Trouble's T4 Basic Guide. (Start game) (Very basic) [With Vid]

  • To be honest cruchies post leads me to belive that it is better to do the tutorial.

    Idk why they put in a skip function if you wouldn't get all the rewards from tutorial. but yeah, I guess you do it pretyt much every time if hes right and you get

    extra 2 gold which means your warehouse is auto completed, 20 hero points, 10 free ointments and your hero instantly arrive at first adventure.

    Taken from chocs post.

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • Idk why they put in a skip function if you wouldn't get all the rewards from tutorial.

    I would guess that people complained about having to complete a tutorial when they know how to play the game, so they installed a skip function. But thats just a guess.

  • Idk man only reason I skiped is because I thought I would get full reward fast and it was for newbs

    But if it gives more, then next time I gona do it obviously..

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • God MJ I can't belive I took you seriously and you still sit there playing through the tutorial Lfmao.

    For a guy who's gods gift to travian, thats such a basic detail that you didn't know about.

    Makes anyone question anything you actually say. Hope it didn't hurt falling off that horse.

  • Not really, this is a minor loss overall.

    Was just a bad assumpition "skipping tutorial gives me all rewards"

    Bassically, I never did the tutorial, after I saw I got woodcutter reinforced my belife that I got all the rewards, in 0 time.

    So I just did that every time.

    OH? And I still started rank 1 accs on last 2 servers I started.

    What what? where are you now haters? haha

    I admitted I was wrong. Which is actually one of the first things you need to be able to do in order to become the best at anythign, be totaly ruthless with yourself, when you suck, tell yourself "I SUCK" and then figure out what u are doing wrong what to change and how to improve.

    Next time I gona do the tutorail. Obviously.. i mean 20 ointments?

    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • You're not rank one on s1, where you started an acc, and weren't anywhere near it on s2 either. But yeah you're always rank 1, right? ;)

    Before you go on another mad one, I'm just teasing :P

    Old UK forum awards:


    Travian reports died so my cool record WWK report is gone forever. What am I supposed to show off now???

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  • Trial and error before writing guides... have i taught you nothing... always Trouble with you!

    Why do you think I started like 90 servers to figure out starts lol? Also... Pictures! People like pictures man... especially new players! Also... you need to explain yourself more- give the why's. Which then means explaining more things- like culture points.
    Unless this is a guide for more experienced players to help them with their starts- in which case, don't bother because more experienced players either don't care or are smart enough to have figured it all out already :P

    But otherwise... good humour with the vids... though I don't have the internet here in Africa to go view them, I'm sure they're good :p

    Edit: I remember now why you skip tutorials... its cos that's the guide I gave you when they first came out along with the whole idea of lvl 3 crannies etc lol.

    Only thing is... when they first came out, it was the same, whether you skipped them or not-skipping saved time. But the tutorials have changed a ton since then and we haven't played together in a while :p

  • Lol
    If you taught me to do level 3's then i had to re-learn it..

    My best starts ignored it untill they nerfed parties.

    its the fact you cant get 500 free cps from a party that requires you to build for cps early on day 1 or get left behind.

    Yeah Just wanted there to be a clear milestone.

    Level 3 feilds, and crannies in everything. This is the build for settle fast, if I ever make my proper guide (Which I wont cos it'll give too much free knowledge to those I must defeat).

    Then ur it'll have pics etc ;)

    haha yeah been a while. I wont join lords since you think you can win without your general.. PAH.

    Also wont be skipping tutorial.. and next interenational server got a feeling will need you.. Idk If I will skip one to try grow my alliance or go next one.. but yeah..

    Whatever :) Thanks for posting


    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.