End game report.

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    Now I post this messy text....... already late

    Acc: Drängen

    Alliance: ivt ->FP or something.....

    Background: We are some(around 10) players that have played together for some server. For some there was time to start anew. Not like me that most of the time have a few servers running all the time, not always good....

    Can't really remember how but heard that overseer was about to start a premade on a server and the time was good. Overseer was part of an ally on another server where we were on different sides, they had a hard time there but still did good and didn't give up and did a better fighter then expected in the end. The feeling was that they may have something good coming!I was not part of the leader, more than talk for me and my old friends I have made start.

    The server start went ok, nothing special that i remember. Always some fast player, even if teuton i didn't go raiding way. It Was clear early that IB should be a big problem(even before I started I had heard some). Especially when they totally got grey and much of the surroundings.

    We also had BIA that popped upp in "our" square and plan was too kick them out but IAP was made and T_T/IB thing come in between as IB was bigger problem. Our feeling was that we lived in the most crowded square.

    We helped T_T with deff and OPs. The OPs were no success as I remember and Crupax(and LD) wrote about. Why I don't know, mistakes or just good deff work. And T_T was kinda out of order even before arte.

    Notable is only the "rampe" happening. Rampe, WP and SB -> turned out in CWA. If i have don´t get it wrong :D

    Arte: ivt was preparing with some catapoints. Anti climax here, really bad arte spawn for us and pick up result was even worse if i remember. More work could have been done here i guess. Roman horses for arte clean and much more player could have build catapult in villages that was already made and not close too other catapoints. My army for arte wasn't even going. Really far away and other in ally closer. I would say that here it started to be more disappointed feelings. But still fighting on, some had quitted by this time. Some weeks later many "core ivt and leaders" was even more complaining about techs and stuffs. Can´t remember exactly, but some more OPs but still really no good outcome from them(when was good, no one picked upp arte and stuff) compared to IB that run OPs that completely avoided the walls.

    Then the really sad part started where ppl started to make it real with the quiet talk. In ivt all the planned WWC account, all leaders and some good deff accounts started too sucide against IB. Was like 1 everyday and few or no fakes so all that happened was giving IB deff points and ego. One of the ppl that deleted wanted to help take WW. "XX hit WW in 10 hours if you want it". At this point leaders were still in ally but not playing. Was talking about if "we" should leave as well.

    But decided to stay.

    With no leader it was mainly me and fantomen that tried to take care about deff calls, that and the WW i took kinda made us "leader". But we didn't know what we had, kinda. Mass deleting of players and others started idling even more.

    It continued like before, IB made OPs and we had a terrible hard time toobee at the right place. That didn't change.....Don´t know how long this continued from arte too just before WW plans (our WW got taken) and BIA got their love after that. Was like OPs 2-4 days a week. So can tell that we were really tired sometimes.

    ivt later merged and become FP after sometime. Was great to have greywolf and some others to help. Me and fantomen faded out more and more the longer it went and we didn't need much deff coordination after the WW hit.For BP i made a master plan to take one BP, was later told that LD wasn't even going for it, player with closest village. But we managed and builded the first lvl of WW.

    Then the building started for CWA and IB. I was more on the sideline, but must give Greywold and the others right about IB taking down CWA WW. After that we have gotten a few lvl of IB WW down.The attacks on IB WW was also little weird. Ended up with 3 tries. FP/TE -> CWA+FP -> BIA+rest what could be found. If all those 3 would have been at the same time. Server should have been a little longer….

    Never talked too solsteen, but what my friends told me before we decided to talk with BIA was true, so weird. Late game there were some OPs between TE/FP and CWA. There we had better "luck" then against IB.

    Some specific moment and thoughts:

    *Nakha off chiefed was a WWR(not WWC) and our biggest. That night CWA attacked as well. And deff call was made for nakha cap, as no inc on the off. When IB come not enough deff could reach. So IB, give a thanks too CWA

    *Extra sad to bee sitter on account that is about to delete and have lvl 19 fields when i stay and just got hit on my own fields. Deff call there was almost made. Then someone had a feeling that IB was about to hit some else and deff sended that way....to bad.

    *Like before we was one step behind. This time when WW got the hit. WW should still be taken i guess but bigger losses, plans were to increase deff in a few days. That is mainly my fault. Should have listen more to some old friends and must say I underestimated some of IB offs that were left.

    *IBs OPs: We had big problem to catch off. Many reasons here. A few notes, theese damn boots....

    1.Many attacks were made after much deff could reach at all. And spread all over the map after merges.

    2. To few account participated in deff calls. But who did that, thanks!

    3. 5-7 hours travel time to many players. And late impact time. Ppl were sleeping when attacks/last attacks were sent.4. As we catched so few, the offs were growing. Harder to get many walls when need 250k++ compared too less then 100 k deff walls.

    There are so many things we(and me) could have done better with the deff work. Better report system/more scouting. We have played in other allys and have seen how it can be made so much better ;) But me and Fantomen both have family and most of the time(like always) only use mobile phones. I say, we are not in good spots for being leaders and deff cords. Are not student anymore :D

    Very interesting to read yours, Crupax and Veritas. Sad not more ppl write as well.