[Anglosphere] Travian 4.4/Legends Changelog

  • Release sunflower 514.13 [4344] & TL4.5.91.9 [4347]


    • For newly starting servers, the daily quests, alliance bonus donation limits and artifact free usage reset times reflect the server start time.
      What it means is that the daily reset of points will be the same as server start time. So if the server started at 6:00, the daily reset will happen at 6:00.
      This change will affect ALL SERVERS THAT STARTED SINCE OCTOBER 1st, 2019, when they get this update, not only new servers.
    • The changing of capital villages has been updated, so that changing the new capital is given first priority (instant change) and removing the status from the old capital is given second priority.
    • Trade routes are no longer triggered for the same second, but over the minute
    • Wonder of the World image was removed from Natar profile
    • The amount of crop received after exchanging resources at the barracks i correct
    • The tutorial task 'Heal hero' is now fixed and can be fulfilled using any amount of ointments

    Codex Victoria features:

    • Contextual help for hero auctions has been added
    • Players are now able to use the resources in the inventory while the hero is dead

    Codex Victoria bug fixes:

    • The Travian answers button is present in the Hospital window and it functions as intended

    This will be implemented on all game worlds on November 7th, 2019 at:

    US: 05:03 am (UTC-5)

    UK: 10:03 am (UTC+0)

    AU: 09:03 pm (UTC+11)

    Expected downtime ~10 min

  • Release 534.3 sunflower [4390] & TL4.5 97.3 [4391]


    - A great Warehouse or great Granary can now be used to construct a Marketplace instead of a Warehouse or Granary.
    - Players will now be able to report a message for inappropriate content.
    - The adventure summary screen was removed. Start adventure will immediately start the adventure.
    - Added a "put to archive" shortcut into IGMs.
    - New oasis illustrations implemented in game
    - New landscape illustrations implemented in game

    Bug fixes:

    - If settlers return to their home village instead of settling a new one, they will bring the resources back
    - Fixed issue where hero disappears when village they attack is deleted
    - The tutorial task 'Heal hero' is now fixed and can be fulfilled using any amount of ointments.
    - The amount of crop received after exchanging resources at the barracks is correct
    - Rounding numbers of resources rank is now correct.
    - When trying to forward troops to wrong coordinates, the error message will now be shown under the Forward button instead over a blank page

    - Fixed error caused by troops returning back to the village seconds after the change of capital
    - Fixed issue with incorrect casualties if same tribe reinforcements come from different players
    - Fixed issue where hero is not shown in reinforcement report
    - Resources now update correctly after being used

    Codex Victoria features:
    - Adjusted statistics for annual special to show the correct second settled village.
    - Hero level up will increase health to 100 if the Hero is alive. If the Hero is dead or resurrecting, a level up won’t change health.

    Codex Victoria bug fixes:
    - Fixed an issue where the information button linking to Travian Answers was missing from the Hospital window

    Legends on tour features:
    - Sitter access is now limited to alliance and confederacy members

    This will be implemented on November 15, 2019 at:

    US: 05:03 am (UTC-5) server time
    UK: 10:03 am (UTC+0)
    AU: 09:03 pm (UTC+11)

    For your local update time, click here.

    Expected downtime ~30 minutes

    This update will cause you to be logged out of your account


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  • Release sunflower 534.14 [4431] & TL4.5 97.14 [4432]


    - All resources are updated after training troops or upgrading a building. It's no longer necessary to refresh the page
    - Fixed reinforced village name directing to the defender's village info
    - Fixed an issue affecting arrival times when partially withdrawing reinforcing units
    - Text no longer cuts off in the popup message after the alliance bonus cooldown in Russian

    This will be implemented:

    US: November 21, 2019 at 09:03 am (UTC-5) server time

    UK: November 21, 2019 at 02:03 pm (UTC+0)

    AU: November 22, 2019 at 01:03 am (UTC+11)

    For your local update time, click here.

    Expected downtime ~1 minute