"... thread you have subscribed to ..."

  • Ermm..... Wut... Is anybody else getting e-mails saying this??

    Why on earth am I getting e-mails from people who are REPLYING to forum posts and in threads I've messaged... Has this always been the case?

    How do you even "subscribe" to forum threads? Just by simply posting in them???

    I now know how to unsubscribe from the threads, which is a little annoying process, but why on earth am I having to do this in the first place??


  • You should be able to solve your problem by going to your general settings and search for "Default thread subscription mode". You can change it to how every you like it over there.

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  • No idea why its started sending emails all of a sudden unless HQ have finally fixed the mailservers and ISP blacklist bug thats been going on for over 6 months resulting in a sudden surge of emails.

    To turn it off go to your UserCP (click setting at the top of the forum) >> General Settings >> Scroll down to email settings >> Change the dropdown to your preferred option (suspect do not subscribe would be best)

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  • Sorry for the links, I dunno how to do the picture thing... Anyways, I still got a notification from when "MOD Elisa" posted just now, so I went into settings and unticked all relating to email, hopefully this will work:

    http://prnt.sc/dss88b - in addition to "do not subscribe" I also unticked the 2 things on the "Receive Email:"

    http://prnt.sc/dss8ky - scrolled down further to remove this

    Hopefully have removed everything and I wont get any more annoying emails :D

  • The option to untick receive email from administrators is just there to give you a warm fuzzy feeling. It doesn't do anything ;) Administrators emails (including password resets) will always be delivered.

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  • Is there an option on the email to unsubscribe? If it's a marketing email they should have an unsubscribe option at the bottom.

    Just checked the email acc I use for the forum and I've not had any lately despite all the boxes being ticked in favour of receiving emails. I'm not complaining though @D

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  • That I don't actually mind, as I forget my password a lot, lol... But, I am still getting e-mails :roll: what am I doing wrong

    In addition to the things you have done earlier, you also need to make sure you unsubscribe from those topics you have already posted in, this again is via your profile: