Round 49 - WvV - Wolves versus Villagers - Rules & Roles

  • Kill Post - Night Seven

    It was night 7 and the ghosts had yet again dominated the conversation. Notorious Crunchie had a life changing (ironic) plan about toad in the hole, Jakeyyy was discussing his shopping list which was impressive if just for containing 18 different variations of pizza. Shortly after, Jakeyyy and Morgz were temporarily banished from the camp due to conduct creating ripples throughout the afterlife resulting in banishment from the afterlife for a few minutes.

    By this point the gods were unable to tell the difference between living organisms and cytoplasm and had given up trying to tell the difference.

    Wgn voted to cause Trouble in his final moments
    PFK began reciting Harry Potter spells against wgn
    Morgz prepared some extra hot chicken to torture wgn
    Creaky Cait hacked Amazon drones to track down wgn
    Carrothead was dreaming of boats and ship thingys
    Trouble voted to axe wgn
    Cantbeasked put wolf bait on the end of his fishing rod and went wolfing near wgn
    Tombo457 began doing his jujitsu on wgn
    Andi, with an Itallian accent, used pizza toppings to overwhelm wgn
    Killjerry pulled out some nunchucks to use against wgn

    Wgn had just returned from the bathroom after taking a long, relaxing bath knowing full well it would be an indulgent he would miss deeply once he became an ectoplasm lifeform. Out of nowhere, Tombo and Killjerry were doing a sort of Matrix style attack in slow motion with all the bullet dodging. Wgn asked “Where did the bullets come from?!” to which the Gods responsed “We’re putting on a show now be quiet”. Before anything else could really happen, Cait was trying to land her drone so she could pick up a stone. “I’ve found the landing button” Cait yelled, moments before the drone landed next to Wgn shredding his villager costume to pieces. Unfortunately, the blades were so forceful, they had also sliced Wgn’s wolfie interior into what looked like mouldy cucumber slices. “I’ll be taking this for tomorrow nights dinner” Morgz quietly announced as he swept in to pick up the pieces.

    Suddenly, Cait’s drone took off. “Watch it, Cait!” Morgz yelled, but she was investigating election data and her controls were nowhere to be found. The drone began to rise slowly, mysteriously and aggressively. The ghosts began swooping around, making an escape so much more difficult for Morgz. The drone began to chase Morgz but he wasn’t quick enough. The drone was catching up with Morgz and Cait sighed a huge sigh of relief. Morgz fell over a stone like in the movies and the drone that was previously 1 metre behind him was now half a mile away, giving Morgz time to log in to Travian and send some raids, update his Facebook status to “Lols, see you in the afterlife xoxo” and eventually get back up and start running again. Morgz looked round but he saw no drone chasing him, only lots of people stood round what looked like a crash site for the drone. Confident the Gods had just saved Morgz’s life, he saw Cait’s majestic body with a bandanna wrapped around her head, a crystal ball resting next to her and 3 death cards lying face down. Morgz demanded an audience with the Gods for this shambolic turn of events when the Gods replied “Hey, we’re allowed to have some fun along the way now the other specials are gone, aren’t we?” The Gods chuckled to themselves while Morgz shrugged it off and said looking up to the clouds “fair game”.


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  • Last night was the KP of day eight, and not day seven… So it became clear that not only did the Almighty hear Bells, but he’s also been drinking it. Feels like being in heaven, right? :P

    PFK, be prepared coz you’re on top of the lynch list for today.

    Vote PFK!!!

  • Kill Post - Night Nine

    And then there were eight. Drama kicked off and the fine china went flying. This time, the gods really were concerned about a coup d’etat, but having gone mad with power struck down anti-ectoplasm charges through the clouds on an adhoc basis to disperse the rowdy ghosts. Following on from this, a number of male ghosts and villagers had an overflow of testosterone, Morgz began moaning about how Brexit means Brexit to which Lemon heard ‘Breakfast means Breakfast’ and started to tuck a napkin under his chin. There was also something about Harry Potter, Europe and puppies though the relevance is still unknown.

    PFK voted to start making Trouble in my neighbourhood
    Morgz got in one little trouble and my mom got scared
    Carrothead said “You’re movin’ with your Trouble and Trouble in Bel-Air”
    Trouble was playing with toy Pink Fairy Kings
    Cantbeasked was trying to catch a Pink Fairy King while fishing
    Tombo457 went for a run with Pink Hairy Fing™ trainers
    Andi baked Pink Fairy King cupcakes
    Killjerry marinated the Pink Fairy King cupcakes with hot sauce

    PFK was contemplating his existence wondering if he had made the right camp choices. In his highly reflective state, PFK contemplated not giving the villagers chance to indulge when suddenly the villagers ganged up and surrounded PFK - there was no escape. Villagers slowly began to get closer and closer when a few were knocked aside only for a wolf to appear! Was PFK due to be lynched and alapha’d? Surely not!

    Carrothead laughed “the alpha has you now, PFK!”. Everyone looked in shock, concerned they had trusted a wolf the entire time. The wolf went in for the kill only for it to jump straight through PFK. Stunned and shocked, everyone looked up to see the ectoplasmic lifeforms playing a prank using the ghost of Bazzer. While they giggled, the villagers bombarded PFK with so much spam that PFK’s internal skype controller malfunctioned, overloaded and his wolfie exterior became obvious.

    The Gods had received a rather large cash injection and as a result, stopped the villagers from performing the lynch, allowing PFK to alpha himself. The villagers were speechless at the sight of God's influencing, but also at the sight of the Alpha committing suicide. “Surely that’s all of them now?” Andi suggested. Moments later, the Gods congratulated the villagers on their newfound victory.

  • The fun part is PFK would have survived this night as most of the votes were on Trouble. It really is sad how he threw the game. Well, lets hope this doesn't happen next game.

    Yes, I've built my fair share of WWs. Won a few, lost a few. Played far too many rounds for far too long. Made a lot friends and enemies.

    Yes, I've played as an anvil and as a hammer. I'm only playing now because of all the friendship I have built over the past ten years. I love Travian but I love the community even more.

    Envy me for I have everything, Fear me for I have nothing to lose.

    The one and only, Teutobod.

  • The fun part is PFK would have survived this night as most of the votes were on Trouble. It really is sad how he threw the game. Well, lets hope this doesn't happen next game.

    Can you not count?

    When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.

  • The fun part is PFK would have survived this night as most of the votes were on Trouble. It really is sad how he threw the game. Well, lets hope this doesn't happen next game.

    Im not sure if you're aware... But 5 is larger than 3. Trouble received 3 votes, I received 5. Therefore I would not have survived the night as I was lynched and thats how the game ended? So, not that sad really.

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