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  • I have been told to write something in here as it is a tradition to do so, and I will do my best :)

    Acc: Suits

    Alliance: Idiot Box

    Yes there will be a ton of typos and errors. it is what it is you know. ;) I will type in English so everyone can understand instead of danish.

    I will divide this into 3 sections, pre-server - start game day 1->99 and last midgame (because this was when the server kind of ended.) + a few honorable mentions.


    I wanted to play with a small premade on a Nordic server against other premades, because we all know if you go premade against a server with none it is boring and easy.

    Setting up preserver was all about finding the right players to both play off & def + scout. We found a few (total of 23 accs) and a few old-timers joined in afterwards. We wanted to try out this "tech" playstyle so even more old players from my past premades joined in as techs. Now the team was ready a few months before server start. The hype began for real.

    Our setup was mostly teuton offs and a few romans to mostly follow up & op chiefs. Def, wise I wanted only Teutons with spears and gauls with druids. We had two roman deffers that stayed romans, so it was extremely important to place them somewhere good so their pretorians could reach for defcalls.

    We knew there would be a few other premades (IVT + TT).

    The plan was clear from the start, we had to hit TT before they got time to sim (I played with them on last Nordic 5, so I had a pretty good idea about how they play)

    They prioritized the “big off accs” or leaders and tosses everyone else under the bus. We had to abuse that.

    Early game:We did settling plan early on day 3 Blacklist and me. It was not easy even though it looked that way. I was absent the day most settled 2nd village and she kept all in order with res push to settlers and made the groundwork for every 2nd village in IB. Now started the waiting game, because we went for all 100%+ 15c in gray, and this was exiting not going to lie.

    It became clear that T_T moved a bit out (100/100) and IVT was a mix between woods and kind of center. So, we had to clear out as many spawns as we could to secure unique arts. We started to chief spawns from IVT on day 50 and continued until day 90 (cleared most in both -/- and +/-, even moved a bit into +/+).

    We did not chief a lot from T_T but started ops on day 77. We lost a few ops hammers but started to split on a ton of caps that kind of hit them hard. We lost our biggest hammer (Renegade) because T_T & IVT confed on day 80. We knew this would be a thing because T_T confed early last server as well, but this was sooner than expected.

    This was kind of a big problem because at the time we did not play with any diplomacy. CWA merged and we started to talk with them back and forth. Got a NAP with them and that was that pre arts. IVT started to do some ops that did not go that well for them, because they hard walled 9/10 hammers pre arts.

    Arts spawn & midgame

    Now the game started for real. It was intense first off, the planning of cata villages to secure as many arts as we could was difficult. I had never tried to plan out such a thing before. Blacklist had so this helped a lot. We did sit and coordinate arts for 16 hours first day. It was intense and fun. The rest of our leader team joined in and helped. This was one of the best times in voice ever. We got all the unique arts we wanted (everyone except archi). We secured a good number of small boots and a few small trainers and diets.

    Remember we still played with 23 accs + techs so this number of arts was insane. Way too many then we expected to get.

    Now the co-ops from T_T & IVT started (obviously). They had to tip the scales asap. We sat up and did defwork every day (Renegade, HIMYM, Blacklist and I). This was frustrating as hell because we had so many targets to cover with arts, add in caps and hammers. yikes.

    In short, we had no def compared to the number of hammers that hit us. The first 10-14 days after arts we spend almost all res in IB to move big/unique arts and boost caps. Finally, we had an op where T_T went for Suits hammer village with a big train. We spotted it quickly with good scouting and knew they would hit there. We setup a 550k wall against them and walled all their hammers (950k off in total). This was the K.O. of T_T as most of them gave up and left the server.

    I will tell you something else T_T & IVT. If you did not quit here and kept on the pressure, I think you would have won. You had in total way more villages and therefore more production than we had even if you combined it with techs. Lucky for us we managed to win with higher morale in our alliance.

    It left IVT in a difficult situation because now they stood alone against IB. They started to unite leftovers from T_T + others (the TE ally) and HOT+KFM (merged into HOT and later into IVT -> changed name to FP).

    We continued to do ops against IVT, and they lost more and more fields in caps. At last, we chiefed their biggest WWC (Nahka) and that was kind of the K.O. for them. Leaders left them before or after I do not really recall.

    IB followed this up by zeroing and chiefed their WW village. At this point FP was done with no chance to recover.

    BIA had simmed for 191 days without any attacks. They had a well-established WW village and most hammers intact + all their def.

    We had only 1 WWC and it was not even that great (because LD swapped to WWC building late).

    The ops against BIA started and lasted for 7 days, we attacked every evening/night and took our 3-5 caps each night + removed a few caps because they made cap hammers. We did not lose a single hammer against the caps and as last op we chiefed and zeroed their WW village. Renegade kept it for 20 days with a big help from Blacklist sending def with big boots.

    After this the server was 100% over because both WW villages was destroyed leaving only CWA and IB (we had confed). Several of the IB members was not happy about the CWA WW because the rest of the server hated IB most obviously, so they took down a few levels of our WW leaving CWA in front. We asked them to stop building on their wonder, but they refused so we had to do what we could to win. We attacked Renegade->Suits->LD and knocked their WW at level 93->0.

    After this TBBT kept building ours until it reached level 100.

    In short, we had a blast the first 200 days, after most in IB myself included lost motivation. TBBT asked for crop once, otherwise it was all smooth with TR. This have been the first time I tried endgame with no insane scream for crop in 3 am. Well done IB.

    I will add a few words about some of the IB members.

    Renegade: always a pleasure to be off coord & def coord with you. A ton of fun and stupid comments back and forth. All in all, this is what made most of my server. You played a nice def acc as always :P (This dude wants to play def each server and rolls off instantly)

    Blacklist: Was fun to plan 2nd village+arts+dc & BP spawns with u. You always play a strong acc no matter if it is def or off. This round you played def and saved a ton of asses that way ;)

    Peaky Blinders: Solid def player that really covered a lot of ground in no time! Remember to sim more village next time :P

    Morse: You are the one and only. The amount of commitment from your part the entire server and all the def sendings .. wow. I am sad that you did not get big boots earlier ;)

    Pegga Pig: You played in my group for the first time, but I really wish it were not. You are always ready to help with both res and def. Very active on discord as well. all in all, we could not have chosen a better place to place unique diet.

    TBBT: You played as both a rock and a rebel in IB. But no matter what you are always loyal, and I respect that. Active player the entire round and you even chose to be our WWH. Really a big help in many ways ty.

    HIMYM: You did well the first 130 days and then went inactive after that. A shame you did not hold on because your acc had much potential.

    Black sails. A real shame you both had a busy irl from day 80-> end server. But you did build a good amount of def and Renegade could move them around as sitter.

    Frode får: You helped a lot with druids from the woods. Frode får you kept the motivation until the end, and we really needed that.

    Mira: I am happy about what you did this round. You are still in many ways a "new/green" player, but you strive to get better each server. GJ :)

    Bambi: You got potential to do good, but you need to work on your commitment to a server. I think it hurt you a ton when you lost your dual and got cataed twice in cap :P

    Revenge: You sent in most ops and did always time good. Pleasure having you both on the team.

    Last Dance: We do not always get along, you besides everything you did very well this round. Even though you lost your dual mid server. You should be proud of what you achieved this round.

    Dune: You are crazy. when a oc plans ops and you give him a hard time cuz you want to cata from 5 different villages all at once. :D

    Robin Hood: Best choice you did was to swap acc and leave Revenge to continue the Robin Hood account. Very good job this server you mad man. (You must keep him on a leash, otherwise he will remove entire alliances himself)

    Yeah, I would not forget you. if you even got this far your lazy swede. Smile it was amazing to play dual on Suits with you. The amount of time spent in voice and the joy + frustrations throughout the entire server. I would say this was a perfect match. I still think we had the perfect plan: "max ten villages and a f*** ton of troops."

    Honorable mentions:

    Drängen: You have my respect. Well played server from your part and you did the best you could with the people you had. Good job carrying the ally and not delete like your leaders did.

    Alpha: Oh boy. you are one very annoying off player! The stupid number of times you started to send fakes at midnight or later (always timed), forcing some of us to stay up and organize def. Play under a more organized alliance next server and you will become even more deadly.

    Jabba The Hut: It was clear to me you played way too many servers to have any focus on Nordic 5. You did the best you could with the time you had. Great job leading CWA even though you did not want to do so :P

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  • Why do I play Travian?

    Every hard server, you sit there and think about it - So do I.

    Account: The Last Dance (Veritas), (Randalfen)

    Alliance: Idiotbox
    Height: Taller than Anders
    Draw something: secure 2nd last place, thanks blossom for being worst :love:
    Unique skill: Story telling

    Since Randalfen didnt finish the server I will write this.

    Before Nordics 5 started:

    We lost, again. That was my mindset after nordics 1. We(Nevada) lost the server to SIN, without me having much to say about it. I had spent a lot time being a leader, i was exhuasted, tired of dealing with people who didnt want to put in the time and effort, idiots to be honest. Sometimes i would yell and scream like a spoiled brat, for not getting it my way, which resulted in bad morale for the entire group, bad spiral which meant i was almost done with travian.
    I realized the best part about Travian is not the trashtalking, its not always about being perfect, not the "Ive played 10 years dont tell me what to do", "the game has changed so much" its without a doubt, best part, the unity and the brotherhood you create playing hundreds of days together fighting/ planning and bantering each other on voice coms.

    PRE SERVER START :love:8o

    I knew Crupax was looking for a team to play with on Nordics 5, to beat Superand(NSO,T_T) and co. and having lost to those guys before i would gladly sign up. Not a lot of bad blood between me and their group, but surely some member of their group are *****. Superand is cool tho :)
    Timing didnt fit my IRL life, going to a boarding school spending my days there, is not ideal for playing Travian. So when Crupax asked around if i wanted to play, and if i had the time to commint, would it be a good idea for him(Crupax) to pick me up, i said no.

    He then came up with the propsal to play with Randalfen as dual on a offensive account. Safe to say when we got the word, we were insanely happy being with the squad, some players from Nordics 4 was also there. We were informed to be ready to settle in grey/near middle, to make a account with 4 hammers, as teuton, and learning from experince i know that having 1 scout account isnt enough so we need scouts aswell. I knew from Nordics one we wanted to bring in Klara Kluk(Pegga Pig) who was rock solid the entire server, being unique diet holder, amazing we managed to keep Frode Får away from her. =O

    In order for this to be a succes we knew techs were needed. So we debated on our account how we wanted to play. We needed Travian players, old ones without too much time to play techs and we needed some upstart accounts for clearing oasis. Not going too much into how many techs we had or how it went, we did have one tech, IRL Friend even saying he would tech and later joined some farm ally and never contacted us again(Bjarke the legend tech) :D:D
    In meanwhile we met up with Hanhunden(Sex and the city), and the Revenge account boys, being good friends of both us, and we met the Umbrella account who we also spent lots of time in voice with. Some of the "Draw something", Among Us, Counter-strike, League of Legends, really weird talks about topics i wont tell, voice banter and all the stupid things we laughed about before the start was really amazing, where Smile, Crupax and the leaders also were frequently in the voice coms. Sadly i knew it wouldnt last, intution. Some part of me knew that the Umbrella account, wouldnt be able to fit in. I just knew.

    Serverstart: Day 0-80
    I wanted to do a 100 % raidstart, but some people didnt feel like we could do, me always being confident, sometimes overconfident, we had time, sadly Randalfen then got cold feet and 48hours before we changed to the normal starterguide. We managed to build 20 clubs more than in the starterguide, and then Randalfen went nutz sleeping like 1-2 hours and settling alarms raiding for like 3 days while i took the easy hours. Man is a machine, always can depend on him to beat everyone else in the early game wouldnt pick anyone above you <3 Think we spent 1-2 hours after BB ended and then sent beating all but two accounts.
    We settled as number 3. Behind a farmer starter(Robin Hood, IB member), and the T_T leaders (Bubbi), but then we helped our ally ofc before settling our techs. We managed to get a 150 % 15, cropper inside of grey, knowing we only wanted a few villages 15 ish to keep moralebonus low ofc. Then we just sim like madmen, burn some of our techs those people who only signed up for the first two weeks/giving them away. Then letting our main techs prosper so they could be usefull when it mattered. Later we found out they were slacking, looking at you Stan :saint: After a small spanking all our techs were focused and really did the commitment we needed to make everything possible.

    Even tho we discussing a lot of ideas/ ways we want to play on the account, we are the same type. Both being off players and striving to be the best. We spent 50 / 50 on the gold, maybe looking back we should have made another kind of agreement. We are highly agressive, most early /mid game. In the early game we only cleared our area with Revenge and chiefed villages to our techs and to players with CP. Since we were off in grey we didnt care that much about CP.

    The alliance tactic in IB, was to play another playstyle than the hyper early game agressive one, we needed to hit before art, but also sim until day 65 and then produce from there. I think we just barely hit level 19´s and then returned to focus only on off and 1 scout village. It was around this time we start using 50-70% of our techs to boost fields to 19´s and then leave a few to scale. And after fields came up we began making the 4 hammers every day, last hammer began arond day 80 ish.
    I think it was around day 70-80 we began making OPS vs T_T, our fellow countrymen, on their side of the fence thinking we are the bad boys, and us thinking the same about them. Even tho i know we were way stronger, and having played against some of our off coords, i know its not a easy job at all, i felt T_T caught a good amount of hammers they shouldnt be able to. Later a leader from T_T revealed they had a spy X/ We could have procted our information better, which in the future i will do. After catapulting vs T_T, the other allies decided to try and confed against us. Which was just before art, the server was getting spicy - Enemies in IVT, T_T, CWA, KFUM, and whoever trying.

    Day 80-120 + art prep

    I think 10-15 days before art spawned we stopped sending operations because it was time to focus on art, some of the off choords wanted to keep sending, but planing arts and becoming ready for the day meant focus has to change. Im writing this a common member of IB, i had no leader title/burdens or jobs to do. We on the other hand being very active was sitter on almost all the IB main accounts. We knew that art was around the corner and we had to make catapoints to get the arts. I think we put down 2-3 for small arts and made a few villages near center for ready to grab a unique. Also removing a few villages who could potential be a problem. Meanwhile lots of our deffensive players build sweeps/ghosts to get the things in place they maybe had to cut some deffensive production or not expand as much as we could have hoped for, which later meant trouble for IB. We were streching/ preparing in the best way and those responsible for planning arts did a very nice job on our side, and our enemy did a disgustingly bad job, few catapoints, few horses cleaners and idk how much arts we werent supposed to get that we got instead :D The art day was around the corner.

    Arts drop came - We got 6/7 uniques, only Architect, which we didnt take because we werent goanna play WW ( xd ). Got so many boots and trainers... T_T did such a bad job in the art game, that really hurt their morale. Its lovely to get a lot of really nice arts :) What we did lack was big eyes sadly. We had unique on the scout account and maybe 1 big eyes, but not enough big eyes for the offensive accounts such as Revenge and Renegade and our own. To make chiefing harder, we got the unique confusion, and i think the enemy threated 2 times to zero a village, never happend tho. We knew that T_T, KFUM, IVT and one more group were getting ready to attack us so the lack of deffensive units, because we focused on arts was putting massive presure on our deffteam - deffers, we could have put ourself in a pickle if we didnt act fast. Also we didnt set up rotationvillages before art came since the amount of rotationarts werent certain to afterwards... which looking back at i wont do again. We also had a lot of confusion regarding small trainers and surely dont agree with giving some small accounts trainers over us with techs, not my call to make but yeah. So in the midst of boosting hit capitals and boosting for rotations villages a bit of confusion and slight problems began. Around here i think we made NAP with CWA.

    We knew they would come with everything, and we heard the constant whining about the techs we used to be the only reason we were beating them night after night, not the fact our leaders sniped 10 + hammers home with horses. So rumours starting coming in with hearsay and some random 1 pop accounts wrote us "Hey they delete after their hammers die..." "they will all delete so you cant start another server"... Didnt believe them. I was wrong again. Reports are in the - So scroll all the way down, if you dont want to read! :thumbup:

    The massive battle begin, the funniest part of the server of constantly being under attack, my sleep kind went down to 3-4 hours while doing 5-7 hours of physical training on the boarding school, it was a tough 20-30 days after arts. Also morale in IB went alot down with all the drama with leaders and members. Sometimes i wished leaders would step in and be more "leaderly" and sometimes i wish the common memeber would pick up more slack - All in all Umbrella account left us, Sex and The city aswell, my dual slowly faded aswell also left, someone was leaking info from our discord, dont now who. I want to thank the Revenge account for always being welcoming and a place were we could share our talks about trouble in a good manner, me and Nichlas would always get intense at some point, we also make it back down again and "be good friends" afterwards. Big applause for both of you.

    So morale at the hardest time was at all time low, i rememeber talking voice with someone and just the general state of IB was in shambles. I dont think we were goanna lose, but i sure felt the pressure.
    A few days later our deff team/ deffers and all reporting attacks were highly diciplined, we scouted some sendings and the enemy would wall almost half their hammers, and the next OP they did even worse. So we got the trains on leaders capitals, and some OP they did cho cho cho on 1 cap... which we built back up instantly.

    Also this meme happend - Sorteper and Fedtmule attacking a 9pop village with 25 % boots on hero 8o
    Part 1.
    Getting back a chiefed hammer, 9 pop
    Part 2.Getting back a chiefed hammer, 9 pop

    I think it was here IB won the server, the only moment we could lose, we kept grinding and got out of it. It cost some of the unity and some of the shining days of funtalk and lolz were becoming fewer and fewer, sadly a clift was IMO made between leaders and members. I never thought we would lose. We lost barely no arts and we kept hammering until christmas were 80 % of T_T decided to mass delete, what a bunch of ********. IVT leaders also quit leaving their members as easy prey, talking smack all day long in the serverchat Overseer and then building those pathetic whatever it was hammers.

    Stacking perm deff vs unique eyes is a bummer aswell, which we used:/

    Day 150-ending

    Not much to say here. I was alone on our account, T_T was gone and IVT was paralyzed, BIA seemed like the next option for attacking. BIA werent really a group i would want to spend time attacking, which is sloopy by me. I didnt want to spend so much time as before and gold on the account attacking farms. The starvation kicked in my hammers and i began only focusing on WWK, had to get into a small trainer rotation aswell. There was lots of ress coming in from techs and the overflow went through the roof, even more than before. First time playing with techs was tough, next time i will go more into our own planning. We build prepared for BP and enough and CWA got two, enemy one? Anyways as said before they didnt stop at 90. I ask if i should use my hammer or we just let them win WW, rest is history. Renegade played a cat and mouse game after we took over BIA WW, took them maybe 2 weeks to get their own WW back without us proper deffing it, keke. We sat trade routes and won the server. In the end our group did more damage to itself than our enemies ever did, - aand our group still managed to win.

    WW hammer in the end -
    Veritas Salute

    GJ peps thanks to all players in IB, all of you who was here in the end, just shows character and commintment. I will mention some ekstra people little lower down.
    Thanks to the enemies who stayed and kept on fighting, and also to the other premades T_T and IVT for wanting to play against us, even tho you deleted, you still fought.

    For myself talking about my own performance. It was what it was. It could have been better, it could also have been alot worse. I know what to work on next time, lovely to learn something new every server, which i certainly did playing with techs for the first time. We could have built maybe 1-2 hammers more, pressed our dear tech players to play more. made sure overflow wasnt a problem. I learned a lot about setting up accounts so the overflow dont become a problem, which in future i will take with me if I were to play again. I would be taking a break here for last part 2021, maybe 2022 I will be back :)
    I im overall very happy seeing im improving and getting to know a lot of the nordics scene a lot more, also some people i never want to see again, you can get out.

    Last are some mentions and some reports from our offensive channel, didnt save from account sadly.

    Thats it for me.

    Veritas? <3

    Report from our attacks on CWA WW

    Renegade vs CWA WW - Wall down

    Suits vs CWA WW

    - LD vs CWA WW - level 94

    Mentions and special thanks: <3<3:love:

    Smile(Mr.boring) :love:  
    What a bloody legend. Looking back to where you wrote " you goanna play?" to now knowing the time we spent together laughing and doing shit things <3 Really one of the best ally members i´ve ever had for sure. Always on point and ready to stay up late, and giving good advice in chats - Even tho you dont tell much about your own account, swede... :thumbdown: Dont need to say much about your skill level, since you show it instead.
    I did miss you at the end tho, i dont know what happen but something changed and i dont now why, which really was a shame. It was a blast while it lasted, the stories and the memes and the bm. Good luck on N1 and contratz on your first server win! ;)

    Randalfen <3 : It was our first time playing together as dual from the start, damn what a ride while it lasted. We do cover each other really good in different aspects of the game. Also really nice to play another server with you. Sometimes i felt you were unloyal to our account in favour of someone else, which was a bummer for sure. I would have liked a bit more trust and less debates between us. It was weird that we are so similar on the playstyle and still could find ways to piss each other off. We wont be duals again, but i will always want to play with you for sure, damn we kicked ass and had so much fun :P "Granny", the amount of times we were screaming for air the discord chat, Draw something, all kinds of weird conversations such a nice space to just let off steam and talk shit for lolz. I will looking for you in my group all the time if i get to choose - I would be lucky.
    We still did something really good and kept grinding both as sitters on almost all acocunts and as a monster offensive account early - mid game. I know losing some friends in the ally really killed it for you, without you saying it.
    I felt it too.
    I felt it twice when you left ;(

    Crupax 8): Thanks for another invitation to your group, when you told me and Randalfen our private convo was going crazy.
    As you wrote we didnt always agree.
    It was back and forth and sometimes a little too much. Sometimes you are in akward positions in regards to HR-staff and have to make tough calls, and not making the calls is also wrong. Sometimes making a tough call right now is better now than being in a awful position later on.
    I thing the idea of copying of lot of the swedes were doing is a good ingame call, their playstyle is obvously much better, everyone improved their game. The hard part was keeping it together and the group, it became a bit of "The leaders over here" and the common member over here, which i why i pressed more voice coms.I felt as Renegade said later on that stepping in right as trouble startes should be the way forward. That was the only thing negativ thing because you were able to carry soo much many burdens with so many leaders quitting and just giving up. I didnt get some of our leaders being leaders, really looked like a few people did all the coordination.
    With that being said. Massive props on the operations both off and deff + scouting and youre a legend for putting in that much effor and time for IB. Im sure everyone IB knows you are the real carry. Learning me the game since the server i started and the convos between servers are great i wont forget it.
    Man i hope you will do well without travian :)  

    TBBT =O : At first and for a long time you really just seemed like a irritation not really the big morale booster, seemed to be quite negativ. I dont know when it changed, i got to learn you better and we had blast in the midgame and until at the ending. Even tho you played the server without techs and just pure skill and passion being your tools you did better than some of players with techs and way more active. I would love to play with you again, the banter and friendship at the really was great, thanks Diva <3:saint:

    Mira ^^ : Thanks for always being so nice and ready to answer my questions in regards to your normal life. I hope you would be able to improve a little faster on the next servers you play, sometimes i got a bit confused. Really good to have you in the group again!

    Revenge 8o8):thumbup: : Thanks for a awesome time. Really great being with you two both on the voice coms and in the game aswell. We really did a working on this server together, little dicussing about chiefing in the start but its w/e now. Being just a little bit better on the offensive score i got a rematch the next time. Unlucky i couldnt make it fit with Anglo, so much IRL stuff atm. Sure we could have wrecked that aswell :)
    Always nice to spend time with you on your way home from work or hearing stories from IRL. Really a good bunch of lads and proper gamers :P I wish we ended drunk in Murmels bar one day, im afraid one of you are too old to enter :*

    Frode Får: FIrst time playing with you and it was great! I hope to play with you again. Good stuff :3

    Robin Hood: Thanks for another run Hunter, it was a pleasure as always.

    Dune: I wish i was around you more. Damn youre one hell of a man. Keep it coming. Thanks for the late night talks when it was just the two of us.

    Pegga Pig: Well done!!! You really impressed everyone thats for sure, keep it coming! It was such a good idea to pick you up on N1 and 1 server later we won together. Amazing what you put into this game i hope to play with you again. <3

    Billions: Not the best server from you. I know the new playstyle wasnt your cup of tea i still think you did a really good job. Nice helping with an account even after the owner just basicly quits. I hope to play with you agian!

    Morse: Thanks for playing again with that level of commiment. Really nice to a solid player keeping it real. You did really good. Sometimes i would be very agreeing with you and sometimes i also remember you saying alot of things i certainly didnt agree with. I still respect the talks we had, one of them i felt we really didnt have to have im sure you know which one. Nice playing with you again.

    Special heartwarmning thanks to - Lardo, Stan, Bechers, Kojottii, Phyzie and Vade for being proper good techs and really doing what i asked you to do and sometimes a lot more. Without you our account would have been nothing. Thanks <3

    Reports from OPS - Somewhat in normal time order.

    LD vs Idefix capital, no dodge - Hammer caught home ^^

    LD vs Hjulben capital - :|

    LD vs Nuser capital - First wall, no brewery active. ||
    LD vs Ferb - Takeover
    LD vs Bambis mor - Takeover deff village ( Always check for CP kids <<<< Show the truth<<<<< :whistling::whistling: Pretty sure we werent meant to take both villages, or timing failed and we ended going for both some shit went down.
    Clearing the way for Blacklist to pickup art ( big storage) , whelp clearing LD vs Mufasa big storage

    I can see we now a report vs IVT, KFUM and whatever the allies against us was (the fin premade + some map players) so this would be around the time they joined ranks together.

    LD vs Unik capital - Brewery hit nothing
    LD vs Bedemanden capital
    LD vs Ankj cap - Walled
    LD vs Whiplash capital - No TC so we ended up picking an art without really knowing :love: (small storage, TR art at that point)
    LD vs Kopla capital - Follow up.

    LD vs Unfair capital - Nothing to see here
    LD vs Tornado capital - Walled
    LD vs Ayes capital follow up - Nothing here

    LD vs Lazar capital - Sneak

    I got most of them - Some reports arent in here and also a lot of splits isnt. :*