how much gold for 15C?

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  • Hi,

    This depends so much from playstyle.

    Since i farm from my 15C i almost never use gold to be honest.

    My army eats a lot of crop so no need for NPC either.

    So it depends, if you going for top 10 robber no need for gold.

    But if not i would say maybe 50/day

    Best regards,


  • If you manage it carefully you only need to NPC a couple times a day.

    I average 10/day or less

    Known as either Skitime or Ricktheski on 7 different rounds.
    Member of Gemini, winners of round one of server seven.

  • plus your resources %25 for all game.

    npc every 3-8 hours. 24 or 9 gold for center per day.

    depends on server speed finish your buildings with old. you have 15 crop. consider to build to 19 with plus account from level 11

    (8 level * 15 area)2 process from plus account *2 gold = 120 hold

    plus account for all game.

    you need to finish 10 granary etc to level 20. (20*10)/2 *2 gold = 200

    i think 600 gold will be enough if you play carefully

  • My greatest army (240+k), and I spen cca. 600 gold under 33 weeks ( ~75 gold/monts, on a 1* speed server). But there was 1/5 accounts, that now an European server.

    Your qeustion: how many gold can you use in the Travan? The answer: that your bucket lets to spend.