Key Dates for UK5

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    Approximate Dates for UK5 Server


    Server beginning:

    First to settle a second village:

    Artefact release:

    Wonder release:

    Building Plan release:

    Server finish:


    [column=50%] 7 September 2011 - Actual.

    Not known

    2 January 2012 - Actual.*

    WW Villages are on the server from day 0.

    16 April 2012 - estimated

    June/July 2012 - Approx.[/column][/columns]

    * Original artefact date was 27 December 2011; this was pushed back to allow ceasefires to take place.

    These dates may be helpful in planning your server as an army builder / alliance leader.

    Note the word 'approximate' - they are estimates based on past servers and game announcements and may not be totally accurate.
    They are usually fairly accurate give or take a few days. However, T4 is a new version and could differ by more than expected for the player controlled dates