Plus for oasis

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  • game says you can invade oasis in 3x3 but for plus 7x7 If I only buy plus to invade oasis so what will happen when my plus ended

  • Hi,

    You can control an oasis if its not more than 3 fields from your village and this is even the case if you have travian plus.

    So there should be no change when your plus ends.

    So the 7x7 i'm not sure what you mean, do you have a link or a source where you found that information ?

    Best regards,


  • the plus is great for finding 11115 and 3339, also allows you to escape with troops, lasts the whole game but does not affect oases as Achtung says :)

  • I'm not exactly sure what you mean but PLUS feature does not change oasis raiding or conquering.

    Your 7x7 of conquerable oasis is determined by going 3 squares out in every direction from your village as shown in this pic: