first order of having fun in our book was to not give a f**k about WW, building plans, architects. Basically anything ww; we wanted none of it. Therefore the decision fell early to find someone to support, and because we never wanted a grand meta during non-EG we decided to wait until everything closed in on us. At the time we made our decision p2 was the biggest alliance (in pop) so they were never an option, a meta with S would in my mind make this too much of a walkover and SKS had a massive ammount of players in both their alliances. We felt TLS was the sensible choice to back. As they were the smallest competitor in the race, and we thought it was fun watching their underdog attempt last time as NCS. So in this regard, I dont really think it was securing a win, as our win was conditioned by a lot of events mentioned earlier in this thread. p2 losing architect, aimery going on S etc.

    Its been a pleasure sitting in the leadership for Nameless. A fine bunch of people indeed! Its really a pleasure being in the leadership of so many nice, hard working and fun people. Our discord is truely alive, and even though there always will be some intrigues, the vibe was mostly positive. People having fun talking shit, doing ops etc. How it should be. You guys are all great and I hope to play with you guys again in the future.

    And I cannot do a post like this without handing out some special thanks, on a personal level:

    Gaute: I would not have made it through this round without you, starting out as sort of a solo leader, getting you into the leadership and handling our ops with anon, really made this round a whole lot better for me personally. Huge thanks to you for everything you have contributed with from start to finish. Couldnt have hoped for a better guy to deal with this server with!

    Anon: Doing massive work with the ops, night sitting, helping with deff coord when needed. Really stepped up, even helping out in the end with ww sitting. Da Real MVP!

    Jomar: Always a pleasure. Always stepping up when needed. Not only does he have an answer for everything im puzzled by, he makes a perfect mate to rant to when shit goes sideways :love:

    Old Evil: Being a holder of a unique art less than 3h from a big enemy acc (ponthi) i've never felt unsafe, mostly due to this man keeping me well fed with permdeff and quick reaction deff.

    A thank you to TLS for accepting our offer to help them, and to just straight out being a kind and fun gang to play with. No intrigues, no bullshit, just putting in the work to win with a smile.

    A thank you to S for providing plenty of fun reports to watch, and for your forum contribution.

    A thank you to LH(SW) for a good fight in the quadrant, even though we pulled the longest straw you did your best effort in defending and attacking back. Respect for that.

    A thank you to p2 for being able to take a hit from S so we wouldnt have to.

    A thank you to SKS for doing your own thing. Taking two ww's, bombing p2, bombing us. Probably bombed someone else too. Massive creds for having the second best off player on the server at the end.

    A server I will remember as being rather weird seeing that nobody really made that much wwrks, even p2 didnt have too many good ones. A server with insane ammounts of salt in the forum for the better part of the server. But I had fun. I didnt have to plan ww. I didnt have to build wwk. I didnt have to to a lot of things and as a notoriously lazy person thats quite appreciated, and therefore sending out a blanket THANK YOU to everyone who accomodated this laziness.

    And now for a well earned break for the lot of us. Enjoy, and will see you guys around at a later point.

    To The Moon, out.

    Nordicx7 - Theogonien.

    Nordicx8 - To The Moon.

  • Congrats to the Winners!

    Great thx to everybody in our P2 alliance, especially our young but 'the force is great in this one' leader Unikuu / Rölli, who tirelessly worked day and night for us all. It was nice to play in an alliance that

    wasn't riddled with spooks, saboteurs and foulmouthed betrayers. We had high spirits and stood on a higher morale ground the entire server. Love you all :)

    Thx for great work and interesting DC chatting to all old battle comrades and to new ones especially on Hecate (nyx, vradchuck, partyqueen).

    Hate Devil / Tenavatuokio and those who helped as sitters did a great job with WW, although i think it should have been named iso2 :)

    Aside from using our big guns a bit early, i think we did as well as was possible against the rest of the server and we can all take pride in that fact.

    Thx to LH for joining us, even though rather late in the game, love you all too <3

    I had nothing to do with leadership this round and that was nice. Played hybrid, took some boots, chiefed some WWs, kept some BPs safe and rebuilt my capital every second day after SG daily but strategically

    pointless attacks. Had no duals, nor any sitters and slept far too little for an old and ailing man.

    About the ring of legendary supergoofies who in their fear of not winning this very last nordic round, went for an early metafog and tried to turn the entire server on us. Partly they succeeded in that too (only look

    at P2 alliance defpoints) but still they did not win... probably... :)

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu S'hame wgah'nagl fhtagn, AI AI!

    Hello neglected scifi-books, trout rivers and deep space exploration, here i come!

    so many fi3 thongs, too many fixes to list...8o

  • Kiitoksia kaikille ja onnittelut Servun voitosta TLS:lle.

    Servulle lähdettiin kohtuu pienellä porukalla liikenteeseen vain n. 30 tiliä alotuksessa.Lopussa oli 38 tiliä liitossamme P2 eli Pikku Kakkonen. Liittoamme lähti liidaamaan Unikuu tilillä Rölli tehden paljon töitä sen eteen että pärjäämme servulla: Pakitusten hoitamista yötä päivää laskien kaikkea mahdollista mitä peliin liitty.

    Servun edetessä ja maalle muutossa oli myös hyvät puolensa, sai osittain rauhassa kasvaa ja kehittää tiliä ja tehdä pientä hanskaa millä haettiinkin pikku sotis liitolle ja joukkoja jäikin sen verran että kasvatin lisää niitä kunnes tuli ww-kylän haku. Jännättiin että miten mahtaa käydä ja omat joukkoni riittikin lanaamaan natut pois sieltä ja pässejä perään muutama ja kylä oli otettuna.

    Nyt alkoikin uuden kylän raksaaminen jotta saadaan ohjeisiin mennessä kuntoon ja tolppa nousemaan ja näinhän se meni. Tässä vaiheessa kierrosta oli melkein joka ilta jonkun toisen liiton toimesta opsua meitä vastaan ja jännän äärellä että kenelle seuraavaksi mennään pullakahville. Olipahan servu kun miettii ketkä kaikki oli tulossa vuoro päivinä kylään: SKS,S,NAMELESS,TLS,SG,SK-PIGS,COCA ja varmaan oli muitakin mutta nyt ei kaikkia voi muistaa.Liiton puolustus pisteet nousi huimaan 24801547 pisteeseen mikä kertoo sen että muut liitot piti meitä varmaankin isona uhkana. Onpahan noita öitä ja päiviä valvottu hyökkäysten kanssa.

    Pakkia alettiin saada hienosti ww-kylään sisään välittömästi ja siitä iso kiitos koko liitolle jotka ahersivat yhteisen hyvän eteen. Olihan se välillä raskasta huudella pullaa tai pakkia ww-kylään mutta liitto kun veti yhtä köyttä ilman myyriä tai epäilyksiä ja hyvällä hengellä niin oli hienoa todeta että hommat toimi hyvin.

    Arkin sain käyttöön jonka sitten erräänä päivänä NAMELESS haki isolla työllä ja possu junalla minulta pois, iso menetys sinäänsä tuo arkki mutta ei sitä peliä ainakaan voiteta pelkällä arkilla vaan muutakin siihen tarvitaan.

    No Capi siinä meni hieman heikkoon happeen ja raksaamine jatkui siellä taas niin kuin ennenkin. Seuraavaksi oli sitten possujuna Ohjeeseen johon NAMELESS ja TLS pistivät joukot pässien kera seinille, pakkia siinäkin kaatui ja paljon mutta ohje säästyi hienosti.

    No sitten tuli taas ww-kylän vuoro TLS ja S liiton toimesta kohteeksi ja tolppa tippui tasolle 80 tuolloin ja waret tippui. Nyt alkoikin urakka duuni rakentaa wareja ylös jotta saamme nostettua tolppaa ylöspäin ja pääsimme tasolle 90 kunnes juuri ennen servun loppua tultiin vielä kerran NAMELESS ja TLS liittojen toimesta vieden tasoja wareista.

    Olihan niitä paljon muitakin mitä en nyt tässä rupea luettelemaan.

    Liitolta hienosti pelattu servu sillä vedettiin yhtä köyttä tappelematta omien kesken.

    Unikuulle ISO kiitos liiton johdossa ja siitä että vahdit tiliäni yötä päivää.

    Tuttiritareille ja Vehille/Tohtori Sykerö myös iso kiitos kun vahditte tolppaa ahkerasti vuoronperään.

    Kiitoksia myös LH liitolle josta sain ison kasan pakkia ohjeeseen jotta se säilyi meillä ja sieltä esim. Erna Husko, R2DP ja PIHTARI ja muut lukuisat pakkien lähettäjät.

    Kiitoksia LH:lle vielä että laitoitte tolppaan ison kasan pakkia jotta pärjäisimme tässä taistelussa 2 vs kaikki muut liitot.

    Kiitoksia koko P2 liitolle jota työnsivät pakkia ja pullaa tolppaan taukoamatta, olitte hurjia pakkitehtaita vaikka niitä meni muissakin pakituksissa hurjasti puolustaen kyliä.

    Kiitokset myös kaikille DC:ssä kirjoitelleet ja voicessa jutelleet. Saimme monia nauruja ja hauskoja hetkiä siellä pelin tiimellyksen keskellä. Oli hienoa tutustua uusiin henkilöihin kuten Nyx,Vradchuk,PartyQueen ja oli hienoa myös pelata vanhoilta servuilta jo tutuksi tulleiden kanssa ja näiden luettelo onkin jo pitkä.

    Tässä porukassa ottaisin koska tahansa kierroksen uusiksi sillä oli niin mahtava jengi kasassa.

    lista servun puolustajista vielä missä näkee huiman eron kuka otti osumaa ja pakkia meni paljon:

    Parhaat liittoumat (puol.)

    Liittouma Pelaaja Ø Pisteet

    1. p2 38 652672 24 801 547

    2. SKS 44 258025 11 353 086

    3. Nameless 37 285191 10 552 063

    4. S 22 464086 10 209 886

    5. TLS 46 196946 9 059 516

    6. L.H 38 219687 8 348 123

    7. CoCa 10 575685 5 756 850

    8. SK-Pigs 25 133756 3 343 889

    9. Pokémon 3 317843 953 529

    10. S G 16 35978 575 649

    Thanks to all and congratulations to TLS for the win.

    We started out with a small group of ca 30 accounts. At the end we had 38 accounts in P2. Our alliance was led by unikuu on the Rölli-account and he worked much to make our alliance succeed: from co-ordinating deff

    to calculating and planning all possible things.

    As the server continued moving to the country side had it's advantages, could grow in peace and make a small off that was used to get small trainer for our ally and the rest as basis for sweeping WW, suprisingly it

    was enough to do that on its own. Then started building of ww village so it would be ready when BPs arrive and so it was. At this point we were attacked both jointly and separately by most of the other alliances. It

    was amazing to see all alliances attack us day in and day out: SKS,S,NAMELESS,TLS,SG,SK-PIGS,COCA and some other smaller ones too. Our deff points rose to a staggering 24801547 which is testimony to how big a threat

    other alliances saw us. Lot's of missed sleep during those attacks. We started to get good deff in immediately and great thanks to everybody in our alliance. It was sometimes tiresome to shout for more deff, more

    wheat but as whole alliance co-operated in good spirits without moles it was good.

    I got the architect but one day NAMELESS collected it from me with a ridiculous piggy-train... but it did its job. The loss was maybe a deciding factor to not winning. My capital was trashed in between and then

    NAMELESS and TLS came for the BP with another piggy-train but luckily we walled all of that. Then WW was dropped to 80 and wares destroyed by a gargantuan piggy-train of TLS and S. We began rebuilding wares and even

    got WW back to 90 but jyst before the end NAMELESS and TLS come to drop our wares once again.

    This was a nice round from our alliance and we mostly played in harmony without internal bickering.

    Thanks to Unikuu for great leadership and sittin the WW whenever needed. Thanks also to Tuttiritarit and Vehi / Tohtori Sykerö for helping with WW.

    Thanks also to LH who put a lot of deff to WW and BP so we could survive this 2 versus server round.

    Thanks to all P2 who pushed deff and wheat to WW without pause, You produced masses of deff and massively they died defending our villages.

    Thanks also to all who talked in DC and voice. We got many laughs fun moments during the gameplay. It was great getting to know players as Nyx, Vradchuck, PartyQueen and it was nice also playing with old

    battlecomrades and there were a lot of them. I would do this server again with these guys any day.

    Here's a list (from game) of the best deff alliances, it doesn't lie.

    Best alliances (deff)

    Alliance Players Ø Points

    1. p2 38 652672 24 801 547

    2. SKS 44 258025 11 353 086

    3. Nameless 37 285191 10 552 063

    4. S 22 464086 10 209 886

    5. TLS 46 196946 9 059 516

    6. L.H 38 219687 8 348 123

    7. CoCa 10 575685 5 756 850

    8. SK-Pigs 25 133756 3 343 889

    9. Pokémon 3 317843 953 529

    10. S G 16 35978 575 649


    FIX 3-HateDevil,FIX 4-TheMa,FIX 5-Replicators,FIX 6-Single Malt,FIX 7-Great Old One,FIX 8-Ankkalinna,FIX 9-Tislaamo, FIX 10-Mordor/Bumblebee/Brazen Abbot(jossain välissä jollakin tilillä),FIX 11-?,FIX 12-StarWars,FIX 13- Muwaan Mat,,FIX 14-Angra MainyuFIX 16-Heavy,FIX 18-Brevery,tx3, FIX 19 Hefaistos, FIX20 ?, FIX21 ? (NORDICS X)V (5) LiZZard, tx6 Bonnie & Clyde,tx7 Nacci, tx8 Tenavatuokio

  • Congrats to the winners!

    I played on the account Diri Diri Dam with Veix. This was our fourth (?) time playing as duals, and it was as lovely as ever. Our theme song has been Gullfaks by the brilliant Kappa laks for some servers now, so of course our account name was a given.

    I was a bit unsure of how I would do this speech. I dont really like to namedrop people like this as Im afraid to forget some names. Anyway, I do appreciate all of you, and you deserve to hear it. So here it goes:

    Veix: The king of walls and powerflooding. The communication between us is so so good, and we´re both into a lazy playstyle, so we are the perfect match accountwise in my eyes. You bring so much fun to the party with your stories and occasional roasts. Couldnt ask for a better dual! <3

    Pav3 (King KKong): Thanks for putting in the work and energy in an ally you initially werent supposed to lead. A lot of ups and downs, but you were rock steady, even woke up in the night to fix deff calls. Thanks for being a champ and the best bängers partner :D <3

    Laicos, Makkan & PepsiOllan (Trust no Swede): The best boys. You guys know I appreciate you. Love you!

    Mannen/Toni (Booty Warrior): Thanks for sitting our acc and helping us rebuilding acc after capital got bombed.

    Kotetzuru (Survey Corps): Thanks for sitting, and also conversations about Nasu and food pics :D

    Perskiii (Ash Ketchum): <3 so so lovely playing with you again! Your positivity is so contagious.

    Melm (Excuses): So excited for your new journey. Send me some of those bb-pics <3

    Qala (Revenge Body): Go get that lunch-gal:DDD

    Topsy (Ben is): Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, Thotsypopsy! <3

    Dr. Destruction (Kaid): Så koselige samtaler med deg! (: + noen gøyale igms med Eivinn, Gaute og JL. Synd dere var i feil allianse.

    Also hugs to Cromeh, Junnu, Naidsku, Redo, Just4Fun, moe-, Kuona, Lainee, Laura +++ all of the others on dc. <3

    - Murre

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  • ”Meet me on the battlefield, even on the darkest night. I will be your sword and shield, your camouflage and you will be mine. Echos of the shots ring out, we may be the first to fall. Everything could stay the same or we could change it all.”

    Server felt surprisingly long. Since I lack experience with this speed I'm kinda not the best one to make any analysis but I can only tell a few things from my point of view.

    I was not supposed to start this server myself anyway but one person, who I also call one of my weak spot, found herself into my priva and started to whisper: ”just for fun…” and for fun it sure was. And I was personally also curious about this since this was also the last Nordic server and time has passed since I last played normal server, I really needed some experience about this one too. So we started alone, without an alliance. At first we were considering CoCa as a optio where to apply but then we thought it was some inner circle alliance and we ended up in P2.

    As days passed it was clear that we mostly had all others against us. OPS after another hitted us hard, but we also caught a lot of hammers. We fought our personal war against SKS since we were kinda in their area and one player after another they gave us a lot of defence points.

    Our alliance got many artefacts and we also had a chance to borrow a Unique Trainer which S stole just before Easter. As a WW server the pace was pretty ruthless since night after another we needed to defend ourselves. But it was also fun in many ways, maybe this also was kinda soft landing from special servers to normal ones for me and my duals. I never stop wondering about that piggy train -tactic that is very common in this environment.

    WW fights were interesting in many ways. Finally TLS with Nameless and Pokémon won. Congratulations to the winners!

    This server taught me a lot and it also gave new talented players into my life and I'm very proud that I was a part of this team. Statistics tell that we fought a lot and even if we didn't manage to build our wonder this time, for me you are also winners, you did a great job!

    Some special thanks:

    Butman, we had very good conversations at some point and I wish all the best for you in future. I hope your next servers will be more successful.

    Anon-, I will hunt you down later, you know I will ;)

    And for SKS, thanks a lot for keeping us busy and giving so much fun and def points – you truly kept surprising us until the end.

    Thank you to all players who make this last Nordic very playable and memorable server! I truly wish that I will see good Nordic teams in future servers too since there are so many good players.

    <3 With love,
    Nyx / Team Hecate


    Serveri tuntui jotenkin poikkeuksellisen pitkältä jopa spiidiksi. Liekö syynä sitten hyvinkin tapahtumarikas sirkus, joka todellakin piti varpaillaan ja valvotti öisin. Koska minun spiidikokemukseni on hyvin vähäistä ja ihmeservustakin on vierähtänyt tovi, en ole paras henkilö analysoimaan tapahtumia, mutta voin kertoa muutaman asian omasta näkökulmastani.

    Tätä serveriähän ei ollut tarkoitus edes aloittaa, mutta eräs heikoksi kohdakseni laskemani henkilö kuiskutteli pahuuksia privan puolella; ”Jos vaikka lähtis huvin vuoksi klikkaileen.” Lähdettiin serverille tarkoituksella yksinään ilman liittoa katselemaan. Ensin meinattiin hakea CoCaan, mutta se näytti niin sisäpiirin laumalta, että päädyimme lopulta Pikku Kakkoseen. Muutamia tuttuja pelaajiahan sielläkin oli, mutta haluttiin päästä liittoon hakemuksella, tai ei ollenkaan. SKS yritti toki rekrytä meitä kyseenalaisella taktiikalla farmiksi joutumisen uhalla, jätettiin se sitten väliin.

    Melko pian kävi selväksi, että serveri oli aika voimakkaasti me vastaan kaikki muut. Vähän vaikea nyt sanoa kuinka sakea se sumu tai liittoumat/diilit olivat minäkin hetkenä, mutta ainakin meillä riitti toimintaa. Vaikka minulle on vakuutettu, ettei suomalaiset kanna kaunoja, niin tiettyjä jännitteitä olin silti ajoittain aistivinani ilmassa. Opsuja osui omille melkein joka yö; välillä otettiin osumaa mutta koppailtiin myös erinomaisella menestyksellä. Tahti oli aika hurja ihmeservun mittakaavassa, mutta siinä oli myös hauskat hetkensä ja ehkä tämä oli sekä minulle, että dualeille vähän pehmeämpi lasku spessuilta normaalille serverille. En kyllä koskaan lakkaa ihmettelemästä possujunataktiikkaa, se ilmeisesti vaan on vuodesta toiseen kiinteä osa tämän ympäristön mekaniikkaa.

    Artefakteja keräiltiin liittona kiitettävä määrä, joista Uniikkia Sotista mekin päästiin lainaamaan hetkittäin, kunnes S vei sen juuri ennen pääsiäistä. Sotiksen menetys oli liian monen hybriditilin ohella harmillinen takaisku ja nämä olivat varmastikin maaliksi päätymisen ohella lopulta syyt siihen, miksi emme voittaneet. Oma tilikohtainen sota origossa meidän ja SKSn välillä kesti koko serverin – pelaaja toisensa jälkeen kokeili kopisuttaa meidän tiliä ja hyvin pienimuotoisia vahinkoja lukuun ottamatta kaikki juoksentelivat seinille. Onnistuitte kyllä yllättämään kerta toisensa jälkeen tavalla tai toisella.

    WW taistelut olivat kiitettävän kiivaita ja vaikka hetken aikaa tuntui siltä, ettei tämä Via Dolorosa lopu ikinä, niin lopulta voiton vei TLS Namelessin ja Pokémonin avustamana, Onnittelut voittajille!

    Opin paljon tällä serverillä ja mikä parasta, sain taas uusia lahjakkaita pelaajia ja upeita ihmisiä elämääni tavalla tai toisella. Mainittakoon myös, että näin myös sellaisia asioita, joita en ole koskaan nähnyt ennen. Muutamia tähtihetkiä mainitakseni:

    - Pultit ryöstöllä /valtausyritys ryöstöllä/valtausyritys tuhoamatta VAta

    - Pulttihyökit ja -ryöstöt keitaaseen

    - Lauma scoutteja seinään herohyökkäyksen kanssa

    - Koko lapulla seinään yhdellä aallolla capiin ilman hämyjä (parikin kertaa)

    Toivottavasti olen jo osan unohtanut, mutta kieltämättä tiettyä eksotiikkaa oli hetkittäin ilmassa. Tilastot itsessään kertoivat omaa tarinaansa pitkään koko serverin ajan – meidän tiimi teki hirmuisen työn ja minun silmissäni olette omalla tavallanne myös voittajia. Olette sitkeitä tiimipelaajia, jotka eivät taipuneet kammottavan paineen alla.

    Meidänkin tilistä tuli kerrassaan kelvollinen ja pakkitilastoissa käytiin kohtuullisilla sijoilla – siitä tosin annan lähes kaiken kunnian erinomaisille dualeille. Tämä vauhti oli aika hurja sovitettuna omaan IRLiin, en olisi selvinnyt tästä ilman teitä. Myös pomot olivat koko servun ajan tilimme toimesta katoava luonnonvara varsinkin SKS leiristä – parhaina päivinä niitä kuoli monia ja usein.

    Ja sitten muutamat spessukiitokset:

    Tärkeimmät ensin, eli Rakkaimmat Dualit:
    ”If all of the kings had their queens on the throne, we would pop champagne and raise a toast. To all of the queens who are fighting alone, baby, you're not dancin' on your own.” Cosmoja, Skumppaa ja Explosive Kittens @myplace, jahka vaan aika sovitaan!

    Queen: Kaiken takana on nainen. Sinä pahuuden käärme kuiskuttelit privassa totaalisen katastrofaalisen shadows serverin jälkeen, että tylsää on, mitä jos lähtisi vähän vaan kokeileen tollasta spiidiä… Ja siitähän se ajatus lähti. Jos nyt sitten vähän klikkaillaan. Tilin suhteen tehtiin valintoja matkalla, joista luonnollisesti paras oli kaapata Vradi mukaan heti alkuvaiheessa. Toit tilille järjen, logiikan ja rauhallisuuden, joka minulta puuttuu ja arvostan ystävyyttäsi korkealle myös Irlissä. Meillä on aina hauskaa, missä tahansa

    Vradi: Cosmojen ja kissojen voimalla vähän suostuteltiin sua ”vaihteleen viljaa öisin capissa”, ja ihan kivastihan se meni! En voisi olla onnellisempi siitä, että saatiin noin osaava, sitoutunut ja timanttinen excelvelho meidän tilille yövahdiksi. Läsnäolosi teki selväksi, että kaksi järjen ihmistä pystyy toisinaan kumoamaan mun sekoilun määrän. Tiedän, että käyn välillä hermoille ja ihailen pitkämielisyyttäsi myös silloin, kun logiikkani oli hieman liian korkealentoista. Kukapa ei haluaisi kaltaistasi ystävää tai pelaajaa tililleen; pelastit liiton kyliä monta kertaa! Emme olisi mitenkään pärjänneet ilman sinua.

    Unikuu: On ollut kerrassaan ilo ja kunnia tutustua suhun. Luonteeltasi sovit erinomaisesti liiduksi, olet sellainen vakaa ja rauhallinen kallio, joka takuulla antaa kaikkensa liitolle. Vaikka hetkittäin tämä lauma olisi ehkä kaivannut kipakampaa piiskaa, ei kukaan olisi voinut selvitä tästä hommasta paremmin. Ja olen erinomaisen iloinen siitä, että joku haluaa suurella sydämellä edelleen lähteä liiduksi hoitamaan mitä epäkiitollisinta ja kiireisintä hommaa. Toivottavasti törmätään vielä jatkossa, kaikki rispektit multa! Se olisi sitten Portaaliin lumisotaa ajankohtana X!

    HateDevil: Käytiin hyviä keskusteluja ja teit hienon työn serverin eteen, meidän ihmeidentekijä! Hetkittäin muistin etäisesti itsekin miltä se tuska tuntuu huudella pullaa. (Toki myös Nisse, ihmeen vahtija, ootte molemmat puhdasta kultaa!)

    Overseer: Kiitos, että jaksoit opsujen parissa askarrella. Niitä toki olisi voinut olla enemmänkin, mutta siitä huolimatta teit työtä, joka oli tärkeää. Säädöt ja ongelmatkin kun kuuluu vähän tohon genreen, kun aina joku hihkaisee jossain vaiheessa ”oho”.

    Welho&Wattu: Kiitos majapaikasta nälkäisille joukoille, joita sahailtiin edestakaisin pullan käydessä vähiin tilillä. Pullareititys sai taas kokonaan uuden ulottuvuuden omallakin kohdalla tällä serverillä.

    Team. Mr Nobody: Ette ikävä kyllä edes vahvarin kera onnistuneet vieläkään saamaan minua raiteiltani, vaikka lähellä se käy joka kerta. Ootte kyllä tavan raskaita rakkaita.

    Jupee: Miellä oli monta tosi hyvää keskustelua ja joskus olit voicessakin seurana, oot kyllä huikee tyyppi ja sellainen, jollaista toivoisi ihan jokaiseen liittoon. Susta tarttuu ympäristöön tietynlainen lämpö ja tiimihenki - meillä on ehkä tiettyjä samoja piirteitä. Kiitos kaikesta tiimin eteen tekemästäsi työstä.

    Heinis: Kiitos ja anteeks, sentään tein sulle ystävänpäiväkortin! Oot höpsö, vaikka välillä märiset mun privassa ^^

    Kiitos koko tiimille, että saatiin olla teidän mukana koko serveri, en olisi vaihtanut tätä mihinkään!

    Ja muutama vieras:

    Lantti: ” Won't you come out? We could paint the town red. Kill a little time, you can sleep when you're dead. Chase a couple hearts we could leave 'em in shreds, meet me in the gutter make the devil your friend. Just remember what I said: 'Cause it isn't over yet. Sun's come up and there's no one else around, meet me in the shadows won't you tell me what you found?”

    Olen äärimmäisen iloinen siitä, että tämän serverin alun myötä tulin tutustuneeksi sinuun paremmin. Olkoonkin, että osoittauduit astetta paradoksaalisemmaksi Pandoran boksiksi, kuin alun perin ajattelin. Et ehkä silmissäni ihan kaikilta osin ole edelläsi kulkevan maineen mukainen, mutta en toki ole samassa liitossa vielä päässyt onneani kokeilemaan. Olet hurmaava persoona ja ehdottomasti tutustumisen arvoinen – toivottavasti et katoa mun privasta koskaan musalinkkeinesi. Devil knows the best!

    Jaqqernaut: Vaihdettiin muutamia kivojakin viestejä, vaikka totisesti feilasit sen ensimmäisen lähestymisen. Ihan hyvässä hengessähän me lopulta jutusteltiin, vaikka jäin vähän miettimään sitä pääsiäisyllätystä. Koska suklaamunia ei ole enää niin hyvin saatavilla, voin ehdottomasti tarjota sulle levyn Fazerin sinistä, jos koskaan pyörit Tampereella. Olisit tämän serverin jälkeen sen ansainnut.

    SKS, lämmin kiitos kaikista pakkipisteistä – Niistä todella iso osa on teidän harakirihippojenne aikaansaannoksia. Onneksi pääsitte hieman viimeisenä päivinä kivittämään traumojanne pois muutaman rakennuksen verran.

    S, piditte meitä kiireisinä, tiimissänne oli paljon taitoa ja potentiaalia. Harmillista, etten teihin päässyt tällä kertaa paremmin tutustumaan. Osa teistä taitaa minua hetkittäin viihdyttää publicilla, vaikka en tilien pelaajista tiennytkään. Ehkä joskus toiste parhaaksi saavutuksekseni jäisi muutakin, kuin säästää parin pomon henki.

    Laiskat - tilille erikoismaininta, kadehdittavan erinomainen tili teilläkin. Toki niin oli monella muullakin teidän liitostanne.

    Tämän, kuten jokaisen serverin jälkeen on tunne, että tarvitsisi pari vuotta taukoa. Mutta tiedän, että Travianin maailmassa aika taittuu ja vääristyy kuin Liisalla ihmemaassa ja viimeistään viikkojen jälkeen puhelimen kuoren läpän availu refleksillä ilman syytä alkaa turhauttaa.

    Kiitos kaikille teille, jotka teitte tästä viimeisestä Nordicista pelaamisen ja muistamisen arvoisen! Toivon vilpittömästi, että löytäisitte ja jalostaisitte vahvuuksianne pelaajina ja ennen kaikkea löytäisitte vahvuuden sietää toistenne kauneusvirheitä, sillä Nordiceilla ja varsinkin Suomessa on äärimmäisen kovatasoisia pelaajia. Teistä saisi mahtavan, isommankin tiimin Euroopan servereille. Toivottavasti näen teidät pöllyyttämässä muita vielä muuallakin ja voin ylpeänä sanoa, olette ainakin jollain tapaa osa minun laumaani huolimatta siitä, millä puolella nyt pelattiin

    Erinomaisen kivoja servereitä kaikille jatkossa!

    <3 Rakastaen,

    Nyx / Team Hecate

    ...I'm already under your skin 'cause I'm the big bad wolf, now let the games begin.

    Stars can't shine without darkness

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  • Congrats to TLS for winning!

    Not too much to write from this server, so i will keep it short.

    I played on Princeps Mundi with Holsten.

    We wanted to make off account with at least 3 hammers running 24/7 since it was our original plan last server and now with going to an op-ally it was the best time to make one.

    It was my first time making an off account so there was much to learn for me. Luckily Holsten has experience and helped me a lot.

    Server went well for us. We got a decent start and settled for a 125% in a decent spot next to Revenge Body and started making off as soon as we got our 3rd villa.

    Revenge Body being close to us with the diet helped us a lot since due to real life being busy we werent able to raid as much as we would've liked and could always send troops to diet only few tiles away.

    We managed to make some decent hammers, participated in every single op and managed to get nr. 5 on off points in the server.

    In the end it was a very good server for me at least. I learned a lot of the game again, had fun with ops and met a bunch of nice people.

    Holsten: Thanks for being a good dual again. Helped me a lot having you on the account and was fun playing with you again.

    Pav3: Thanks for helping with calculating new send times if we needed it. Since send times were usually when i got off work, it helped alot. Also helped me get extra hour/two of sleep few times.

    Laicos: Thanks for helping with sends and giving your excel sheet for us to use. Also thanks for all the advice on pms

    Perskii: Thank you for sitting for us when i had morning shifts!

    And lastly thanks for the whole S alliance! I hadn't played with almost any one of you guys before, but would like to play again. Everyone seems to be very skilled players and fun guys/girls. Even tough i didn't talk too much on discord it was fun reading the chat during boring night shifts at work.

  • Congratulations to the winners! I will continue my speech in Finnish.

    Tili: Excuses

    Liitto: Syndicate (S)

    Pelikamut: Redo & Melm

    Tilin tavoitteet: Alustavasti piti lähteä pakkia galleilla, mutta servulla huomattiin liiton offi vaje ja meistä tuli galli hybridi, offipainotteinen. Opsutili.

    Mitä tilistä sitten kertomaa, ehkä vähän lyhyesti. Tilin stoori:

    Ensimmäiseksi totean heti, että meillä oli aivan väärä heimo. Ottaa päähän kyllä vieläkin. Lähdimme meidän pelitunneillamme rakentamaan rentoa tiliä, mutta servun edetessä pyöritettiin sujuvasti kolmea käyttistä ja pakkia rinnalla. Tässä huomioitiin tilin sijainti optimoiden pakkikylät. Myönnetään, että yllättävän hyvä Tekosyistä tuli ilman mitään suurempia odotuksia.

    Ps dualit: Mukavaa ku sain vihdoin vasta loppupuolella isot tallit ja kassuni.
    Pps: Yllättävän vähän meni gelbs. Odotin pahempaa konkurssia.

    Ppps. Minä en ostanut toista tallikypärää oikeasti. Pave provoo. :item01:

    Servulla ennen fakteja pysyttiin hyvässä vauhdissa tilin kehityksessä ja opsuissa mukana. Meidän pieni läjä pakkeja juoksi aina jonnekin, offie jonotus alotettu varhain jne. Aika perus "tavoitteellista" pelaamista alusta asti.

    Faktipäivähän oli fiasko, mutta lopulta me otettiin pyöritettäväksi narri (painajainen omasta mielestäni). Jossain välissä hypättiin mukaan ison sodan kiertoon. Ryhdistäydyttyämme, raidattiin kolme viikkoa putkeen kultaa ilman sen isompaa kidutustakaan itse raidaamisesta. Surullista oli kuulla myös vihuilta valittamista meidän raidaamisesta, koska tbh aika kivuttomasti se meni todellisuudessa ilman mitään huijaamista :/ <X .

    :popcorn: Nyt kun pohdin, en tiedä, tekikö nämä kolme viikkoa Melmille pienen laskun motivaatioon pelata? Vai oliko se pääsiäisen jälkeinen aika? Vai oikeasti liitto itsessään? Ei hätää Melm, tykkäämme sinusta siltikin.

    Osallistuttiin kaikkiin opsuihin servulla loppuun asti, vähän väkisin paikoittain. Redolle tästä myös isot kiitokset, kun lähetit valtaosan. Ok – yks opsu taisi jäädä välistä kun tuo äijä katosi mystisesti (???) .

    Outo servu kokonaisuudessaan. Naapuritkin uskalsivat hyökätä päivä ennen servu loppua boostereihin? Saatiin myös melko kevyesti valtailla mitä huvitti, mutta pieniä kepposia tuli takaisin vain muutaman kerran.


    Olen hieman pettynyt, mutta myös kiitollinen. Liitossa oli hyvä pöhinä, mutta liidujen puuttumisen takia koko potentiaali kärsi. Ennen servun alkamistakin olisi voitu hoitaa asiat vähän paremmin. Opsuliitto, jossa valtaosa tileistä kuitenkin pakkeja? Sitten oltiinkin mukana ww touhuissa? CoCa yhteistyö kakun kanssa? Hohhoijaa, mutta näillä mentiin ja ohi on.

    Kuitenkin sieltä tuli paljon hyviä tilejä liittoon mistä hyvästä nostan hattua koko liiton väelle. :thumbup:


    Rakkaat dualini, en olisi koskaan uskonut et mullahan oli aika hauskaa pelatessani teidän kanssanne.

    Melm: Halusin pelata sinun kanssasi, että saisin tähän kohtaan rennon tilin. Olit hyvää seuraa tilillä, mutta pelaamisesi jäi vähän turhankin vähäiseksi. Alkuservusta oli hubaisaa, saatiin hyvät mähinät kumpi saa pelata tilillä ja ”panikoida” tuosta kolmannesta osapuolesta. ;) Kiitos servusta ja seurasta, oli oikeasti hauskaa koko serverin ajan.

    Redo: En tiedä edes mistä aloittaisi, enkä haluaisi tehdä mitään ylistystä... Tulit vähän jokerina pelikaveriksi ja ei ole kaduttanut ainakaan kertaakaan koko serverin aikana. Ekaa kertaa oikeastaan ikinä Traviania pelatessa sain olla itse huolehtimasta mistään ”ylimääräisestä”. (Pahoittelut myös siitä, varmaan sua otti päähän:D) Hoidit keitaita, laskit sendiajat sekä hoidit valtaosan opsuista ja pelaamiseesi pystyi aina luottamaan. Tilille oli lähes aina helppo tulla sinun jälkeesi. Ainoastaan yks traumatisoiva miinus oli se kun olit yhden vklp kokonaan poissa, se oli hirveää… Suuuuuuuuuuret ja mahtavat kiitokset servusta!

    <3 Kiitos

    Tilille King Kkong

    Lainee: Olit meille kuin neljäs pelaaja yhdessä välissä. Autoit pelaamalla meille öitä, ostit gelbs ja ihan kaikessa. Etkä koskaan valittanut siitä sen suuremmin (ainakaan minulle). Kiitos ja kumarrus, oot huippu ja tiedät sen varmasti itsekin. Pahoittelut myös, jos välillä tuli yllätyksenä tilanteita.

    Pav3: Edelleen olet varmaa tän skene isompeja narreja (ei se fakti) mitä voi olla. Kiitos myös kun otit liittoa haltuun omalla parhaalla katsomallasi tavalla. Apina.

    Cromeh: Kiitos sullekin sittauksista ja peliseurasta. Pidä lippu korkealla ja positiivista fiilistä.

    Epekki & Juhe: Teillekin samalla kiitokset. Epekki paikoittain hauskoista jutuista sekä asiallisuudesta ja Juhe olemalla Juhe.


    Toby (niilo22): Rehelliset ja nöyrät kiitokset servusta. Kaikki odotukset viime servulta ei olleet kauhean positiiviset, mutta sustahan kehkeytyi liiton yks parhaimmista ukoista. Kiva soolotilinkin väsäsit vaikket jaksanu enää lopussa pelata. Sinun vikasi, että servu loppu.

    Laurushka (Sole mikhän): Jostain syystä olen kiitollinen juuri tästä servusta pelatessamme samalla puolella. Olit hyvänä henkisenä tukena useasti ja toit liittoon mukavaa rehellistä tasapainoa. Kiitos!

    Jason & Legoland (The Kennel Boys): Jasonille seurasta ja Legolandille nopeista vastauksista, kun yritin selvittää sotkuja. Olitte myös turhankin täsmällisiä aina sotiksen hakemisesta – haha.

    Veix (Diri Diri Dam): Edelleen toimit Jasonin kanssa tällä servulla liiton reiluimpina pelaajina, aitoina ja turhankin rehellisinä. Ensi kerralla vähemmän pelotteluja.

    Junnu (Revenge Body): Kiitos alkuservusta kun ostit gelbs ja muusta kylikseen liittyvästä henkisestä tuesta :S .

    Naiminen (Laiskat): Hyvät jutut, mutta vähemmän valittamista pls. Hauska silti oot omalla tavallasi ja kiitos taas tästä servusta toistamiseen. Teette servuista aina mieluisia koko tilinne voimin (cof, petrn, Just4Fun, Shut).

    Laicos (Trust no Swede): It's sad that you didn't have the time to lead. Either way, it was nice to know you! And I hope you remember who was the nicest Finn here...

    persKiii (Ash Ketchum): Idk why, but I have a feeling that I wanted to thank you (about the server). Tiny world, it was nice to play again in the same alliance. Also thanks for the deffs. ^^

    Lantti (Tommy Two Hands): Kiitokset olemalla vihuissa ja joistakin satunnaisista avuista. Olet aina apuna kun sitä tarvitaan, kiitos!

    Kisuli (Pönthiittine): Lemppari vihu, hauskaa kuitenkin, kun et pelannut samassa liitossa. Vähän liian totista touhua kyllä välillä. Yllättynyt myös, että jaksoit koko servun näköjään pelata? xD

    Everyone deserves a thank you in this alliance. It was nice to get to know new people. Hopefully we will meet again. :saint:

  • Gz to winners.

    Account: Laiskat

    Sims: 4. 40521(44)

    Off: 6. 1060863

    Deff: 95. 283674

    Hero: 20. 1121970(211)

    Our initial plan was to build wwhammer, but since ally was purely for opsing we ditched that plan and decided to do some kind of roman hybrid acc. Deff amounts were really low compared to offs, so I guess in the end we turned to off acc. I personally was bit scared how ally settled as we and G-Idle were only accs to stay in "origo". Didnt matter cos enemies showed no interest at all. I guess we participated every ops and did some random soloshit every night fool rolled ub/lb. Opsing was kind of unlucky/lucky(how you want to look) for us, we didnt really wall on train ops(once to aimery) and all our ops hammers were used to hit wws, 2 hammers for p2 and 2 for TLS where they didnt do really meaningfull damage(first hit on p2, gw t20->t17, second hit on p2, gw t15->t12, TLS hits 2x gw t20->t18, and second one no dmg). I guess thats what you get when you keep using smaller hammers for ops. Highest amount of troops alive were something like 1,25m(offs were over 1m). Even tho we had good acc, Im kind of disappointed we didnt get more out of it because how good artes we had: first st rotation and fool, then lt rotation and fool and lastly ut rotation and ub. Really dont know how we could have done better, but still feels like we could have pushed acc more.


    -Duals: cof, Shut, Naiminen and Just4Fun. Nice to play with you guys, things work well. Special thanks cof who did most work on acc, and helped others when they didnt have time or motivation.

    -Pav3: Taking over ally after laicos didnt have time. Thanks for job you did and special thanks looking some night fun for us when we had good fool roll.

    -and every other member in S, it seemed like there was any problems after one player went to lenkki, but I really didnt pay attention to discord so might have missed something.

    -CoCa players helping us in wwrace.