[Rise of Alliances] Annual Special server

  • Hello, Travians!

    That annual special server "The Rise of Alliances" started on 07.09.2016

    Main features of RoA server:

    • The version is based on Scattered Empire (regions, region unlocking, no WW end condition but fixed run time (200 days) etc).
    • Merge and forwarding feature is enabled on that server
    • Original map of Europe
    • VP generation is rebalanced: weaker artefacts will generate more VPs, than stronger ones. So, players will have to choose what they prefer: get more victory points or train more powerful army.
    • Alliance bonuses - players contribute resources in order to power up their alliance bonuses. The bonuses are pretty powerful and vary a lot.
    • Boosted start - each player starts with the village where all resourse fields are maxed up to 10th level, and ability to found 2 new villages right away.
    • No items - there are no auctions, no adventures, no silver and no items.

    Interested how it looks? Find more information on the Travian Blog

    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK


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