Faster Second Village for Gaul and Roman

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  • I have 130 gold at the beginning and I want to use my all potential to be first ones for second village

    use gold production bonuses build centre 10 academy 10 town hall 1 ok

    what can I do more ?

    produce units ? or use only 3 from coming adventures

    what will be field levels ? all of them will be 5 ??

    is there another building need to level up ?

    what are your suggestions ? I'm bored from being very slow about second village

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    Changes the title of the thread from “Fast Second Village for Gaul and Roman” to “Faster Second Village for Gaul and Roman”.
  • There's been lots of calculations on what's the best build order for the start.
    Obviously I will not leak our plan, but some of the things, you may want to consider:
    - Quests for buildings now give bonus resources and Hero XP

    -> There are just from the quests buildings you really want to build (e.g. the workshop). You will find them ;)

    - There are buildings, that would make absolutly no sense to build - but are very good when it comes to culture point production per invested resource

    -> Just look through Travian answers, look at every building, maybe create an excel file with some calculations. Yes, it is a lot of work, but you will learn a lot about the game.

    - Bashing animals in an oasis grants resources

    -> Putting points into fighting strength might be worth it - if you are active enough to bash more, than the hero would produce

    - Hero Levelup heals the Hero back to 100%

    -> You might sometimes want to wait collecting quest rewards to get the maximum out of the XP rewards

    - You already mentioned the town hall, but you really NEED to celebrate in it. 3-5 times, depending on your plan.

    - Even if you have a good plan prepared, you should always check again with some calculations:
    -> Do the resource and CP timers sync up?
    -> If not: What can I do to fix the difference?
    -> In my case, I had a little unexpected resource boost through adventures and used it to build another building for CP to sync up my timers again

    Last but not least:

    Activity and gold usage.

    The best accounts are always online, there is not a second of inactivity.

    Gold is used for EVERYTHING. "That cropland lvl 1 needs a minute to construct? That's a minute, it can allready be producing, so let's gold it."

    If you aren't one of that guys, there is close to no chance to be in the top 1% in setteling time.

    For myself, top 5% is good enough. The start is important and determines what kind of main village you get, but the rest of the world is long and you can still become top 1% ;)

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  • I was rank 3 climbing medal with a 15 cropper as my starting village in week 3 as gaul last week (speed server x2) and this week i play tested was 4th with my 2nd village speed server x3 as roman in week 2. Both without extra gold and just with simming.

    General understandings for fast 2nd village:

    - Start literally 1 second in when new server starts

    - Have a efficient build order for fields/ quests and buildings

    - You need max resources and max culture points

    - Do you have a lot of time? Go farm oasis/ inactives with troops. If not focus on simming (only build buildings/ level up resource fields is what i do).

    - Accept that accounts with 4 people and unlimited gold beat you in having a 2nd village (they can get it in less than 24 hours)

    - Nothing is set in stone, i cant state level up all fields to level 5, because the resources you have vary, sometimes you can level up to level even to fields to 6/7 or 8, everytime think yourself whats most efficient next move! :)

    0. Introduction:

    I simmed my way to fast 2nd village 2x this month without gold. (top 10 2x times). I focus on fields first, then on main building, have my warehouse/ granary high enough so when i sleep they wont be full. And set my alarm everytime i can make a building/ resource field. When i have almost enough culture points to settle my 2nd village i make sure i have my 3 settlers ready.

    On what to spend your free gold?

    - On 25% production (lumber/ clay/ iron)

    - travian plus 2x build queue

    - Instabuild the first day on longer taking resource fields and buildings for quest giver. (if you have unlimited gold you spend it on everything untill you have no resources left and have to wait)

    - The next day when i wake up also insta build.

    - Couple days in on long taking buildings like Main building / academy level 10/ high level resource fields

    - Helmet of the gladiator (50+ culture points every day)!

    1. Build order

    - Level up fields atleast till level 5 for simming/ level up to level 3 when you farm with troops/ (if roman because of double build focus on main building first, warehouse, granary and high culture points buildings)

    - Main building only effects faster build buildings, not fields, thats why you focus on fields only in the beginning.

    - Wait with level up fields/ buildings if they dont give more resources with quest giver

    - set everyttime a alarm on phone when you can build a resource field/ building

    - When you go to bed, make sure to build the longest taking buildings.

    - The moment you think you can start making settlers (1 in 6 hours) and make them 18 hours before you have enough culture points for your 2nd village, stop leveling up buildings/ production and focus on making settlers (dont forget you need 750 resources of all)

    2. Max resources:

    - Farming oasis with hero/ troops

    - Farming natars

    - Farming inactives when beginner protection is gone

    - Highest resource fields gives most resources till level 8. Calculate, if i level up to level 9 it takes around 3,5 days to to get your invested resources back (if only 3 days left, better invest that in buildings for population if you want the climbing medal)

    3. Max culture Points

    - buy helmet of the gladiator, it gives daily extra culture points we need for our 2nd village, even if it costs 3000 silver, buy it, because it gives such an advantagem

    - On speed servers hold celebrations in (need townhall)

    - Max out efficient culture point buildings in every village:

    Main building lvl 12
    Marketplace 7/12 - if you have res go for 12 (gives a solid reward)
    Rally point 1
    Wall 1
    Granary 7
    Grain Mill 1
    Warehouse 7/8 - build level 8 for celebrations
    Barracks 3
    Cranny 10 + 7 other crannies level 3
    Academy 10
    Smithy 3
    Stable 3
    Embassy 1/3
    Town Hall 1
    Residence 10

    4. What to do on start:

    Hero full strength. Raid surrounding oases.
    Time big oases to hero level up ( i.e. hero attacks oases, barely survives, you complete some quests and take reward - hero levels up and get 100% health)

    Find book. Find your horse (important, to be fast with oases)

    Level up hero to level 7-9. Use book and convert all points into resources.

    Farms and mines - levels 4-5. Depending on your success with clearing oases.

    Make 1-2 celebrations. That should be enough.

    Time to do it if you don't miss anything and are lucky with oases - within 2 days from start.

    (if any questions feel free to ask, Wodan)

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  • main building effects fields too but not much effective due to time is already less