horn of natarian

  • hello
    as i know horn of natarian gives some boost to your troop in fight against natar troops
    i am wondering does it only work when you attack natars or it also works when you defend a natar attack like when you settled a new village in a gray area or defending in a ww vilage

  • That's a good question :)

    If you hover over a horn in the auctions (or your hero inventory) it will say "25% attacking strength against Natars"

    Based on that I would assume that the % bonus only applies to troops when attacking.

    Generally though you can build a village in the grey zone enough to survive Natars attacks (if you're not defending for the fun of it).

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  • Hawkery is right, these weapons state in their description that they alter attacking strength specifically. If you are looking for help/tips to survive attacks on villages in the grey zone, we have guides such as this one that should help you do exactly that :).