When is it profitable to farm with troops instead of just getting income from resource fields

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  • Hi as the title says, i was curious how many times a day you need to send your farm list to make it more wore worthwhile instead of just upping the field for people with low/ medium time.

    Whats your thought on this?

    (i know the more the active better and another factor like villages around you can farm etc).

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  • It will always be better to raid because it will bring massive extra income which will enable you to keep creating troops, upgrading your fields and buildings at a faster rate.
    The "problem" is that raiding takes time and consistency. So as you said, it depends on your available time (and/or duals).

    To answer one of your questions, you should send your farm list every 5-15 minutes.

  • Thnx you for your time to answer. I understand 5-15 min is normal for farmlists. But lets say when is tipping point you are better of to just upgrade resource fields? once an hour, every 2 hours?

    Whats the minimum activity needed to be worthwhile?

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  • I really think it's too hard to say because it depends on too many factors.

    You need to adapt your account depending on your time mainly, but also your alliance, ongoing battles/wars, your neighbourhood, gold usage, your income from raiding, your capital, etc. Haven't got a straight answer to give you here, sorry!

  • For another viewpoint, if you concentrate on growth, you can get as many res as those who raid a lot during the course of a round. You do have to grow very large to do this. I have had 2 top 10 EGHs (WWKs) more than once with essentially no raiding. And the largest account on those servers, also. Growth in and of itself is not the goal when I do this. It's for the resources that let me make and feed the troops.