The one village strategy guide that nobody asked for. (100 gold.) (For beginners.) (TL 4.6)

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  • New players will already be frustrated at the start of the game when they are forced to decide which tribe to choose, I will list the most important benefit of each tribe.

    Roman - Can build more buildings at the same time.

    Gaul - Cheap and fast training defense troops.

    Teuton - Cheap and powerful attack troops.

    Hun - Cheap and fast moving high end farming troops.

    Egyptian - Higher hero resource boosts and oases boosts.

    So there is a beginner protection, I recommend extending it.

    The game naturally guides you how to play the game by rewarding you resources when you build buildings.

    But it does not tells you the most important buildings for a beginner.


    1. Crannies

    2. Barracks

    3. Wall and Stonemason

    4. Hospital

    5. Granaries

    1. When you are invited to an alliance, you can accept it in the embassy building, the first thing you can see is your alliance members getting farmed till no end.

    The most effective way to counter this is to build crannies, because they are buffed to hide 2000 per resources from 1000 per resources, this tortoise strategy rings even truer.

    But players will then stop at building 1 level 10 cranny, nope, you should build many crannies until it is close to your warehouse maximum capacity, this way, nobody would farm you because they would get nothing.

    2. Most players would focus on population and new villages, I have to admit this strategy really works, at least not in a mathematical sense, farmers always choose to farm low pop and few villages players so they do not end up meeting possible enemies troops and loses their farming troops. But I recommend barracks and training defensive troops instead, because real troops protects you from the start of the game till the end of the game, when farmers loses troops to your defensive troops, they will not come again.

    3. Travian can be a very unlucky game, it is more beneficial to register and start the game on day one, but this will leads to your surrounding with many pro farmers and cruel destroyers. I still recommend to play on day one, but quickly settle your next village far away from 0,0, the farther away, the safer you are, but know that this means abandoning your first village which is not necessary as this guide teaches you everything on how to play a single village properly after all.

    So when intensive farmer farms you with high number of troops, even if you block with defensive troops, they will take more resources than the number of units they lose, the trick to counter this is to simply build a wall, a wall is cheap and offers free permanent high % to all your defenses, if a wall provides 50% defense bonus, it means your 100 spearman just turned into 150 spearman.

    But this is not the end, after walling your farmer, he would quickly get pissed at losing his troops, which comes the most feared rams and catapults attacks that not even pros can easily counter this, pro defenders will just say ask for defense reinforcements from your alliance, and say that this is a teamwork game, but you as a newbie, will not get into such a nice alliance, your alliance members are most likely having troubles themselves. Now this is where the one village strategy really shines, the stonemason stops your walls and buildings from easily getting destroyed by rams and catapults, meaning your village can keep on defending and training troops, making this really inefficient for farmers to raid your village, after a week of endless assaults, they will most likely stop targeting you anymore, so brace yourself and never give up. (Only capital have stonemason, therefore if you have multiple villages, your other villages are vulnerable.)

    4. Hospital is a relatively new building, the most tragic weakness of one village strategy is when an enemy did an unprofitable massive attack on you, the enemy loses 1 million worth of resources of troops yet you only loses 0.5 million worth of resources of troops because you have walls and morale bonuses, but you are left with 0 troops yet the enemy still have half of his troops left, from 10k Macemans to 5k Macemans, and you know you are dead, because he will start sending waves of rams and catapults with his leftover 5k Macemans to destroy your village to oblivion, this is the reason why you should not play one village strategy, because if you have multiple villages, you can train defensive troops from all of your villages in a shorter period of time, and defend the enemy leftover 5k Hammer with catapults. However, this new building, hospital really shines in this situation, because it allows you to train troops that are 'wounded' in your previous battles, and their training speed is 100% faster than your barracks, meaning having a hospital and barracks is akin to having 3 barracks in one single village!

    5. If you have to rely on this granaries strategy, it might be better for you to delete account and find an easier server, hahaha. Basically a top player will demolish your one and only granary you have, with no crops, you cannot feed your troops, your troops whether offensive or defensive, they will all die. If you ask for defensive reinforcements, they will slowly die out as well, google the time they die out, I am inexperienced with the starvation timing. But if you have multiple granaries, you will be able to hold out longer, but the top player have other ways, he can destroy your crop fields, barracks and other defensive buildings. So in addition to having multiple granaries, you might also need a good alliance that can send you defensive reinforcements when you require it while your granaries holds your village in the mean time.

    Benefits of one village strategy:

    Morale bonus of up to 50% defense boosts based on your total population against the enemy total population, this is why your combat simulator always asks for the population, input the population!

    Opponent cannot fake attacks to your many villages, and forcing you to choose which village to sacrifice and to protect the other.

    If you have one village, it automatically becomes the capital, and a capital cannot be chiefed, meaning less players will target you.

    Less work for you to do, every time you settle a new village, you have to build the village from the ground up.

    Less reliance on gold, if all your troops are stacked in one village, there is not much reason for you to buy gold club and evade troops. There is no need for many other gold features as well.

    Cons of one village strategy:

    Many villages can produce defensive troops much faster than a single village even if that village has a hospital.

    No good alliance wants you.

    More players would pick a fight with you, but in my perspective, having a nice defender rank feels good.

    More villages have more resource fields.

    More villages provides flexibility and more options on building a hammer or just a simply better farming troops.

    Very little building slots.

    So why did I asked for 100 gold?

    Most players buys gold even if they say they do not. Not buying gold is like bringing your fists to a gunfight, it is not fair...

    Other strategies.

    1. Build massive scouts and gold club evasion, when enemies attack you, your scouts evades unscarred, when the enemies scouts on your village to see your remaining troops, your massive scouts will kill all of them causing them unable to see anything, making it very risky and gambling for them to do further attacks especially if you have 'a good alliance that can send defensive reinforcements', but you are not going to ask, just the threat of not knowing your troops count is enough to shudder the enemy.

    2. Gold club farm list, keep farming daily, you might be sad that you do not have lots of raided resources but instead you have lots of crops instead, I thought this was bad initially, then I started to use the raided crops to feed my defensive troops or hammer.

    3. This sucks to your manhood but hey it works, gives resources to your nearby tyrant player 3 days a week, then ask him for help whenever someone else bullies you.

    4. Team up before the game starts, in your current game, if you are having a good time with your alliance member or village neighbor, ask them which server they are joining next, then join that server in the same north south east west direction, if you have much mutual support with each other, you can even form roles, you can become the hammer and your buddy becomes the anvil, this is as good of a strategy as it can be.

    5. Build a tiny man village, have a low level warehouse so you can be lazy and not build many crannies, then build a residence or palace as high as possible, they provide defense power (Not bonus!), meaning players that farm you will lose troops even if you do not have troops in your village. I would not be surprised if you can play this strategy and logging into travian only once a week.

    6. Art of deception, if someone attacks you, tell him you are from his alliance, but you are send to your current alliance to spy on them.

    7. Art of diplomacy, begs the top player to hammer your arch enemy for you.

    8. Alliance shared 15-cropper, yes it is hard for one player to sustain a 15-cropper because of how much gold it costs, but I have actually seen some rare alliances sharing a 15-cropper, basically the leader asks the alliance members to 'feed' the 15-cropper resources in exchange for them to store their defensive or offensive troops there. (New Egyptian's trick, because Egyptian have oasis bonus, I recommend the player owning the 15-cropper to be an Egyptian )

    9. Be the top farm, if you cannot be the top attacker, defender, climber or robber, at least you can be the top farm.

    Grow resource fields, remove walls, have some crannies so you can build higher level resource fields to allow your farmers to take more resources per hour. If your neighbors are not farming you, ask them why.

    Travian tools.

    1. Travian tools & utils :: Home Page (

    Many travian tools can be googled, but strangely I found out this Kirilloid tool only after getting my Veteran 5 Years medal.

    As stupid as it sounds, the troops table is the one most often used by me, compared to other sources, kirilloid troops table is presented in the smallest table while being able to switch to other tribes instantaneously, it is the easiest to read troops table you can find.

    The skeleton of your travian strategy boils down to troops, and understanding your current situation and planning future troops is essential and is an ever ongoing job.

    Gold Priority

    This depends on your strategy, so I will just list gold priority from my perspective.

    Note that if you dual and both players buys gold, it is akin to both of you getting twice as much gold.

    1. Rearrange buildings.

    2. Instant build and/or travian plus queue or building queue.

    3. Gold Club.

    4. Crop production

    5. Resources production

    Auction Priority

    1. Book of wisdom (Change hero to defend bonus when you are attacked.)

    2. Bucket

    3. Anything that increases Fighting Strength for Hero. (Gives you the option of upgrading the other hero's attributes like atk/def bonus and resource boosts.)

    4. Anything that regenerates hero health points per day. (Gives you the option of upgrading the other hero's attributes like atk/def bonus and resource boosts.)

    5. Anything that is cheap.

    Random Tips

    1. If you sell many of your hero items, you can convert them into free gold, it is possible to reach 100 gold and even much more this way.

    2. You can grow pop easily and join good alliance and pretends to be a part of them, but nowadays, the top alliances leader would not help you in defense reinforcements as they can see in the reports you do not have troops, do not be surprised if your villages are getting chiefed by others while your top alliance do nothing for a few weeks and then kicks you. All members are expendables in the top alliance including the leader, the other 59 members will quit alliance and join a better alliance if there is one.

    3. When a player with high attacker rank messages you, stay awake at night and do not sleep until it is 3 am then open the message and read it. This stops your enemies from knowing your activity time, meaning if they wants to farm, chief or destroy your village, they will not do so at 3am.

    4. Different x speeds servers and different regional servers offers different gameplay experiences, if you are having a bad time, try another server instead.

    5. Village overview tab bought with travian plus is the least amount of work required to play travian as you can see all ongoing events, whether your farmlists are active, whether your buildings are queued up, whether your troops are training.

    6. Checking alliance attacks on other members is important, so you can use combat simulator and figure out how you should defend yourself if you ends up in that situation.

    7. Having sitters, duals can be troublesome, do not do it if it hurts you more than it helps you.

    8. Just join an alliance, even though your alliance is weak and might not send defense reinforcements to you, just the possibility of you getting defense reinforcements is enough to scare away some predators.

    9.‭‭ Watching ads on high level resource and crop fields are worth it, 25‬%‬ shorter building duration translates to 15 hours saved on a level 15 woodcutter 59 hours building time.

    10. Real life is more important than Travian, Travian does teaches you on how to manage time efficiently, but winning in Travian means nothing in real life.

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  • Hospital: if you not have enough resources to use your barracks full capacity, the Hospital can not give you benefit, only occupie a building slot.

    Gold priority:

    1: Gold club - do not spend gold, while do not buy the Club!

    2: Instand build the high level of resource/corp fields in main village.

    3: Crop production

    4: Resource production

    5: NPC - if you can use it one times / day at least, it can ahead the resource production.

    6: Plus - if you do not use the farm list.

    Random tips:

    1: I can gather 150-200 golds in a cheaply server.

    7: A good sitter is very usefull, but a bad can mistace lots of things. If you are sitter, always ask the owner, what do you do in him/her acc!

    10: The Travian teach me the art of diplomacy.

  • Hospital is cheap CP production. I didn't read the thread, but I think it's about raid.

    If this one village tactic is about never making more villages, then it's really easy to get walked over without help.

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