Round 49 - WvV - Wolves versus Villagers - Rules & Roles

  • Theme: Wolves versus Villagers
    This will be a standard game of Wolves versus Villagers with the theme being just that; Wolves versus Villagers.

    Wolf team:

    Alpha - Has the ability to kill one player each night. If the alpha is killed, the role will move to another wolf at random.
    Wolf - To aid and abet the agenda of all wolves.

    Villager team:

    Medic - Can protect 1 player per night from the alpha
    Blacksmith - Can protect 1 player per night from the alpha
    Seer - Can reveal the role of any player to the Seer only. Information will be PM'd shortly after the voting deadline.
    Taxi - Will swap two players and any effects on them. Their roles will remain unaffected.
    Villager - No special role is given here.

    Standard Rules will be used for this round.
    Also for those currently in the Skype room, please do not forget the rules regarding conduct in Skype. Forum rules still apply.

    Edits to standard rules listed above. Please note the reason for this addition (at 23:35 on 3rd Jan) is due to three players asking for clarification on some or all of the below:

    - Specials can vote for themselves, however, effect will be nullified. Hints will not be given if: a special vote is nullified with no effect on the player (i.e. they're not alpha'd).

    - "The order in which actions will take place for determining who lives and dies" listed in the rules remains the same. However, interpretation of a 'vote changing special' includes a taxi.

    - A taxi can only change any special vote placed on a player, such as an alpha vote, a medic vote or a blacksmith vote. Normal lynch votes are not altered by the taxi in this round.

    Votes must be submitted to The Almighty by 9.30pm GMT

    Wolves must outnumber villagers OR villagers must kill all of the wolves.

    Sign Up list - this will be updated nightly with the daily results:

    1) Bob Hawken - Alpha'd night 4 > blacksmith
    2) Jakeyyy - Alpha'd night 6 > villager
    3) Razorwind - Lynched night 2 > villager
    4) notorious crunchie - Alpha'd night 5 > medic
    5) LemonD - lynched night 5 > wolf
    6) Wgn - lynched night 8 > wolf
    7) Slinky snail - Alpha'd night 2 > villager
    8) Ryder - Lynched night 4 > Wolf
    9) Itsnotquiteover - Alpha'd night 3 > villager
    10) PFK
    11) Morgz
    12) Creaky Cait - Alpha'd night 8 > Seer
    13) Carrothead
    14) Inky - Lynched night 7 > wolf
    15) Zab - Alpha'd night one > wolf
    16) Elisa - Lynched night 6 > villager
    17) Trouble
    18) Mouse-Keyboard - Alpha'd night 7 > Taxi
    19) cantbeasked
    20) Tombo457
    21) Andi
    22) Killjerry
    23) Table - Lynched night 3 > villagers

    First votes must be cast by 21:30 GMT on Monday 2nd January.

    Your gods await your decisions.

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  • So whoever is seer, feel free to seer me tonight.

    If any protection is struggling for who to choose, feel free to use it on me but I'm normally protected anyway by lovely people ❤️

    - - - Updated - - -


    No lynch, Trouble or Table? Who we going?

    When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.

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  • In order to win all wolves must die.

    Logic for killing on night 1:
    There is no information, every one is equal suspect.
    Assuming numbers: 17 villagers, 6 wolves, 23 total.
    2/3 chance of hitting a village
    1/3 of hitting a wolf.
    Given that by day 3, the seer should find a wolf. Since they have identical chance of finding wolf as have of lynching.
    And following the logic that alpha will always kill, by that time, 3 villagers will already be dead. Since alpha can kill every time.

    So if that remains, 1 wolf for every 3 villagers, the wolves will win the game by approximate turn 17. And by that time, 5 wolves will be identified. Since seer has 15 turns of 1/3 meaning it will get 5 wolves.
    Therefore a strategy of 1 blind lynch and 5 known lynches.
    Therefore it is required to lynch at least 1 wolf without prior knowledge.
    (this does not include blacksmith.)

    However, seer cannot simply reveal what they have found. Relying on the seer to carry the game to a close draw is not acceptable in my eyes, since you will result in a loss in perfect scenario.
    Wolves have a tactical advantage in a passive game, since every turn they have a 1/17 chance of killing the seer.
    Once again Blacksmith not included.

    Alright so in this passive game scenario where the seer is able to perfectly execute its RNG, the wolves win on turn 17.
    Lynching randomly, yields a 1/3 chance in success, and a 2/3 chance of reducing wolf victory time by 1 turn.
    However model does not include blacksmith.

    Random lynch increases chance of success from 0 to unknown. In model that doesn't include 2 medics, or taxi.
    There roles are not included.
    Also its assumed rng behaves linearly, for example, if 1st time you get a wolf, then the next 2 times you kill villagers.
    Also other assumptions are above. But alpha kills every night. etc..

    I voted zab. End of post


    Carlsberg, is a weak beer.


  • Don't listen to long drawn out explanations. Go with your gut. Vote BoB

  • Except, Trouble, you have not allowed for the chat room, where at least one player has already unwittingly revealed their role, and if the seer has figured this out, the odds have shifted significantly.

    Lynch someone far more sinister-looking than zab. I don't know who, yet, but the pressure will be on as we get closer to deadline and someone will look more guilty I suspect...

  • So from the chat room so far, there seems to be a few votes gone for Bob, one for Zab, and one for no lynch.

    I am busy tonight so voting No Lynch now incase I am not back tonight.

    Remember seer, seer me tonight and one of the protections protect me please. <3

    When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.

  • i woke up early in the morning with a splitting headache, as i look out the window i tell myself "i gotta catch em all"

    and then other stuff happened and between that and fighting aliens and saving the world its safe to say i had a very busy day

    so i voted bob

  • Since it's mostly random finger pointing on the first few nights I'm going no lynch - Think of that what you will. Just very rarely do we have any concrete evidence at this point.

    Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity?

  • Since it's mostly random finger pointing on the first few nights I'm going no lynch - Think of that what you will. Just very rarely do we have any concrete evidence at this point.

    Did you read the other post? Throw in a random, solid chance of hitting a wolf.

  • Yeah I did, But we also have a good chance of hitting a Villager. Bit pants to take one out on the first night when logically waiting a night ( usually stuff begins to come out after) would make more sense

    Before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity?

  • Voting MK, back to my usual of refusing to no lynch first night, please spreadsheet people don't analyze this if I survive a few days..

    PS: I dislike people begging to be seer'd..

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  • Niall's (Carrothead) request to throw in a random ignores the fact that I have about 4 votes already. If you are willing to risk an approx 1/3 : 2/3 chance that I am a wolf then by all means vote for a random as the effect will be to allow the vote for me to go through. Those that don't want to take that chance should vote no lynch which is what I will be doing (obviously).

    Wolves by contrast should try to get the village to vote for someone. Then if they are only moderately lucky they get 2 villager kills the first night.

    You know what to do....

  • Kill Post - Night One

    It was a busy night, let alone the following day. The Gods had handed down their assignments and players wasted no time in getting to know one another. It wasn’t long until talk of who to lynch began circulating. By lunchtime, just about every player had been considered for the lynch. Suffice to say, the Gods were enjoying watching the shenanigans evolve while feasting on their breakfast in bed.

    Jakeyyy had finally returned from his fiscally successful career as a stripper in the French alps and brought along with him his agent, Carrothead, who was adamant that submarines are ships and the floaty things are boats. The following morning, Tombo burst out confessing his love for Wispa chocolate bars as Morgz was preparing lunch and taking orders for the whole family despite not being rota’d in for today.

    As a handful of players returned to the campfire, they were overwhelmed by a stench coming from within the fire - it transpired that wolves had visited while no one was looking and did their business in the camp fire. It took several minutes of cleaning to remove the highly combustible mess, but they were convinced that wolves had already begun to infiltrate their camp - the evidence was undeniable - wolves were present.

    Immediately, fingers begun flying, at least the chocolate kind to begin with. Jakeyyy had a temper tantrum and knocked a platter of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers that Morgz had prepared. After the bizarre little episode had passed, the game resumed and players began pointing actual fingers. “You wolf!” shouted one player, “No, you wolf!” shouted another.

    Bob Hawken voted No lynch
    Jakeyyy voted No lynch
    Razorwind voted to lynch bob
    notorious crunchie voted to lynch bob
    LemonD voted to lynch bob
    Wgn voted to lynch wgn
    Slinky snail voted No lynch
    Ryder voted to lynch bob
    Itsnotquiteover voted No lynch
    PFK voted to lynch bob
    Morgz voted to lynch bob
    Creaky Cait voted No lynch
    Carrothead voted to lynch Elisa
    Inky voted to lynch itsnotquiteover
    Zab voted No lynch
    Elisa voted No lynch
    Trouble voted to lynch zab
    Mouse-Keyboard voted to lynch Jakeyyy
    cantbeasked voted to lynch itsnotquiteover
    Tombo457 voted to lynch MK
    Andi voted No lynch
    Killjerry voted No lynch
    Table voted to lynch Carrothead

    While the players pointed fingers, Jakeyyy and Notorious Crunchie helped clean up the fingers by picking up chocolate from inside the unlit fire when out of nowhere a force of good stops Jakeyyy and Notorious Crunchie from causing themselves any harm, though no one seemed to notice since the fire wasn't lit.

    While Morgz continued to put in overtime in the kitchen, Zab went to freshen up but upon catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror he let out a small scream. Carrothead shouted through the door in his usual shouty manner “Yo whattup, Zab?!” Zab stood in silence as he stared at his new found red hair. Zab shouted back “the water’s a bit hot - nothing to worry about!”. Zab knew the effects would reverberate for the rest of the evening so grabbed a towel to throw over his hair, but before he could the lights suddenly went out and an intruder broke into the bathroom. "I saw your hair glowing in the dark. Redheads are the tastiest of all!" Zab tried to defend himself by throwing the towel and whispering “But it’s me, don’t you see? It’s me! I beg of you don’t kill one of your own!”... Screams could be heard far and wide, but it was too late.

    Result of the lynch: No lynch
    Result of the alpha: Zab (wolf)