A Farewell to The Forums

📝Farewell to Forums📝

The forum is currently in read-only mode that will last till July 07th, 2021.

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  • For a lot of people, the forums have been a large part of playing travian. Discussions of servers (more or less civil), server analyzing, report sharing, guide-writing, question-asking, game change discussions - and not forgetting the tavern section with all kinds of off-topic talks and spamming.

    Personally, I used the forum for all the servers I played, and even in times when not playing, to follow servers I found interesting, or just for the off-topic section.

    While it is true that the forum has been declining for many years now, I still think that the forum offered some unique advantages over various IM programs (including discord), namely being a much better option for longer in-depth discussions, analysis, creating narratives in relation to OPs and so on. Not to mention the historical value, with many years of travian history - and more importantly the vast amount of knowledge not available anywhere else.

    As an ambassador I argued against the closure of the forum for all of these reasons, but as is evident, there was not enough support to keep the forums live.

    As mentioned above, there is a lot of information and knowledge that will be lost with this closure. I'll make an attempt to save some of it, and move some guides and whatnot to google docs (if you're the creator of one of the guides and either don't want it on google docs, or want to have your own version added, you can reach out to me on skype/discord), I'll gather them at this link (in progress..):

    wishmaster3's Collection of Travian Guides and Tools - Google Tabellen

    Thanks for all the years of forum spamming!


  • Thank you for your effort. I think a loss of the forum is a huge mistake from travian. We will see what future brings