• Hello everybody,

    almost exactly 6 years and 4 months ago I took over the CM position from my predecessor. We had a bumpy start with many staff changes and lots of changes in how this domain was administered. After we lived through that period, we have managed to establish an amazing team with little fluctuations and many long-serving, smart and reliable people.

    Players from all around the world came to the UK domain and made it their home. Most of our players have been around for many years and I want to thank you all for your continued loyalty and the good and interesting discussions we had!

    My journey now brings me to new shores. As of 1st September, I will no longer be the CM of this domain. Feanor will take my place and take care of our customer support and our MH team, while I move away from the operational day-to-day business and into the organisational aspects of our customer service. In the future I will be supervising Travian Games' customer support for all of our English and German games and domains, as well as a range of Asian domains.

    Matt will continue to be there for you on this very forum.

    Before I end this post, I once again want to thank my amazing team of MHs, Supporters and Moderators. You have the biggest part in making our domain the friendly, open-minded and fair place it is!
    And of course I also want to thank all of our players and forum users. Without you, this game wouldn't exist and couldn't be developed further and further. Hopefully you will have many more years of fun and friendship on the UK domain.

    THANK YOU! :)