[Anglosphere] Travian 4.4/Legends Changelog

  • In this release we inserted some of the features from the birthday servers which will now will be standard features.


    • The production of resource fields is raised by 40%.
    • The cranny capacity has been raised. The capacity values at level 1 are 200 and at level 10 2.000 for Romans and Teutons.
    • For the Gauls it's 300 at level 1 and 3.000 at level 10.

    New beginners protection:

    • No troops can be sent to a player who is still in beginners protection (any type of troop movements like scouting, reinforcements, attack/raid).
    • A player can not send troops to other players when in beginners protection (any type of troop movements like scouting, reinforcements, attack/raid).
    • A player can attack/raid Natar villages and unoccupied oases even when in beginners protection. Once the beginners protection ends, it cannot be regained.
    • A player now has the possibility to extent their beginners protection. They will get a infobox message before their beginners protection runs out, where they can extent it by 72 hours, but no longer than the maximum beginners protection time.
    • It's not possible to send resources while in beginners protection.
    • Also it is not possible to accept or set up trades which are worse than 1:1.


    1x speed servers:

    Beginners protection basic: 5 days

    Additional days on request: 3 days

    Culture points granted at the beginning: 500 culture points

    x3 speed servers:

    Beginners protection basic: 3 days

    Additional days on request: 3 days

    Culture points granted at the beginning: 167 culture points

    Daily Quest System:

    • Is now activated but it is a little changed:
    • Instead of 200 silver the player receives 20.000 of a randomly chosen resource.
    • The system saves what reward have been given to the player. The player gets the remaining rewards randomly except the crossed out ones.
    • Once the player gained all rewards, it starts from the beginning.
    • The quests are now shown as "Quests" and not as "Travian Birthday".

    Other features:

    • Water buckets are only usable once per day. (On a 1x server. For speed servers this depends on the speed (24 hours / (RoundDown (Speed/3) + 1))
    • 8 out of the 13 Natar villages now spawn outside of the grey area on specific coordinates. These villages also have 50% more troops in it.
    • The item drop rates of adventures have been rebalanced to avoid the flooding of items.
    • The number of maximum adventures has been raised, so that always a sufficient number of adventures is available to solve the daily tasks
    • The appearance times of adventures have been modified.
    • Every account gets 500 CP's at the beginning.
    • The artwork drop time has been changed like it is on the B-Day servers. (14 days after the start)
    • Celebrations now work as they do on the B-Day servers.
    • Traderoutes are now allowed to ww villages and artefact villages within the alliance/confederacy.
    • The wheat consumption of all troops in ww villages is halved since the moment that the game world gets building plans.
    • The amount of resources gained with the hero skill points have been increased.
    • Rally Point changes:
    • We added some more filters to the troop overview. Also you can now set how many entries are shown.
    • Selling items:
    • These items can be sold in stocks of 5, 10, 30 and 50: bandages, cages, scrolls, ointments and tablet of law.


    • If you raid villages via farmlist and then click on the defenders village in the rally point overview, you might be getting a fatal error. Fixed.
    • The hero got lost after 3 adventures on a new account. Fixed.
    • It was possible to revive a hero in a village without a rally point using a water bucket. Corrected.
    • It was possible to send resources to a banned player. Fixed.
    • "Instant construction" Quest did not finish after spending the gold. Fixed.
    • Hero: Menu: Tabs: there was a slight graphic bug with the tabs. Fixed.

    Known issues:

    • Daily Quests: Raid unoccupied oasis: no trigger quest if hero has cages but there are no animals
    • Daily quest: Displayed time for the daily resets are shown the opposite way when changing to different zones

    · Daily Quests: recruiting a friend to game does not count to fulfill daily quest
    · Quests : Battle_09 : Quest don't trigger after a bid on an auction.
    · Quest doesn't trigger achievement correctly with multiple actions per second
    · Culture Points: Village Overview: Layout error shows wrong CP amount of village in grey area
    · Item: Consumables: Misplaced popup after clicking on stackable items
    · Item: Waterbucket: Date and time in LTR the other way round.
    · Internet Explorer 11: Hero: Doubleclick on item leads to message "invalid transaction".
    · If player destroys village he also conquers it (if chief is in the attacking army)
    · Increase amount of defending Natarian troops in WW villages outside the grey area: troops not increased (yet).
    · Marketplace: Deactivate “Trade routes” without deleting it.

  • Dear players,

    the Botox release will be installed on our T4.4 server UK4 soon.

    - TRAVIANIV-7014 Culture points: Accounts: The cp's received by every new account are not fix anymore, they now have a formular which also reacts to the speed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7091 Alliance: Reports: If you change your active village while in the alliance report view, then the reports were not shown anymore. Fixed.
    - some database optimizations.
    - TRAVIANIV-7076 DB CleanUp: The logs for the daily quests have not been deleted which caused trouble because of too much data. Now they get deleted after the logs are older than 14 days.
    - TRAVIANIV-6969 Rewards: Your Grain Mill reward from the daily quests will now only be receivable if you have the specific requirements. If not you will get a message which is closable so that then the reward can be collected later.
    - TRAVIANIV-7117 Players can't reach 100 points. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7104 Adventure: Quest doesnt trigger when the hero dies while doing the adventure. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-6957 Oases: Raiding an empty oases with a hero who has cages equipped did not trigger the daily quest. fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7052 Adventures: Players received one more cavalry troop as a reward than they should. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7069 Report: Traderoutes: If you send resources to someone in your alliance and this player has an artefact in this village then in the report you are the sender and also the recipient. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-6034 T4.4: Quest: Questmaster box: A typo caused the language variable QuestSystemExceptionMessage shown wrongly. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7079 Confederacy forum: Its not possible to delete posts or threads of the other alliance. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7120 Culture points: Natar WW villages in grey area still produced culture points although they have been conquered by a player. Fixed.


    Mobile optimization
    - TRAVIANIV-6984 RTL: In the dorf1 view (resources fields) there has been some unused empty space next to the village name. This has been removed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7018 A lot of pop up dialogs in the game had a tiny closing button (the "x") which made it hard to push. We enlarged it.
    - TRAVIANIV-7019 LowRes Version: The navigation on the map was realized by a "crosshair".
    This is now changed to direction arrows which are located on all 4 sides of the map.

    Beginners Protection
    - TRAVIANIV-6968 It is now possible to send troops to own villages while the player is still in beginners protection.
    - TRAVIANIV-6967 It is now possible to send resources to own villages while the player is still in beginners protection.

    - TRAVIANIV-7009 Marketplace: Trade routes: Players would like to be able to deactivate trade routes without deleting them.
    Implemented. There are checkboxes now to deactivate/activate an existing trade route.
    - TRAVIANIV-6843 Gameserver update: If an update for a gameworld fails Techsupport will get an automated emergency ticket and the server will be set in maintenance.
    - TRAVIANIV-7073 Starvation: Troops starve with a timestamp in the future. Added an advanced logging here.
    - TRAVIANIV-6933 Mobile optimization: clicking on a heroes item once shows the info, the second click uses the item. With that method, its now possible to see the description of the
    item which was before hold in the tooltip which was not reachable with a mobile device.
    - TRAVIANIV-6067 Natars: Artefact villages: the villages did not get deleted after the artefact has been conquered. Fixed, they now get deleted.

    - TRAVIANIV-7056 Trade routes are still being started on a banned account. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7017 Trade routes: Routes to an artefact villages within your alliance still start even when the artefact has been stolen. This is now fixed because all traderoutes from within
    the alliance to this villages will be removed from the depending players traderoutelist.
    - TRAVIANIV-7128 Accepting better offers than 1:1 is not possible during beginners protection.

    Naming and Language Stuff
    - TRAVIANIV-6321 Village name: A single quote is changed to a blank, when it is used in the village name.

  • Dear players,

    here is the changelog for the latest T4.4 release, which will be installed on our servers shortly.

    - TRAVIANIV-7243: Player invites player: Restrict the rewards to only for hired players playing on the same server.
    - TRAVIANIV-7240: User profile: Added a language flag for servers with multiple language selection.
    - TRAVIANIV-7184: Footer: Added a link to the gamerules.
    - TRAVIANIV-7292: New default balancing settings for artifacts/construction plan and terminate server:
    100 days / server speed = days, when artifacts will be set up
    200 days / server speed = days, when construction plans will be set up
    250 days / server speed = days, when Natarian main village will start to construct his Wonder of World building
    24 hours / server speed = hours, when Natarian main village increases their WoW for one level
    - TRAIVBXXIV-173 Botdetection: Automatic ban banned players with old detection information. Fixed. This means we will reactivate the Botdetection for servers with this patch!
    - TRAVIANIV-7348 Botdetection: Check the last time a user was unbanned for using bots and don't automatically ban user for this day again.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-180 Quest Achievement logging: Removed an unnecessary logging.
    - TRAVIANIV-6808: Email change: It is now not possible anymore to change the email address while the account is in deletion.
    - TRAVIANIV-6965: Natars: New village names for independent Natarian villages have been implemented.
    - TRAVIANIV-7244: Hero: Items: If you have more than 1 horse it is possbile to sell your first horse (Tier 1 horse). But this one will be sold to the system and is not visible for another players.
    - TRAVIANIV-7311: Profile: Players are now able to change their names. If you have under 50 population then its free for the first 3 times. After that it will cost 50 gold. When an account has over 500 population, the player won't be able to change the account's name anymore. Also the name change is under the same
    restrictions (i.e. Blacklisted, already taken etc) as when you choose your name while registering.
    - TRAVIANIV-7320: Oases: Added an option to occupy an oasis in the "attack oases" menu.
    - TRAVIANIV-7332: Infobox: It is now possible to remove some of the infos from the infobox.
    - TRAVIANIV-7333: Plus Account: If a player has an active plus account then the golden coin animation is stopped.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-192: Added an Internal Fix for the database update routine.
    - TRAVIANIV-2367: ACP: Added a log for which buildings and researches were completed with the instant completion feature.
    - TRAVIANIV-7309: Gold: It is now possible to demolish a building instantly using gold.
    - TRAVIANIV-7382: Security Improvement: Cookie encryption has been improved.
    - TRAVIANIV-7389: Security Improvement: The generation of the registration codes has been improved.

    - TRAVIANIV-7218: Mobile optimization: map: the arrows for the map navigation are missing. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7259: Natars: the Wall level was built to fast and too high relating to the server age. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7236: Hero: adventures: The 11th adventure always dropped nothing. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7215: Servertime: Switch to summer time caused daily quest reset issue. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-5812: IGM / Notices: Added an error for the player when a too long text was entered.
    - TRAVIANIV-5977: Finishing all "world" quests caused the system to show "17/16 quests done". Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7180: Speedserver: The return time of restored troops via bandages didnt scale according to the server speed. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7179: Culture Points: information about enough culture points is wrong during and after a celebration. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7116: Statistics: Alliances Best Defenders tab got the wrong description title. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7201 Hero: Artworks: The tooltip for the amount of CP is wrong if you have villages in grey zone only. Fixed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7245: Main building: Demolish: In Firefox "complete construction immediately" leads to freezes of the time left and no pop-up to confirm. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-66: Natarian villages outside the grey area didnt have more defending troops than the other villages. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-36 Oasis: It is not possible to over counquer your own oasis. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-44 Rally Point: Incoming troops: The returning troops from raid/attack/reinforcements were only shown to number 10 although when there were more. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-65 Quest & Tutorial: Economy Quest: Collecting the grain mill reward level 2 does not trigger when a grain mill is in the building queue for level 1. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-77 Building: Marketplace: Send resources: Old coordinates disappeared if you switched to another village. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-134 ACP: In the Multihunter view there was code shown in the ACP. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-44: Rally Point: Filters: Incoming troops: returning troops from raid/attack/reinforcement only show to number 10 even when there are more. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-65: Quest: Collecting the grain mill reward for a grain mill in the second village didnt work correctly if the player already had a building queue running. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-66: Natars: The village outside of the grey area did not have an increased amount of troops. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-179: BeginnerProtection: some code optimizations.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-180: Quest Achievements: removed some unnecessary logging.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-185: Password change: optimized logging of errors.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-33: Database: The logging table for the traderoutes has not been filled. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-79: Payment Feature: Autoprolonging: Plus Account is not extended automatically when user is offline although it is checked. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-180: Quests: Achievements: Removed unneccesary logging.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-13: Hero: Status in main UI is displayed wrong if the hero assists a village/oasis. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-17: Account Creation: First login generates too long village name that can't be entered as a destination for an attack or trade route. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-41: Beginner's Protection: Map: Send troops link is active even though noob protection is still on. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-67: NPC merchant: NaN is shown instead of resource numbers if a player traded resources over and over again. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-100: Map: Highlights in choosing flags (ally, player) are missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-111: Reports: Miscellaneous: raid reports appear in the report tab when choosing "newer" and "older" reports. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-132: Artifact: If you loose your active artifact and because of that your bigger cranny artifact becomes active, the bigger cranny effect was not calculated for all your villages. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-171: Marketplace: Natars: If a deleted players village transfers to a natarian village, the offers in the marketplace are still active. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-184: Village name: It is possible to hide the village name with a special character. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-191: Account Deletion: player: it is possible to delete the account and change e-mail adress at the same time. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-195: Payment: Voucher package shown wrong in some domains (i.E. RS and RU). Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-189: Map: Oases: Google Chrome: The popup of an oases has the numbers for the resource percentages misplaced. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-203: IGM Blacklist: Blacklist doesn't consider all BB codes. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-204: global email blacklist : game world db table is empty. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-212: Exchange: Changing gold to silver takes 50 gold no matter what you wanted to change. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-316: Artefacts: The recalculation of the bigger cranny artefact caused an eventjam. Fixed.

  • Below you can find the changelog for the latest game update Delusion 47

    - TRAIVBXXIV-640: Artefacts and their powers will only be effective in player villages, not in NPC villages (This means Natars, and for AEU for the three tribes!).
    - TRAIVBXXIV-659: Ancient Europe: Farmlist: NPC capitals were attackable. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-690: Ancient Europe: Ancient cities can't be added to farmlist. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-636: Multilanguage gameworlds: You cannot send IGMs to accounts with arabic names. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-652: Attack: Catapults: Wall was destroyable by using only catapults. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-40: Oasis: Wrong color of "attack icon" when occupied oasis is on attack. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-627: Player: Beginner's Protection: Map: It was not possible to send troops to the second village because of a disabled button. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-629: Player: Beginner's Protection: Map: Send merchant(s) link is active even if noob protection is on. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-663: Player profile: Implemented additional informations can override display of capital. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-651: IGM: Wrong layout if header is longer than 61 symbols. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-655: Rally Point: Troop movements: Outgoing troops are not sorted correctly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-589: Battle Report: Says that attacked village has been completely destroyed, even though it was the players last village. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-693: Battle Report: Notification about destroyed village is missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-689: Registration: Conditions for closing a gameworld are wrong, the gameworld now gets closed when the construction plans spawn.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-702: Map: Send Merchants: Link is missing under certain conditions. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-713: Several self-deletions fail or cause event jams.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-604: Player: Auctions: Level 2 and Level 3 horses can now be put in the auctions IF the player owns 2 or more horses.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-265: Main Page: Blacklist: the blacklists are now located on the main page, and the gameworlds use that data now.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-621: Gold Shop: Voucher: The usability when using a voucher has been improved.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-236: Gamworld: Registration: Midgame: the registration will now automaticly close when the midgame artefacts are released.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-530: Alliance: Forum: Add better transparency on why the posts are not deletable for own survey posts.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-625: Map: The markings on the map which show the relations of the players/village are now better visible.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-642: Village: Resource fields and buildings now show if they are actually upgradeable by showing a green ring around their level.

    New features for the Farm list:
    We basicly improved the usabillity for the farm list. Here is the list of all the stuff that was changed:
    - TRAIVBXXIV-614: It is now possible to add villages to the farm list from the map.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-687: It is now possible to add oases to the farm list from the map.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-616: Creating a new farm list now happens in a popup, and not in a new window.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-617: Editing a farm list now happens in a popup, and not in a new window.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-615: It is now possible to rename a farm list.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-618: Adding a village to a farm list now happens in a popup, and not in a new window.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-620: It is now possible to add farms from a report.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-680: Error message occured instead of expected behavior when adding (0|0) to the farm list.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-681: Wrong tribe icons were shown.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-676: Village: the colour of the button "Add to farm list" has been modified.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-683: Removing an entry from the farm list caused the map to reload. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-686: Villages: Farm lists per village now need to have a unique name.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-688: Button "Add to farm list" now tells the player when this village/oasis is already on another farm list.

  • Below you can find the changelog for the latest game update Delusion 58:

    Features AEU
    - TRAIVBXXIV-827: Artefacts: The cooldown for the activation of artefacts on AEU servers was set fix to one day. Now it is dependable on the server speed, which means it now has these values:
    Speed = 1 -> 24 hours after the artifact has been conquered.
    Speed = 2 => 16 hours after the artifact has been conquered.
    Speed = 3 => 12 hours after the artifact has been conquered.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-828: Artefacts: The time an artefact/victory points is running is now also dependent on the server speed. (This is the same amount as mentioned above!)
    - TRAIVBXXIV-829: Artefacts: Remote Power: The time a remote artefact is running is now also dependent on the server speed. (This is the same amount as mentioned above!)

    - TRAIVBXXIV-879: Adventures: In the adventures 6 - 10 players found nothing more than once. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-49: Embassy: Alliance: Even though players had a NAP they could reduce the loyalty of other members. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-141: Hero: Attributes: Layout: RTL: hero production showed wrong values. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-144: Hero: Attributes: Layout: The crop icon was missing in tooltip. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-684: Firefox: Farm List: Button layout: All icons on the buttons were right aligned. Now they are centered.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-762: Alliance: Confederacy: Conquer protection did work for all players the same way. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-110: Alliance: Confederacy: It was possible to reduce the loyalty from a former confederacy member. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-777: Farmlist: Switching through lists with same target always showed the same amount of troops. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-5: Hero: Items: Inventory: Layout breaks if the count of an item had 5 digits or higher. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-607: Statistic: Alliance: Top10: MouseOver highlighting was missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-818: Player: Profile: Password change: a language variable is shown when the player tries to change his password to one which uses less than 5 letters. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-823: RTL: Layout: The green circles around buildings and resource fields were misplaced. Fixed.

    Bugfixes AEU
    - TRAIVBXXIV-900: Ancient cities: Banned players were able to activate their artifacts/victory points. Fixed.

  • Below you can find the changelog for the latest T4.4. release Raeckz:

    NEW FEATURE: Vacation Mode

    other new features:
    - TRAIVBXXIV-775: Map: Village: Details: The link “add to farmlist” now opens the “buy gold club”-popup similar to the reports.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-710: Map: Detail Window: Now there is a loot icon shown next to the list of attacks.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1037/TRAIVBXXIV-721: Map: UI: The world map now shows reinforced places from the current village.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-843: Help Center: The redirection to the help center will be opened in a new browser tab.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-740: UI: Alliance Box: The alliance events are now shown in the alliance box.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-741: UI: Alliance Box: It’s now closable similar to the hero xp/hp bar.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-707: UI: Alliance: Reports: The alliance tag has been added to battle reports.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-282: UI: Notepad: Integrated the same highlighting that the IGM's use (BB codes etc.).
    - TRAIVBXXIV-723: UI: Link list: there are now some predefined recommended links.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-785: UI: Rally point: Farm list: We improved the layout of the headline.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-605: Reports: The info "a village has been destroyed" was shown even if that village was not destroyed. Also we added some information why this village has not been destroyed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-674: IGM/Reports: Player can now toggle the "read/unread" status.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-763: Changed the release name.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-279: Player profile: Oases: Added some new graphics so that now annexed oases can be better distinguished.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-281: System messages: Artefacts: Inserted a more actual graphic for this message.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-706: Buildings: Details: This page will refresh itself as soon as there are enough resource to advance it to the next level.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-728: Quest/Tutorial: Details: The reward is now shown in the detail view.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-613: Sitters/Duals: The Main player will not get logged out if a sitter/dual will click the logout button.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-769: aEU: Treasury: It now shows the player, when the next free activation will be possible.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-780: Statistics: General tab: We removed the "active players" statistics.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-239: Player invites player: The EE/LT/LV servers are now able to support this function within each other.

    other bugfixes:
    - TRAIVBXXIV-845: aEU: Ancient City deletion: Restored cities were shown in the treasury. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-900: aEU: Ancient City: Banned players were able to activate their artefacts. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-11: Artefacts: "The architect’s slight secret" did not make walls more stable. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-901: Logging/UI: Artefacts: "Natars conquered the artefact" showed a timestamp in the future. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1006: IGM: BB Codes were not working in IE11. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-911: Gold Features: Exchange resources: When the level of granary or warehouse is too low to upgrade a building, but the sum of resources is in theory enough, the "exchange resources" button works even though it should be grey. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-720: Map: Alliance: Highlighting: The colours of the highlighting were not fully changed when 2 alliances changed their diplomacy status.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-899: Map: The coordinate outline was not displayed correctly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-679: Rally Point: Incoming Troops: Switching to "incoming attacks" caused the attack to be listed starting with the last incoming attack. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-896: Rally Point: Oasis: It could happen that the Hero and/or troops did not move away from the home village. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-695: Village: Details: Layout: Long names could overlap report links. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-343: Village statistics: Tabs: culture points: WW villages in the grey area had a CP production. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-692: Farm list: Reports: As a defender, it was possible to add the attacker to your own farm list from the defender report. This option has been removed from the def report.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-964: Farm list: Layout: Long village and list names broke layout. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-751: Farm list: Layout: Edit raid: "Last targets" would break in next the line. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-837: Farm list: Last raid showed wrong report for second village
    - TRAIVBXXIV-885: Travian Plus: Building queue: Adding 2 buildings in the queue caused only 1 building to be finished when using instant completion while having PLUS activated.
    Also no gold has been charged. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-847: Building overview: The button for switching the color mode had a wrong tooltip. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-995: Buildings: When a warehouse or granary is not big enough to upgrade a building and a player clicks on that building, the page will keep reloading constantly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-35: Crop stock: Current crop available was displayed without a comma. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-61: Marketplace: Send resources: The check after changing the resources did not work properly. This e.g. caused the message "not enough merchants" not to disappear. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-211: Marketplace: Send resources: Correcting values before sending resources could lead to a wrong recipient. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-45: UI: Interface help: The daily points button and window were clickable and had no helping information available. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-84: Hero: Item: Attributes: Layout: If a player equipped the hero with consumable items then the display of the attribute points changed from "0%" in def and off points to "0". Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-69: Hero: Adventures: the duration in the adventure popup was missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-89: Hero: Attributes: The health bar did not show the revive-progress. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-965: Hero: Adventures: Account got temporarily banned when refreshing page which said that the hero was on an adventure. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-497: Tutorial: Step One "Tasks and Help" popup did not open when clicking on quest master while having the tutorial tips disabled. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-594: NPC Trade: distribution logic: This has been optimized.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-540: World End: System message: It switched from "Natars have won the world" to "player has won the world" when players interacted with their account after the server had finished. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-972: JavaScript: The timer reload had an error regarding incoming troops. Fixed.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1035: Adventures: Several players didn't get any adventure for several days. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1071: Map: Right click: Send troops / send merchants link was missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1073: Profile: Vacation Mode: You were not able to take less than 3 days vacation. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1074: Vacation mode: Its now active by default.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1072: Profile: Vacation Mode: UI: The "-" button did not always react. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1082: Vacation Mode: Input Field: Typing in anything else but a number created an error. Fixed.

    Known issues:
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1004: Quest: Rewards: icons and text have inconsistencies
    - TRAIVBXXIV-907: Reports: Deletion of reports if you have more than 2000 in your inbox seems to be broken. So reports are deleted only after 7 days.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1035 Adventures: Several players didn't get any adventure for several days in a row
    - The vacation mode is disabled by default.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1071 Map: I cannot mark players anymore - nor send troops (using the context menu).

  • Vacation mode

    With the newest update in Travian we are introducing a new feature for players who need to take a break from the game for any reason and cannot find sitters for the time they will be offline. This feature was frequently asked for in our surveys.

    Of course we also wanted to make sure that the new feature won’t be used to cheat and gain an unfair advantage. That’s why we created a set of special rules that only allow player to enter vacation mode when certain conditions are met.

    You can start a vacation mode only if:
    - you have no outgoing troops
    - you have no incoming troops to your villages or oasis
    - your troops are not reinforcing another player
    - you don’t have reinforcements from other players
    - you don’t own a WW village
    - you don’t own an artifact
    - you are not in beginner's protection

    Those rules mean that it’s not possible to hide in vacation mode for example when you are attacked or when you are attacking someone. You also can’t protect Wonders of the World or an artifact for your alliance by using this mode.

    So what will happen if you meet those conditions and decide to go in vacation mode?

    Firstly, you have to choose how long it will be. You can use up to 21/speed days of vacation mode during a game round. For example on speed x2 you can use up to 11 days (21/2 = 10.5, rounded to 11). Be careful not to make a mistake here, because once the vacation mode starts, you cannot change its length, unless you use 10 Gold to go out of the mode immediately. If you decide to abort vacation with gold, you will get back all unused days (for example if you start vacation for 10 days and abort it right away, the first day would have already started, so you only get back 9 days). If you don’t abort vacation early, it will finish after the number of days you specified at the start.

    During vacation mode:
    - your villages and oasis cannot be attacked
    - other players can see that you have vacation mode enabled
    - your villages may still be added to other player’s raid-lists, but they can’t be raided
    - your troops may starve
    you cannot:
    - send troops or receive troops from other players
    - send hero on adventures
    - order new builds
    - order new troops training
    - start celebrations in Town hall or Brewery
    - use Marketplace (with the exception of NPC trade that still works)
    - start new research in Academy
    - start new upgrades in Smithy
    - use auctions
    - join or create new alliance
    - start account deletion
    - set up new trade routes
    - existing trade routes will not run while vacation mode is active. Merchants underway at the time of vacation mode being activated will still finish their delivery, though.
    you can:
    - abort vacation mode at any time with gold
    - exchange silver to gold
    - Daily Rewards points will still reset at the usual time
    - actions you ordered before vacation mode was started will continue as usual (including troop training, builds, Master Builder and already existing trade routes)

  • Dear players,

    below you can find the latest changelog of the version T-Raeckz Patch 58.2.

    This update will be installed on our servers in the coming days.


    - TRAIVBXXIV-1091: Reports: Deletion of Raid Reports: Raid reports are now only kept for 3 days instead of 7.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1177: Reports: There is now a button that bulk marks reports as "read".
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1077: UI: The element “Alliance Box” is now not shown until the player will build an embassy.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1078: UI: The element “Link list” is now not shown until the player finishes the tutorial.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1079: UI: The element “Daily Quests” is now not shown until the player finishes the tutorial.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1107: UI: village: If a building is not upgradeable then it has a grey circle around the level indicator.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1153: UI: Info box: Reports: If an inbox is over 90% capacity then the player gets an info box that states: „Your report box has over 90 % of its size used. Overflowing reports, which are older than one day may be deleted."
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1109: Vacation mode: Sitter: the abort page for the vacation mode has been moved so sitters have access to it.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1179: Vacation mode: Conditions: As a Gaul, you need to have no troops in your traps to activate the vacation mode.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1080: Tutorial: We added a transparent black background to the tutorial so the players can focus more on the tutorial.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-737: IGM: Optimized the code for the deletion of the IGMs:
    *IGM is younger than 24h – nothing happens
    *IGM is older than 24h – IGM gets a flag, can be deleted
    *IGM from a deleted Account – IGM gets a flag, can be deleted
    *IGM is older than 72h - IGM will be deleted - exception the IGM is one of the last 30 IGMs received

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1108: Tutorial: We added a task where the player has to increase the heroes fighting strength.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1147: Main page: Multilanguage: The links that are shown in the footer are now language dependent.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1148: Main page: the login screen and the server selection screen now stay in the chosen language on a multilanguage main page.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1225: Silver fraud: There are now minimum average prices set for the first days of the server so the auctions will not be blocked anymore.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1199: Multilanguage server: Emails are now being sent in the language that the player chose.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1098: Quests: Hero: Player now can collect an extra reward from a new quest "Do 5 adventures".
    - TRAIVBXXIV-991: Auctions: Sell Tab: The auctions are now sorted by the time of creation.


    - TRAIVBXXIV-907: Reports: Deletion will be triggered at a certain amount of reports. At the moment these are 2000 reports in the inbox with more than 100 that can be deleted.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1216: Reports: There was a "Mark as read button" in the archive tab. It has been removed since it is useless there.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1209: Hero: Hero vanished after getting trapped. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-119: Hero: Auction: Item: Tooltip: Mouse over text of items is wrong when account is in deletion. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1175: Hero: Adventure: Travel time screen did not consider items. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1200: Hero: Auctions: Silver-Fraud used average Prices which were 0. This confused the silver fraud. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1188: Hero: Auctions: Progress bar for 10 adventures did not replace the warning message in all tabs in the auction house. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-889: UI: Hero: Status: Icon and status text of hero did not always match. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1202: Adventures: Fixed the bonus adventure generation.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1235: Adventures: Hero: Hero disappeared on adventures. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-29 Rally Point: Farm List: Active attacks were still displayed even though the attack was already finished. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1189: Fixed some errors from the production error log.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1195: Alliance: In the "options" tab in settings, the new feature "alliance information" just says "alliance". Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1248: aEU: Ancient city: The name could be changed using firebug. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1218: Rally Point: Scout: Sending scouts as reinforcement had issues. (E.g. they were shown as catapult attacks etc.). Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1228: IGM: Body: There was a wrong time and date in the header message. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-15: Buildings: Main Building: Demolition event for destroyed building showed "level -1". Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1171: AEU: Bigger cranny artefact: Cranny capacity was not recalculated when the effect ended. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1305: Reports: Deletion performance unacceptable for some DB tables

  • Dear players,

    below you can find the latest changelog of the version Meteor 15.1.

    This update will be installed on our servers in the coming days.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1226 Rally Point: Event calculation order sometimes wrong. Hopefully fixed (we traced the reported problem back to a possible race condition while sending troops. The fix is to reduce the possibility of that race condition. Since the problem is not reproducible, we cannot really tell how much this will help. But it is a rare case anyway.).
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1233 Rally Point: Farm list: Mozilla Firefox: Query popup ("please confirm re-sending form data") if you change farm list under certain circumstances. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1249 Rally point: Troop movement filter: Incoming attack in wrong place. When you have more than 10 troops that are returning to your village from an attack and an incoming attack that arrives later, the incoming attack is displayed at the bottom of page 1. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1243 Alliance: Diplomacy: NAP: players are able to conquer each other’s villages before the 48h has passed after the NAP was canceled. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1256 Reports: Map: Clicking on "reports" in map popup displays blank page. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1291 Reports: Notification of deletion counts wrong. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1308 Reports & IGM: Mark as unread doesn't update new message counter. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1284 Hero: Adventures: 11th adventure spawns 3 units of type 1 every time. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1343 Hero: Fatal Error: A non-existing village in the hero's popup leads to an error message. Fixed. Players should not see that kind of error messages.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1302 Farm list: farm list troops are not displayed for some coordinates. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1306 Vacation Mode: Language variable visible for sitters %%vacationMode.sitterNotAllowed%%. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1307 aEU: Hero: Adventure: Desert adventure language variable not in translation tool %%adventure.desert_w (en)%%. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1337 Village Statistics: crop consumption uses too much memory; 500er error page is shown if you open the village statistics -> warehouse. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1299 fixed many small errors found in the error logs

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1149 As GD/Multilin - I want the error messages of the registration process respect the player language - so the player stays within his language.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1150 As GD/Multilin - I want the "Accept Gold Transfer"-IGM to respect the player language - so the player stays in his language
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1151 As GD/Multilin - I want SysMSG to be written in multiple languages - so only the system message in the language of the player is shown
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1152 As GD/Multilin - I want to create multilingual info box entries in ACP - so we can create info boxes in multiple languages
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1155 As GD/Multilin - I want to show multilingual info box entries in game - so custom info box entries respect the player language.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1156 As GD/Multilin - I want the shop opened with the player language preselected - so the player doesn't hit a language wall while trying to buy our product
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1157 As GD/Multilin - I want to show the language name instead of the domain code - so the player can find his language easily
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1277 As GD/Multilin - I want to save the preferred player language while registration in DB - so the world-start-mails can be sent in the preferred player language.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1278 As GD/Multilin - I want to send the registration-mails, reminding the player at world start, in the preferred player language - so the player stays in his language.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1197 As GD - I want a notification for players if the "Instant demolition"-feature will be applied in a village it was not started from - so players can't accidentally destroy buildings in the wrong village
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1300 As TS - I want that players get an extra message when they change gold to silver.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-983 As GD - I want to send back reinforcements when an account gets automatically banned - so player can't misuse automatic payment ban
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1154 As GD - I want Oasis, Artifact- and WW-Villages be attackable after a while being banned for payment - so these can't be protected by misuse anymore (after 3 days on all speed factors, ancient cities are affected as well)
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1158 As GD - I want the running attacks of an payment banned account to hit only with half strength - so ban-protected attacks are not worth anymore
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1269 As DEV - I want to remove the trigger for report deletion from report generation - to improve performance
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1268 As DEV - I want outdated report deletion to be moved to the database - to improve performance
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1270 As DEV - I want all report related code in one place - to make it replaceable
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1267 As DEV - I want to move trade route triggering to an event - to improve accuracy

  • Dear players,

    below you can find the latest changelog of the version Meteor 28.1.

    This update will be installed on our servers in the coming days.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1345 Infobox: Report deletion: If you have too many reports for a second time, then the infobox message re-appears. Fixed. this infobox is only shown at the first time the player has to many reports.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1218 Rally Point: Scout: Sending scouts as reinforcement has issues (catapult target options are shown while and after sending). Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1279 Auto prolongation: Missing event. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1406 aEU: Game end resets WW and an emergency ticket is sent to TechSupport. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1429 Registration: Blank page when trying to log into a not activated account. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1345 Payment: if product group changes in the payment system, calling the API with old ID should not break the payment popup


    - TRAIVBXXIV-1348 I want the sitters email is used for payments done by a sitter - to prevent sitters to determine the email address of the account
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1224 I want to show a description text for trade routes in the marketplace - so the player understands why the player cannot use the UI
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1260 I want to show the archive and delete buttons in reports disabled for sitters if no appropriate rights are given - so the behaviour of those buttons is consistent within the game.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1259 Vacation - I want an additional condition - so players who are in deletion cannot go in vacation
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1355 I want the game to send an IGM when a player receives a alliance invitation - so the player knows he is invited to play with others. If a player already has an unread invitation from that alliance then no second IGM will be created.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1178 I want not to get logged out of my account if a sitter/dual presses the logout button - so that i can keep playing Travian.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1261 I don't want to show costs of an upgrade in the smithy if the unit is already lvl 20 - so players aren't teased for no reason.

  • Dear players,

    below you can find the changelog for the latest release "Ice Age". This will be installed on our servers in the coming days.

    TRAIVBXXIV-1203: Artefact village: There was no report created when conquering an artefact. Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1324: SWS/Player referral: Gaining gold from a different server still worked. Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1433: IGM: Alliance invitations were not always sent by "Ambassador". Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1456: Village: Reinforcement: Crop consumption for supporting troops could be broken when the origin village was destroyed. Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1502: Vacation Mode: It was possible to send resources. Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-188: Profile: Natars: Picture in natar profile was missing. Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1525/TRAIVBXXIV-1538: Auto prolongation: Gold was charged unauthorized from a user.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1519: Daily Quests: Step count display incorrect when multiple attacks/raids finished at the same time. Fixed.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1549: Payment: Gold menu: Unnecessary screen wwas shown while redeeming a voucher. Fixed.

    TRAIVBXXIV-1376: Vacation: Alliance: Overview: Active vacation mode is now shown.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1474: Daily quest system: Refactored the way the daily points are being calculated.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1501: Alliance Invitation: Changed the text of the Alliance Invitation IGM.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1434: Multihunter: The multihunter reports are now not being instantly deleted.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1468: GTLs: We created deterministic gold transfer codes, so that when trying to generate GTLs several times always the same code for the same account is being generated.

  • Dear players,

    below you can find the changelog for our latest update Sabertooth. This will be installed on our servers in the coming days.


    Reports: Deletion: We changed the UI regarding when reports will be deleted. ("Inbox - All reports older than seven days will be deleted.")


    Daily Quests: Raid an unoccupied oasis / Raiding/attacking a natarian village did not count correctly. Fixed.
    Daily Quests: It was not possible for players to get 100 points when those points were gathered within the minute of the daily reset. Fixed.
    Daily Quests: Attack/Raid oasis + natars: The counter stopped at 1/3. Fixed.
    Alliance: Forum: Survey results graph did not work. Fixed.
    Alliance: Diplomacy: 48 hours protection after leaving an alliance counted to ex NAP members. Fixed.
    Alliance: Invitation: IGM can't be send more than once. Fixed.
    Town Hall: Celebration: It was possible to start a celebration, then conquer the own village and instantly start a new celebration. Fixed.
    Tutorial: The step "close the window" did not trigger at the first time.
    Player: Ignore List: A deleted player was not removed from other players' ignore list automatically. Fixed.
    Mobile: Popup windows: square info button is too close to "x" button. Fixed.
    Adventures: Hero disappears when adventure expires while he is on it
    Tasks: Battle task 5 becomes obsolete sometimes
    Registration: Edge case with "Wrong password" and players who cannot login
    Solved the "starvation while truce" issue - so players don't loose troops when they shouldn't
    Payment Ban: Infobox and returning troops event aren't deleted
    Profile: Language flag: Wrong flag for Thailand Needs Rework
    Trade routes to artefact villages do still start even when the artefact is moved to another village
    Truce: Combat and starvation cases
    Sending troops: it should not be possible to send more than 4 outgoing attacks in 1 second
    Rally Point: Village: Coordinates are shown instead of name
    Password: The "Password forgotten" email contains only [LINK] instead of the link
    Gold transfer link: email contains only [LINK] instead of the link
    Refer a friend: E-mail contains [GAMEWORLD]
    Replace the deletion warning with a information text - so the information the players get are in line with the way the deletion works.
    Support link should point to helpcenter - to be able to support multilingual worlds
    RallyPoint: Send Troops: Hero table cell greyed out
    Adventures: Hero disappears when adventure expires while he is on it
    Quest: Battle_05 becomes obsolete sometimes
    Registration: Edge case with "Wrong password" and players who cannot login
    Solve the "starvation while truce" issue - so players don't loose troops when they shouldn't
    Payment Ban: Infobox and returning troops event aren't deleted
    Profile: Language flag: Wrong flag for Thailand Needs Rework
    Trade routes to artefact villages do still start even when the artefact is moved to another village
    Truce: Combat and starvation cases
    Sending troops: it should not be possible to send more than 4 outgoing attacks in 1 second
    Rally Point: Village: Coordinates are shown instead of name

  • Dear players,

    another Sabertooth patch will be installed on our servers in the coming days. It includes the following:


    Marketplace: Trade routes: Merchants run at a wrong time. Another try to fix this problem.
    Confederacy: Artifacts: Trade Routes are not deleted after confederacy relationship ended. Fixed.
    Oasis: Loyalty: Abandoned oasis keep old loyality values after conquering. Fixed.
    Tutorial: Skip tutorial: "Unknown id" popup appears after registering. Fixed.
    Tutorial: Hints get automatically disabled. Fixed.
    Tutorial: Red circles around hints disappear after closing tutorial popup. Fixed.
    Quest: Hero adventure: Wrong order of adventure quests. Fixed.
    Reports: Archive: Deleting report does not work properly under certain circumstances. Fixed.
    Reports: performance issue when opening report page. Fixed.


    Hero item: water bucket: water bucket tooltip now shows the cooldown of the item after a bucket was used.
    IGM: The information popup that your IGM is not sent because it contains blacklisted words, is now shown in the IGM editing page, so you don't need to write the whole IGM again and you can just change it.
    Map: Flag limit raised from 20 to 100.

  • Dear players,

    the latest update Mammoth will be installed on our servers soon. This is the changelog for that release.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1886 Reports: Archive: Clickable envelope icon duplication issue. Fixed by feature change. Archived reports can only be deleted from now on. They can't be moved back to the inbox.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1882 Reports: Displayed amount of reports limited to 50000 so that player does not wait on slow pages.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1599 Farm list: When opening the farm list page then instead of opening all farm lists of the currently active village (old behaviour) now only the first farm list of the current village is opened. If you open another farm list, then currently open farm lists close automatically.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1903 Player deletion: optimized inactive player deletion to increase performance.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1942 Overhauled account deletion enabled.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1801 Cron execution order optimized.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1613 Player Profile: Change Name: Wrong popup text when no password is entered. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1832 Rally Point: If you change number of entries per page, it does not apply if you enable a filter. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1453 Quest: Reward: Amount of ointments shown twice. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1744 Quest: Build an embassy: can not be finished without page refresh. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1066 Multilingual: Player invites player doesn't work between different game worlds with same main page. Gold is not given. Fixed. (there are still 2 other bugs about similar problems: TRAIVBXXIV-1430 no link is created, TRAIVBXXIV-1919 data are not updated)
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1806 Main Building: Demolish completely button is not centered in popup. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1909 Hero: Adventures: Hero stuck on adventures. Another reason found and fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1831 Reports: Hero: Reinforcing a village with only the hero causes report to show wrong duration. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1861 Embassy: Missing error message when joining an alliance that has no free member slot. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1897 Natars: WW drops suddenly from level X to 0. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1937 Production details: Crop Balance: 'Population and construction orders' value does not include construction orders amount. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1893 Reports: Reports marked as archived are not copied correctly. Fixed.

    Scattered Empire Features & Bugfixes

    - TRAIVBXXIV-1900 Forwarding: When forwarding just scouts you are able to choose between scouting options. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1889 Cauldron: Text in Main UI box can overflow into button area depending on language. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1913 Cauldron: Prizes of the same type get stacked now so that overview and usability gets improved.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1915 Cauldron: New better more awesome prize icons and animations!
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1916 Cauldron: Usage of Cauldron prizes improved by implementing a combined confirmation and "amount to be used" popup.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1950 Cauldron: Resource prize tooltip can show incorrect information. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1956 Cauldron: Reset time for prizes incorrect. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1607 Alliance overview now shows for your own alliance if an alliance member is under attack.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1926 Alliance overview: Foreign alliance description and 3 tabs are missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1925 Embassy: text error "gid27.treasuryLowerCase" if you do not have a treasury. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-1960 Victory Points: Victory Points do not get calculated sometimes because event 73 gets stuck. Fixed. (Workaround by TS is already live.)

  • Dear players,

    here comes the changelog for the latest game release Mammoth-53.2:

    Vanilla Features (should all affect also the scattered empire version)
    TRAIVBXXIV-1478 - its now possible to use passwords up to 100 signs to register/login
    TRAIVBXXIV-1374 - Embassy tooltip : The amount of invitations should be shown even if the player is in an alliance
    TRAIVBXXIV-1609 - the WW villages in the non-grey area will have 50% more troops (than the ww villages in the grey area)
    TRAIVBXXIV-1514 - trade routes are now sorted by start time – so the player gets a better overview
    TRAIVBXXIV-1994 - As GD - I want to leave farm lists entries open - to react on players feedback.
    TRAIVBXXIV-1977 - a second paginator above the messages was added to the message and report page
    TRAIVBXXIV-1377 - "mark as read"-button inside of "marked as deleted" reports added - so that players can restore their reports.

    Vanilla Bugfixes (should all affect also the scattered empire version)
    TRAIVBXXIV-1963 - Tutorial: Skipping tutorial has issues
    TRAIVBXXIV-1969 - Messages: Deleted messages reappear after sending a new message
    TRAIVBXXIV-1986 - Artefact of the Fool: Crop consumption reduction does not work
    TRAIVBXXIV-1990 - Rally Point: Farmlist: Sorting is incorrect
    TRAIVBXXIV-1995 - Alliance: Profile: "Under attack" icon visible in non scattered empire gameworlds -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2040 - Rally Point: Farmlist: Many entries causes fatal error
    TRAIVBXXIV-1997 - Natars: WW is sometimes built twice as fast
    TRAIVBXXIV-1955 - Rally Point: Troop movements get stuck on 0:00:00
    TRAIVBXXIV-1952 - Vacation mode: End time is wrong
    TRAIVBXXIV-2026 - WW village : Great granary and great warehouse are not displayed while having a main building below level 10
    TRAIVBXXIV-2049 - Player deletion: Forwarded troops are not properly returned
    TRAIVBXXIV-2092 - Wheel: Workaround: Disable instant troop training prizes

    Scattered Empire Features
    TRAIVBXXIV-1947 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : new prize added : hero's adventure
    TRAIVBXXIV-1946 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : new prize added : hero speed up. works only for adventure
    TRAIVBXXIV-1948 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : new prize added : finish troop training, sepperated for barracks and stable
    TRAIVBXXIV-1949 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : new prize added : free smithy upgrade. This prize can only upgrade troops which are eligible for a normal upgrade.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2017 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : icons for the new prizes added
    TRAIVBXXIV-1944 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : new animation
    TRAIVBXXIV-1967 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : change on the balancing values - as a reaction on players feedback
    TRAIVBXXIV-1976 - added a tooltip in the "won prizes"-tab for not usable prizes
    TRAIVBXXIV-1981 - the Victory Statistics Page was polished
    TRAIVBXXIV-1996 - a popup was added to the "finish troop training" prize if there are no troops in training
    TRAIVBXXIV-1978 - current status of a region in the region detail view added
    TRAIVBXXIV-1979 - tooltip to alliance profiles "In Regional Top 5"-tab added
    TRAIVBXXIV-1970 - information if a region is still locked added to the statistics page
    TRAIVBXXIV-1973 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : If the prize effect is not applied successfully, the actual amount of prizes should be returned to the user pot inventory

    Scattered Empire Bugfixes

    TRAIVBXXIV-1965 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : Resource prize tooltip shows error
    TRAIVBXXIV-1966 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : Travian Plus : Prize tooltip incorrect
    TRAIVBXXIV-1975 - Regional overview table displays wrong information
    TRAIVBXXIV-1982 - Rally Point: Oasis: Merge troops option visible
    TRAIVBXXIV-1950 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : Resource prize tooltip can show incorrect information
    TRAIVBXXIV-1993 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : 'Prizes to Win' are missing blank icons
    TRAIVBXXIV-1991 - Alchemist’s Cauldron : 7 day resource bonus prize icon is incorrect
    TRAIVBXXIV-1971 - If you have no treasury in your active village, artifact names will show a tooltip instead of being only not clickable
    TRAIVBXXIV-2049 - Player deletion: Forwarded troops are not properly returned
    TRAIVBXXIV-1951 - Village Details: Natar capital has a missing image
    TRAIVBXXIV-2055 - Territorial: Forwarding troops: Troops in conquered oasis will not cost crop at all
    TRAIVBXXIV-2057 - Territorial: Forwarding troops: If you change alliance, the automatic troop return while forwarding does not always work
    TRAIVBXXIV-2058 - Territorial: Forwarding troops: Troops in oasis cannot be forwarded back to village

  • Dear players,

    this is the changlog for the latest game release, which will be installed on our servers in the coming days:

    Scattered Empire only:
    TRAIVBXXIV-2080 - Wheel: Race Condition -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2091 - Wheel of Fortune: "finish troop training" for barracks and stable prizes have wrong amount -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2090 - Hero: While on the way as being forwarded, the hero has two different statuses -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2085 - Rally Point: Sitters cannot forward troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1868 - Region Overview: RTL version is the other way round -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1890 - Gold features: Activating large regional power button is not disabled when not enough gold -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2116 - Region shows wrong amount of inhabitants -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2158 - Forward troops: Wrong display of speed of troops regarding artifact effect and tournament square -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2160 - Forward troops: forwarding partially does not take hero with them -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2051 - Firefox: Wheel: Black frame reappears -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2157 - troop forwarding : troops get lost -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2172 - Troop forwarding: Troops in oasis cannot be forwarded -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2019 - Statistics->region : the search was improved and should now work like on other statistic tabs
    TRAIVBXXIV-2128 - Wheel: Call to Arms Stable/barracks prize doesn't show amount when won -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2131 - Wheel: Issue with the 'apply prize' input field -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2118 - Wheel: Hero's Speed Up also affects returning troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2117 - Wheel: Payment ban: Players are not redirected correctly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2209 - Wheel: it was possible to cheat resources -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2217 - Territorial: Merging Troops: Gold Feature: sometimes Gold is subtracted twice -> fixed

    TRAIVBXXIV-2015 - Map: add to farmlist : button now visible even if the village is already on a farmlist
    TRAIVBXXIV-2097 - Map: village popup : the distance to the current active village was added
    TRAIVBXXIV-2144 - The resource drop amount of adventures was increased
    TRAIVBXXIV-2120 - player settings: an option to choose between the old and the new farmlist behavior was added


    TRAIVBXXIV-9 - Reports: Attacks of natars are containing unnecessary information -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-54 - Reports: Alliance: If you attack yourself with no losses, alliance sees the complete report -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-70 - Hero: Inventory: Artwork disappears if you type "0" in artwork -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1952 - Vacation mode: End time is wrong -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-198 - Sysmessage: "Maintenance" and "Server overload" are in the wrong language -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2049 - Player deletion: Forwarded troops are not properly returned -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-927 - Profile: Language flag: Registration: new registered accounts have moldavian flag as default flag, no matter which country -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-925 - IMG: Message shows BB-code tags if languages differ -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2086 - Alliance: Reports: Member raids are shown as normal attacks -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2107 - Building: Academy: orange text even if you meet expectations of researching troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-495 - Crop Balance: Consumption of own troops: PopUp shows wrong consumption when diet control artefact is activated -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-953 - Settings: Sitter: Blank popup when clicking on entered player for same computer usage -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1070 - Rallypoint: Wrong tooltip for link "send back" -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1196 - Hero: Auctions: two different messages for "only 5 auctions at a time" -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1352 - Hero: Exchange office: Missing "Enter" function in gold and silver converting -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1635 - UI: Alliance box: Player name: Link is not bold -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2036 - Firefox: Payment Shop: CSS broken -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-527 - UI: Layout: Hero: Adventures: Bubble in user interface shows different number of adventures than there actually is -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-78 - Player Profile: Sitter: Missing warning text if an inscriped player is already sitter of two accounts -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-72 - Marketplace: Trade routes: Creating "empty" trade route should not be possible -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2088 - Village: Deletion: Troops in transit to deleted village/oases return to their home village instantly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1210 - Auctions: timer in "Bid" tab stops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1378 - Registration: Account creation can collide with an settling event -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1992 - Village statistics: Tab culture points: villages in the grey area have a culture production -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2105 - Attacking natarian troops will now go back to the natarian capital village if they survived the attack -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2142 - parts of the Contact Support page are not clickable -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2147 - Account: New deletion seems to be not working -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2219 - Town Hall: Celebration does not affect chief loyalty damage calculation -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2272 - Hero : items : book of wisdom is not working anymore -> fixed
    This fixes also the not working bucket.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2278 - Daily Quests: Infobox: Bonus reward is displayed wrong in infobox -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2229 - SysMsg: Half of content missing -> fixed

  • Dear players,

    here is the latest changelog for the newest game release, that will be installed on our servers soon.


    Color Blind Mode
    With 10 % of male population affected, color blindness is an interesting topic, especially in a strategy game where alerting colors matter. With that in mind we’ve invested into creating a color blind mode for Travian: Legends.

    What changed?
    Basically all the red warnings are now blue. Of course there are a few exceptions, e.g. the alliance online timer already has had a blue state. In that case we introduced new icons, which not only differ by color, but also by shape:

    What did not change?
    We did not change any game play behavior, so troops are not stronger, build times not shorter. The only thing we changed where cosmetic, using a more stable color to create constrast.

    Why these changes?
    In Travian: Legends many alerts are important. Identifying these easily is very important for a successful and pleasant Travian play through. As a majority of our players are male the chance to have a high amount of color blind people is given. With that we’ve learned that there are some pain points for them. In order to reduce annoyances within our game, we’ve created the color blind mode.

    New payment shop UI

    TRAIVBXXIV-2297 the IRC chat option within the game was removed

    Scattered Empire only:
    TRAIVBXXIV-2161 Alchemists Cauldron: Price Apply Screen: new language variables added to get better descriptions
    TRAIVBXXIV-2104 region detail view: region pictures: link to the map position added
    TRAIVBXXIV-2163 the apply screen of the prize "Hero's Speed Up" was improved
    TRAIVBXXIV-2203 Alchemists Cauldron: Amount of troops won via Cauldron was adjusted
    TRAIVBXXIV-2162 the apply screen of the prizes "Call to arms" was improved


    TRAIVBXXIV-63 Combat simulator: blank simulator when clicking directly in raid report -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-417 Quest: World 02 also triggers when you change the language -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-661 Building: Trapper: Units can be trapped without an existing trapper -> no code changes were made
    TRAIVBXXIV-1893 Reports: Reports marked as archived are not copied correctly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2181 Embassy: refreshing the page after joining an alliance: error message was shown -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2186 UI: Village Overview: You cannot enlarge view when you are in farm list popup -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-744 Rally Point: Catapults: Sending more attacks at the same time cause a display error -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2191 Hero: Very long returning time in some cases -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-970 Alliance: Profile: Layout: Layout breaks for long alliance names -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1788 IGM: Welcome message: Links are not opened in extra tab -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2167 the amount of characters for alliance profiles was limited so that its not more possible to break the layout
    TRAIVBXXIV-2219 Town Hall: Celebration does not affect chief loyalty damage calculation -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-97 Questmaster stays open after changing URL -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2224 Messages: Reportlinks in Messages misses parameter -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-849 Hero: Inventory: Items moved by Drag&Drop cause graphic bugs -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-906 Goldclub: No visible notice when activating goldclub in some cases -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2034 Village: Crop Balance: Wrong calculation displayed -> workaround implemented *
    TRAIVBXXIV-2150 climbers of the week : wrong information displayed -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1361 Registration: LTR language displayed as RTL when choosing tribe -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2212 Quests: Economy: Translation variable: Reward text missing -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1907 Login: Error message is unreadable -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2215 Options: Vacation: Window missing travian answers button -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2232 Report: Wonder of World: Missing information when having village conquered or lowered loyalty -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1180 Infobox: read/unread envelope turns to "read" when reloading -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2218 Quests/Tutorial: Norsk language breaks layout for some tutorial steps -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2233 Reports: No attacking troops are displayed -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-131 Reports: Attacking with catapults aiming on the same target twice gives a twisted report -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-671 Daily Quest: Reward popup has incorrect layout at 100 points -> fixed

    Scattered Empire only:
    TRAIVBXXIV-2179 Hero: Status is wrong when hero is on the way being forwarded -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2051 Firefox: Cauldron: Black frame reappears -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2204 Conquered Villages did not get the remote power from the previous owner canceled -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2153 Statistics: Village 0|0 is displayed several times -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2250 Cauldron: Prize: NPC merchant 5 times has no value in picture -> fixed

    *further explanations about TRAIVBXXIV-2034 Village: Crop Balance: Wrong calculation displayed -> workaround implemented:
    "The crop balance now shows correct numbers in the MainUI, the tooltip, and the production.php?t=5.
    The crop bonus calculation can now show incorrect numbers due to rounding issues in production.php?t=4."

  • Dear players,

    here is the changelog for our latest game release "Heroglyphs-7.3", which will be installed on our servers in the coming days:

    Scattered Empire and normal version

    TRAIVBXXIV-2340 Its now possible to add notes to other players profiles. My notes are only visible for me. A sitter can see this notes but not edit them.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2335 alliance events page was improved with additional information
    TRAIVBXXIV-2339 alliance "Profile" tab, "Members" sub-tab, and other alliances Overview "Members" sub-tab got new columns
    TRAIVBXXIV-2345 alliance 'Profile' tab, 'Members' subtab can be specialized
    TRAIVBXXIV-2189 the reports overview tab now has the possibility to set a favourite sub-tab
    TRAIVBXXIV-2350 the alliance profile tab now has the possibility to set a favourite sub-tab
    TRAIVBXXIV-2366 more alliance events will be shown under alliance events: artefact conquered; artefact lost; WW-village conquered; WW-village lost
    TRAIVBXXIV-2307 banned and "on vacation" players will be ignored for calculation of regional population - to react on missuse
    TRAIVBXXIV-2512 Alliance: Reports: 'Mark as unread'-Button got removed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2190 the reports tab got reorganized - so that players find their reports asap
    TRAIVBXXIV-2199 the report tab was improved by filters - so players find their reports faster
    TRAIVBXXIV-2094 the hero name now links to the profile


    TRAIVBXXIV-2420 Daily quests: New system: players get 200 silver as reward for 100 points -> fixed, please report again all bugs with daily quests
    TRAIVBXXIV-1528 players who gets attackable while banned for payment reasons are now attackable with farm list
    TRAIVBXXIV-1877 Exchange Office: wrong error message if you type in amount of silver that you do not have -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-633 Battle Report: Catapult: Aiming for two non exisiting buildings: the report shows only the first target twice -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2273 Buildings: Additional warehouses/granaries show incorrect 'current capacity' while building level 1. Its capacity is 0 and not 800 for level 0. -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2380 Adsales: When upgrading a level 0 resource field via adsales a different resource field is upgraded instead -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2386 Wheel: Hero Sprint: Does not work in some languages -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2333 Oasis: Reinforced troops do not return once oasis is freed -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2392 Beginner's Protection: Extension possible without button -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2422 Scattered Empire: 2xSpeed: Region overview: Wrong amount of Victory points are displayed -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-700 showing the coordinates on the village sign do not break the background picture anymore
    TRAIVBXXIV-2411 Reports: troop evasion information was not displayed for all possible cases -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2449 Farmlist: Moving targets from one list to another village's list causes list deletion -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2450 Master builder: Master builder queue times don't update when finishing current constructions immediately -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2291 new payment shop UI: sliders broken in RTL version -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2298 new payment shop UI: Wrong font size -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2300 new payment shop UI: Clicking package options / payment methods causes console errors -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2396 Territorial: Treasury: 'Regions Secured by your alliance' section text is incorrect for speed servers -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2397 Alliance: Removing text from description page saves it as "0" -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2398 Alliance: Alliance profile page does not update after editing description page
    TRAIVBXXIV-2403 Cauldron: Quests: Instant Smithy prize doesn't trigger after voucher usage ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2411 Reports: Undefined variable on every attack ->the message why troops did not escape is no longer missing from reports
    TRAIVBXXIV-2418 Rally Point: TAB key became obsolete after SmallHorn 4.3 ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2422 Territorial: Speed: Region overview: Wrong amount of Victory points are displayed ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2426 Village: 0 inhabitants: If player changes capital, you can get 0 population without having the village deleted ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2319 Reports: After some time details within archived reports are deleted ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2402 Layout: Daily Quests/Tutorial: Resizing browser window breaks layout ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2404 Alliance: Creating an alliance error message, the error is displayed twice ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2408 Player Profile: Inserting too many characters into player notes does nothing ->fixed, the note will be shortened to 500 characters and saved
    TRAIVBXXIV-2417 Map: Crop Finder: Long region names break layout ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2419 Alliance overview: Member: Several popups if double-clicking ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2421 Daily Quests: Layout: 100 point window layout breaks in russian ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2440 Infobox: some messages cannot be deleted ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2450 Master builder: Master builder queue times don't update when finishing current constructions immediately ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2434 Video: Upgrading from lvl1 to lvl 2 using the video while lvl 1 is being built is not working ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2449 Farmlist: Moving targets from one list to another village's list causes list deletion ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2474 Alliance: Members: List is not sorted by population, descending ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2473 Alliance: Members: Note: Long Tooltips break in small browser window ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2480 Report: archived Report shows no troop information after some time
    TRAIVBXXIV-2493 Master Builder: building slots can get blocked by buildings queued via masterbuilder if the player has not enough gold ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2489 IGM: Sending a message sends multiple copies ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2487 Quests: Reward: small text error ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2502 Alliance internal info page: BB-codes for troop losses don't work in different languages ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2497 RTL: Tooltip: Position isn't right in narrowed browser window ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2509 Residence: Expansion: Under circumstances you can have a natar village in your expansion slot ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2438 Report: Reinforcement: You cannot see your own reinforcing troops in the report ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2514 The daily quests: 6) + 7) have a wrong max number of points to achieve displayed ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2516 Quests: 'world 8: join an alliance' doesn't trigger everytime ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2519 Alliance: Members: adding Att/Def icons re-arranges player names and online status ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2520 Popup window: Content is off center -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2537 Rally Point: Pressing 'Enter' doesn't start troop movement -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2539 Messages: Ignored Players: The ignore list changes the number of columns when having more players -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2546 Map: village popup: reports: wrong tooltip: "This village does not exist anymore" -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2547 Village Overview: Language variables shown for some text -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2572 Report: Tabs: Favourite: setting a tab as favourite is not saved if you open the page next time -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2549 IGM: BB codes: message scrolls down automatically if you have a long text and add BB codes -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2557 Tab 'Village overview': Tab 'troops': subtab 'Troops in villages': table breaks window with many troops ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2579 Videos: Resource Field: When upgrading a resource field via videos a different resource field is upgraded instead -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2580 Reports: "Previous report" doesn't bring the previous report if sorting is time descending -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2593 Reports: Wrong outcome displayed -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2609 Gold feature: Linklist: Feature is not useable -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2610 Timers are not updating -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2611 Reports: Surrounding paginator acts incorrectly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2637 Worldpeace: Gameworld did not get the Worldpeace entry
    TRAIVBXXIV-2524 Update the Terms & Conditions and let players confirm them - so our game is legally on the right track.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2646 Enable the submitSitterEmail payment option - to prevent sitter from seeing account owner private data
    TRAIVBXXIV-2626 Medals: Bonus medals are not created

  • Dear players,

    below the changelog for the latest game release which will be installed on our servers in the coming days:

    TRAIVBXXIV-2575 Videos were removed for new buildings to clean up the building list
    TRAIVBXXIV-2576 Building upgrade tab was redesigned
    TRAIVBXXIV-2013 Treasury: Artifact overview: distance to the artifact was added
    TRAIVBXXIV-2582 Territorial: Its now always possible to settle in Regions where your capital is located
    TRAIVBXXIV-2585 Videos: feature was disabled for ww-villages
    TRAIVBXXIV-2623 tooltip added for the hero state on the tree sign
    TRAIVBXXIV-2129 village overview: a smithy tab was added to the troops section
    TRAIVBXXIV-2071 rally point: mobile browsers: numeric keyboard is forced for troop input

    TRAIVBXXIV-2577 Territorial: Treasury: Region details unaligned for russian language -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2581 Hero: Status display differs from actual state -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2583 Hero portrait tooltip doesn't update -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2588 double colon in several tooltips -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2625 Reports: Village view can be different for players -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2628 Truce: Reports of visits to other villages are hidden -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2635 Territorial: Region status can be influenced by non existing alliances -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2606 Alliance: Members: Online indicator icon color behaves incorrectly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2666 Alliance: Members List: online indicator tooltip shows wrong information -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2627 Hero: Item: No space in water bucket message between "on" and the date if you try to use it twice a day -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2638 Village overview: Language variable visible in dorf1.php with more than 1 hero -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2639 Alliance: Attack notifications displayed incorrectly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2645 Buildings: "already at work" text misplaced -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2589 UI: Text: Inconsistency: Buttons are not capitalized -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2683 Report: Display error: Wrong casualties number when troops get captured by trapper -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2684 T&C pops up prematurely on live servers -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2733 Buildings: All level 19 buildings dont show costs for upgrading to level 20 -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2737 Village overview : negative crop produduction is not marked red -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2739 Marketplace: send resources: page not automatically updated after sending -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2750 Territorial: Alliance: Region Overview: Inhabitants without alliance are in the Top5 Territorial Control -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2755 Cron 60 stuck on 'running' during 'cronTaskNatars' -> fixed

  • Dear players,

    the update "Heroglyphs Patch 42.4: 2647" will be installed on our servers in the coming days. Please find the changelog below:

    TRAIVBXXIV-2625 Reports: Village view can be different for players -> fixed
    [includes Map: Village Popup: no new reports are displayed] -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2680 Marketplace: Traderoutes: Error message when setting up trade route -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2678 Profile: Changing profile spawns error message -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2683 Report: Display error: Wrong casualties number when troops get captured by trapper -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2688 Reload goes crazy if it takes more than 1 second -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2689 Territorial: Alliance: Region: UI error: Table with top5 alliances is displaced -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2690 Link List: Default Surrounding Reports link opens the archive tab if gold club is active -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2631 Player deletion: Deleted account still has link in report -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2692 Messages: Support: 'tips and info'-message answer button is clickable -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2538 Statistics: Possible to gain defense points without defeating any troops -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2552 Village Overview: Tab Warehouse: Time before troops starve inaccurate -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2643 Main Building: WW: It is possible to select a level 0 WW for demolition -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2696 Quests/Tutorial: World_07a has no reward -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1634 Chrome + IE11: Popup in maps do not appear after clicking -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2651 Artefact: Artefact of the fool sometimes does not change its scope/values -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2720 UI: Culture Points: Current amount of CPs is updated incorrectly -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2733 Buildings: All level 19 buildings dont show costs for upgrading to level 20 -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2751 Map: Map doesn't center on active village after fullscreen was activated -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-260 IE11 and edge: Map: No Flag-Markers in Outline Menu -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2748 Marketplace: Send resources: maximum portable amount of resources is not clickable on icons anymore -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2749 Player: Account deletion: [COUNTDOWN] variable when player is not allowed to delete himself due to buying gold -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2750 Scattered Empire: Alliance: Region Overview: Inhabitants without alliance are in the Top5 Territorial Control -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2746 Trapper: After the timer runs out from a finished trapper, the game redirects you to dorf2.php -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2740 T&C: Player ban: Banned players can still play ->fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2744 Internet Explorer: All game related timers are not running up until the end properly ->fixed