Roles of the Game Staff

  • Read more below to find out about the role of each staff member and how they can help you in-game.

    UK Administrator -
    The UK Administrator is the representative of Travian Games (owners and creators of Travian) and is the only person who is paid for his role in Travian UK. He is ultimately responsible for maintaining the crew, server, games and forum, but his most obvious actions for players is the starting of servers, announcing of Natars/Artifacts and publicising any game upgrades.

    Contacting the UK Administrator
    Most general queries or suggestions should be directed at the appropriate Forum areas, but the Administrator should be contacted if you have a complaint or other comment regarding a member of staff and have exhausted all other means of resolving it.

    The best way to contact him is via forum PM or email –

    Multihunter -
    The Multihunters are responsible for enforcing the Travian game rules and are also here to clarify those same rules.

    Rule Clarification
    Multihunters can often be seen in the forum posting Multihunter comments:

    [mh=Username]This is a Multihunter comment.[/mh]

    These are to clarify the rules in case of any ambiguity, or to state the rules to those unaware of what to do in a certain situation. Multihunters will also help in-game if there are any rule queries, as it is better to inform players of the nature of the rules before they are broken.

    Rule Enforcement
    Multihunters are present on every server at (0|0), but additional Multihunters can sometimes be found on other locations if the server is particularly busy. Multihunters will look for players breaking the rules and deal them, as well as responding to any reports from players that indicate a player might have broken the rules. They are the first person you should contact if you have been banned or suspect that someone else is breaking the rules, and will normally try to respond the situation as quickly as possible. As they are responsible for impartially enforcing rules, they do not play or have an account on the servers they hunt.

    Contacting Multihunters
    Different Multihunters are assigned to different servers, and none will (or can) discuss bans outside of the game, so if you wish to resolve a situation regarding a ban or suspected cheater, you must contact them in-game at (0|0) under the name “Multihunter”. This is the only way to resolve bans.

    Multihunters should typically respond within 24 hours, but if you receive no response to an In-Game Message (IGM) within 48 hours, or you could not resolve the problem by talking to the Multihunter, contact the Head Multihunter at Should that still fail, contact the UK Administrator

    Supporters are experienced players who provide help and support for questions about the game. They should be able to answer most questions they are asked, or direct you to the correct place if they can't. They have no special access to the server, so cannot deal with any rule breaks or bugs. Aside from answering questions, Supporters are

    Information Clarification
    Occasionally if there have been some conflicting answers to a question on the forum, a Supporter may clarify the correct response using a Supporter comment as below:

    [supp=username]This is a Supporter comment.[/supp]

    Contacting Supporters
    Supporters can be contacted in-game by sending an IGM to “Support”, which will be sent to a Supporter on that server. Questions posted on the forum will also frequently be answered by a Supporter, as they are here to help.