Game Update: Polarbear 1087.2

📝Farewell to Forums📝

The forum is currently in read-only mode that will last till July 07th, 2021.

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  • A new game update will take place soon.

    This is our schedule:

    - International1: May 3rd at 10:03 am (UTC +1) - Check with your local time here.

    - International servers (except International 30): May 5th at 10:03 am (UTC +1) - Check with your local time here.

    - Europe servers: May 6th at 10:03 am (UTC +1) - Check with your local time here.

    - Anglosphere - America Servers - International 30 - TSE: May 7th at 2:03 pm (UTC +1) - Check with your local time here.

    Expected Downtime: 10 minutes

    All the details about this new update in the next message!

  • Features:

    TL-8336 - Information about the Town Hall celebration bonus is now displayed in battle reports.

    TL-9104 - When using a link to combat the simulator in a scouting report, the game copies data from the report into the simulator. This now includes the information about buildings.

    TL-9378 - To reduce confusion, the tasks in the new task system will not immediately change order when you collect a task reward. Sorting will only happen when refreshing the page or changing tab.

    TL-8625 - It is now possible to select/copy the coordinates from the village list.

    TL-9086 - All infoboxes are now collapsible. When collapsed, they only display the beginning of the first message.


    TL-9118 - Removed unnecessary decimal point from artefact bonus value in production overview when fool's artefact has a negative diet control effect.

    TL-9432 - Fixed archived messages disappearing from the archive when opened.

    TL-9399 - When exchanging resources with NPC in Marketplace, selecting the number and releasing the mouse button outside of the textbox no longer closes the pop-up.

    TL-9422 - Long village's names no longer overlap other elements or cause visuals issues.