Chiefing from sitter

  • Hi I'm wondering I have been sitting an account for a alliance member <snip>
    I've now received word from him saying he won't be coming back <snip>
    chiefing will the multi hunter ban me <snip>

    not sure what I'm ment to do

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  • While generally we ask players not to discuss things relating to bans, I'm leaving this in place so that others will know.

    Most of the automatic "blocks" in the game in relation to sitters and player interaction take care of things automatically and it means that honest players can usually go ahead with anything that doesn't automatically block them. If you are concerned about any of the game rules, send a message to the Multihunter in-game explaining the situation.

  • Sitting someone puts restrictions on your accounts due to same ip usage. This prevents you from conquering or raiding until a period of 2 weeks has gone by where you don't log into their account.

    For a more detailed explanation of the restrictions/ limitations refer to this post >…55&viewfull=1#post1042555

  • i past someone was able to conquer or raid or push other players with no automatic limit and it was the job of multihunter to find out if you do something wrong and punish you
    then it become something automatic. the game automatically stops you from conquering your sitter or push beyond your allowed amount of resource and such. it means that in general you will not be able to do something wrong in these cases, and everything the system allows you to do is not prohibited and you will not get banned. according to rules you can conquer village when there has been NO active sitter connection within the last 14 days AND both players have not been in the same or allied alliance within the last 2 days

    but in the other hand, any account should be played for its own benefit so the other player should not offer you to chief a village and make it easy for you,like not defending and destroying palace/residence