Beginning Strategy

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  • Firstly I dont know which region on map is good for me

    When I start to new server I cant decide what will I do quests dont help because mostly I spend more from reward for example spend 400 material and get 300

    I'm trying to attack a few times to oasis but hero hp going down fastly and after 2-3 raid you cant keep it and produce units doesnt help this

    what will I do with hero points ? should I spend my all resources to fields ? If need spend there what will be ratio ?

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  • Hello :), region doesnt really matter, just watch the first week and try not to be inbetween the biggest alliance of the server if you cant join them. A tip is to build your second village just outside the spawning area, so you can build peacefully, while still having some action (be prepared to lose your first village if its inbetween big players, thats ok, focus on your main capital further away)

    With building your village, try to get resource fields up till 5-6 (Lumber/ clay iron/ wheat in 10/12/8/6 order. if you've done that, watch which buildings give resources back from quests, since buildings give alot of culture points which is needed for settling your 2nd village.

    Without gold and for new people i recommend with your hero to put 1 in attack and 3 in resources everytime you level (attack is needed so you dont take to much damage from quests). I watch oasis around me and see if i can kill some animals like 8 rats. A tip, you get full health everytime you level up after killing animals/ troops with your hero or doing quests from the questgiver.

    (Clearing oasis without using gold, like replenishing healthpoints (ointments), giving extra xp to hero (scrolls), cages to capture animals etc is really hard)

    Good luck :)

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  • I went mostly with resources but with some items and strength points you will be able to farm from animals way more than you get from production so depends on your activity. You can do quests in all villages + with exp hero helm he will level up kinda fast so you can continue farming.