What is the point of Gaul

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  • I'm thinking about what is the point of playing gaul speed ? defensive units ? swordsmen + headuans ?

    Gaul is not best at anything what will I do with speed

    people train a lot of theutates thunders to raids but is it a good idea ? you are spending your materials to runner and cant attack anywhere

    - there is a building called tournament square and it can help to increase speed of other tribes

    - you cant attack to anywhere outside of clubs village especially at the middle of game probably every village at least some units to defence what is the point ? and enemy villages will be very close each other and around 15c

    - I see a lot of offensive gauls but ıf you want to play offensive why gaul ? swordsmen + headuans why ?

    - so you have a lot of theutates swordsmen and headuans what is the point ? you have only runner and lower attack capacity units according to others

    - at 5 tribe server ıf you want to play defensive there is egyptian it is like top version gaul so what is the point of gaul and gaul not best at defence

    - if you are non golder and you have small crop villages you need more quality at units cos your unit count will be less so there is roman at there why gaul ?

    - protection at the beginning is only joke

    most of players dont attack each other in this game at the beginning ıf you are in an alliance trappers are useless

    especially ıf you are playing at x10 they are still 400

    game life circle = raid oasis raid inactives raid multi accounts and wait for wonderful of world

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  • Gaul is good for defensive players with limited time and you get attacked significantly less as a gaul because of fear for traps. Gaul mobile anvils is a fun playstyle with druidriders.

    Also gauls their strength is jack of all trades, you can play more agressive than egypts. While its true huns are fast, huns cant make defense well and are not suitable for new players or players with low time requirement.

    I do agree if you can sim peacefully romans are better mid/ lategame, however if you are in a active area, the lower costs of gauls in offense and defense is signifcant (as a roman you can be overwhelmed by teutons in the beginning). Lastly praetorians are slow, static defense is boring playstyle imo.

    so pros gauls:

    good mix of defense/ offense units

    fast units

    druid riders for mobile anvils

    you will get attacked significantly less and if attacked 1,5 cranny's help.

    fast merchants (really helps with settling further away)

    can build defense in stables/ barracks (romans cant do this)


    Weak lategame hammer

    no double build like romans

    no extra resources like egypts

    no early farming like teutons

    not as agressive as huns

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