15c capital without buy gold

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  • is there any chance to run %50 %75 %100 or %150 15c capital without buy gold ?? I'm playing as gaul there are some areas close to my first village about 20 square

    there are some 9c with %75-%100 they are about 40 square far away to first village

    or there is no chance without buy gold you must to play with 9c ???

    is there any strategy about it ?

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  • Hi,

    I would always recommend a 9c if you play with no gold but there is always possible to go for a 15c.

    I can say so much that if you going for a 15 cropper you will need a few more feeders instead.

    if you have gold club you will not need feeders since you can farm your income instead.

    But if you are playing as a defender I would say 9c is better for you.

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  • I agree with Moderator achtung. I have been in the same spot as you last week. Im also a player without gold and playing gaul. I took a 15 cropper 100% oasis bonus, but can really recommend to take 9 cropper with high oasis bonus without gold (see table below), since it slows down your growth. (At the moment my wheat fields are lvl 4-5 while my 1xclay, 1x iron and 1x lumber are 11+)

    Only if you plan to make a big offensive hammer you should go for a 15 cropper.

    I calculated wheat differences:

    9c 25% =11,25 (wheat)

    9c 50% =13,50

    6c 150%= 15

    15c 0% =15

    9c 75% =15,75

    7c x 150%= 17,5 (even a 7c 150% oasis bonus gives more than a 15c non bonus or a 9 cropper with 75% bonus or less)

    9c 100% =18

    15c 25% =18,75

    9c 125% =20,25

    9c 150% =22,5

    15c 50% =22,5

    15c 75% =26,25

    15c 100%=30

  • I took MC9 with 125 % oases on 2x server. Currently having all fields 12, with bakery 5 and 100 % oasis bonus and 25 % plus production. Need to have 240k granary to have 8 hours of sleep and it already takes a lot of gold to npc and use converted resources. If I played completely without gold I would never take even mc9.

  • It is perfectly possible to have a c9/c15 cap without using gold (or minimum needed)

    but: only on x1/x2 speed with a lot of activity!!!! on faster speed i would not advise it.

    Usually the focus is on golding c9/c15 to raise fields and income, without or on very minimum of gold that is not the way to go.

    Instead, you want to be anti-productive on crop fields and focus on CP production and number of villages. You can settle the c9/c15 perfectly as 2nd village though... And it is a long way to go and needs some preparation.

    You need:

    8-10 villages minimum

    Save silver from sold items to raise you CAP fields after lvl 11 by instant building (exchange to 150 gold)

    if you have more silver, trade it to use for plus or some bonus benefit but alway keep enough backup to build your C15/C9 fields later.

    build troops to keep your crop balance ok, so no need for npc.

    In short:

    1st village -> just settle the C9/C15 you would like. After that go for wood/clay/iron fields, do not upgrade crop;

    2nd village: just build crop fields first and use the food to build wood/clay/iron fields in 1st village.

    In both villages: work on CP buildings as well to get to 3rd village faster.

    3rd - 8th/10th village:

    mainly focus on wood/clay/iron fields and CP buildings (+festivals), do not spend a lot of time on crop fields, food will come from CAP

    use some wood/clay/iron to upgrade crop fields in CAP --> the crop can be sent to other villages to keep everything building

    Also prepare the CAP for enough storage to build fields 11+ (you have a lot of time to do this because it takes weeks/months to have 10 villages)

    Do not forget, you will need some troops as well to protect yourself while you are building!!!

    When you continue for some weeks/months you will see that you have enough production on wood/clay/iron and just a minimum food production. You used the food from CAP to build your villages.

    That is time to start building your CAP fields 11+ to 17/18 using wood/clay/iron of the other 8-10 villages and spend the silver you saved. Same time you can invest in a troop boost as your crop production will grow in CAP, and you can raise the crop fields in all your other villages to 10 as well.

    Long term planning, but it's possible....

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  • if you play 15c you need convert crops to other resources max every 10 hours. if it is your first server i suggest 9c too. try to make all fields 15 if it is your first game. but if you won't train alot of troops it will be useles too. maybe 7c with good oasis will be best for first time.