New Tribe - Spartans

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  • Suggestion for a new tribe - Spartans

    A tribe that is focused on infantry.

    Special feature: Can build double barracks. (Tripple with Great Barracks).
    Can NOT build stables. (No mounted units available).

    Basic infantry - Hoplites - Basic attack infantry with moderate anti cavalry defense.
    Tier 1 attack infantry - Advanced attack infantry with more damage / longer training time / higher resource cost
    Tier 1 defense infantry - Advanced defense infantry with very low attack but universal defense stats
    Tier 2 infantry - Spartans - Advanced infantry that is both good at defense and offense, but consumes 2 crop and has a very long training time.

    Special building - Parthenon - Adds ability to conquer an additional oasis at level 10,15,20.

  • Without mounted units raiding is going to be very boring, plus you're going to be walled almost everywhere with some druids/pallies/praets because their def would be so much stronger if you're not hitting with any cav. Any new tribe would need a balance of inf and cav for them to be viable ingame. Possibly could be a defence tribe heavy in infantry?

    Also special building would make it possible to have 6 oases on every village? Seems rather a lot and not particularly good as the only ones to benefit would be people in the boonies that could spread out. As a lover of 2 50%/25%25% on every feeder village I already know how spread out your villages become just searching for 2 oases let alone 6. This would then cause issues with defence option as if you wanted to store excess def in your capital your villages are going to be too far away to be recalled quickly in the event of attacks.