Raiding Chiefed villages

  • Will there ever be a solution to this?so many people complaining, you insta defend, they complain, you notify Every player instantly you take it, they still send sneaky raids from closer villages and try to feign ignorance or that the raids were already en-route,

    I took a small one last night, Did ALL the "correct" procedures including setting up trade routes to keep it empty, and yet players are still complaining when I have to ask them to remove the village from their lists.

    I'm happy enough to revert to type and instantly defend and for the nay-sayers, our communication works well enough that we notify alliance raiders in advance that a village is being chiefed, which is why there wasn't a single incoming on the village from alliance members.

    Still, like everything else this will be mocked and ripped apart, but someone has to keep the interest up and give people entertainment,

    Yours sincerely

    The servers' Fool.

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  • I've always been of the opinion that for a few copy and pasted messages its better in the long run to not defend for a few hours,

    I've never had a problem with raiders not removing from lists (admittedly i make it real easy with a link to the village) and they are generally greatful that you've given them the opportunity to remove the village

    I also find that annoying the top raiders is generally not in your best interests, yea most won't do anything other than complain a bit if you kill their troops but you always get the hot headed one that decides to attack 1 of your 22 vills at random (generally not a high risk one), defending against that is a pain

  • You can look at this both ways - why should I be nice to people attacking this town?

    Well - most players thought it was an inactive town. Some may be dicks like you say, but most weren't.

    If you take the hard stance to all of those players, then they will all now think you are the dick, and you are now on their hate list. Do you want that? It is a war game, yes. And the chances are that those who were raiding that town are the most aggressive players on the server. Do you want to paint that target on your face - really it is up to you. I have many, many times sent 10,s of thousands of troops in a follow up raid at players who were in their right defending their new town, because I am also in my right destroying their account...

    It is a war game, but a little etiquette goes a long way...

  • No, that was just a bad raid on an inactive player's capital, who then came back online and called for reinforcements. Quite a different situation and a bit unlucky.

  • Aye, inactive, of course. Never mind what the little birds say ;)

    Personally I think you should let people know, if they continue then kill em all.

    It happens a couple hundred times through a server at least so can easily tally up to thousands of troops lost from endgame hammer size :(

    And you farm spikers out there, I will find you and I will kill you :P