Debate Corner Rules

  • Greetings one and all,

    Welcome to the Travian ‘Current Affair and Debate sub-forum’, due to the depth and quality of some of the debates expected in here there is a need to add a few additional rules for this area to keep things above board and friendly. Due to the nature of this section these are stricter than you will perhaps notice in other sections on the forum. I am sure you will appreciate the reasoning behind this. If you could please take a little time to read through them and ensure you understand. If you have any questions please contact a moderator.

    §1 – General Rules

    As well as the rules you find in this section please note that the standard Forum Rules will still apply.
    If any rules are broken or not abided to then the moderation staff will act accordingly and have the final say on what punishment etc.. will be issued to the offending user.

    §2 – Content Rules

    Please note that this forum is used by people of all ages so please make sure all content should be family friendly. If a debate becomes heated or is about a subject close to your heart, please remember to remain polite when responding.

    * Remember to attack the argument used, not the person who argues it.*

    When you post in this section, whether it is starting a topic or replying to an existing one please make sure you explain your opinion on the subject in full, giving clear reasons for your opinion so that people can easily understand what it is being debated and can get involved. Any Off-topic posts, baseless claims and repetition add nothing to the discussion and there is a chance these will be removed by a moderator.

    Extremist opinion and positions may not be tolerated if they are deemed inappropriate; please be sure to provide detailed evidence/facts for any radical claims that you make in this section. Anything that is radical/extremist that has not valid facts to back this up will be removed by a moderator.

    If you aren't sure that your subject matter is appropriate for the debate forum, please message a Moderator to check beforehand.

    §3 – Forum Etiquette when posting

    As we all appreciate a good standard of communication is essential to maintain a worthwhile debate. Any posts which are not clear, concise or can’t be understood will be removed.

    Posting in ALL-CAPS is not tolerated in this sub forum. It can come across as argumentative and cause problems.

    Large quotes of which only a small amount is relevant. Please just post the part of the quote that is relevant and remove the rest.

    Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity?

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