Incorrect pushing protection

  • I didn't want to post this on the forum but seeing as support aren't answering my IGMs, here I am.

    I have raided a player and got this message:

    Info Pushing protection There is a limit on how many resources you can raid from a player with the same IP address.

    I don't know the player, never sat for him and certainly never logged onto his account or anything like that.

    In fact, when I raided him a few days ago when he was still in our alliance I got some res but was limited as he was still in our alliance. Now that he has been kicked I would expect to be able to raid him freely.

    I have missed out on 200k resources because of this error. I spend a lot of time and money on this game because I enjoy doing so but when something like this happens, the support team's end of the bargain is to address it ASAP.

    Other alliance members are raiding without a problem so what's going on?

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.

  • You havent said which server (S19 RoE has some special limitations) so i will be generic

    Pushing & Chiefing protection can be triggered by many things.

    Same PC
    Same IP
    Same Alliance
    Same Alliance in the last 14 days
    Sitting in the last 14 days

    For more information on the Connection Types and Limitations read the Game Rules FAQ and the Connection Type FAQ

    But it can also be triggered by the following unintentionally.

    Use of mobile phone browser (especially on 4G)
    Use of internet Cafe
    Use of cheep broadband provider (that uses dynamic IP addresses that change very frequently)
    Use of free wifi hotspots

    Basically most ISP's use dynamic IPs this can mean that you unintentionally are allocated the same IP as another travian player (especially at uni or other places where many people play travian together)
    The system then see this as you are on the same IP, nothing we can do about it, its just unfortunate. Cheep broadband providers reuse IP addresses more regularly and free wifi hotspots can re issue ip addresses as frequently as every hour.

    Please note that the same IP address message shows regardless of what triggered the protection, this is a known bug at low priority.

    [edit] Also please note that support and MH have 24 hours to respond to each ticket. If you sent more than one IGM it can move you down the queue (Resets the clock).

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  • This bug is being here for quite some time but I would strongly disagree its low priority. It should actually be at a very high one as it effects players interactions quite a lot. For example if I was not aware of this bug and were in the same team as Scoot and see that report with that message I would conclude Scoot is a cheater. So will many others which can ruin his reputation in the alliance. But I can give you another real life example:
    I was in an alliance where player A was sitting for player B. Player B decided to leave the alliance and join a rival alliance instead and so he did removing his sitter. Then when one day player A raided player B it showed the IP message and as a result the new alliance of player B thought player B was a multi account of player A and kicked him.

    So no, I wouldn't put the priority so low on this one.

  • There is nothing that can be done via the forum for those instances it needs to be reported via the multihunter who can investigate in more detail

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  • What you're basically saying is that users of mobile phones (me everyday), public wifi (me nearly every day at Costa Coffee) and/or users of so called 'cheap' broadband providers (me, though I wouldn't call the standard BT Infinity 'cheap' but it does use dynamic IP addresses) are handicapped and cannot play the game to it's full potential?

    What ggnore13 said is correct as well. The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the message was that others would think I am a cheat. Even if others don't think that there will be a nagging suspicion in their minds and they will be looking out for other signs that I might be multi accounting.

    From a bug fixing view, surely it must be simple to check the IP address in question and the date/time it was used to access an account? It's highly unlikely that the player I was raiding used the duplicate IP at exactly the same time I used it and that would discount the possibility of multi accounting wouldn't it? Even a simple check to see if the dates were in the same month would eliminate many of these false positives.

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.