Looking for a very active alliance

  • Hi,

    My name is Ryan and live just outside Norwich, UK. I suffer from depression and social anxiety and do not leave the house, so I can more or less play this game 24/7 ;) I have come back to Travian after a number of years out. I can not really remember much on what to do but it is coming back slowly :D

    My information on S6:

    • Started on day 17.
    • I have a population of 97.
    • 1 village.
    • My tribe is Guals.
    • NE area.
    • My online time is 24/7.

    I am only looking for a friendly and very active alliance which will also help me along the way :) I will do whatever is necessary :evil:

    If you can help please send me an IGM - Ryan1uk.


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