market place glitch

  • my market place is glitching out..

    not sure if its because im being attacked, but all my offers are being canceled over and over again.

    might be reseting when I get attacked, but I woke up having not been attacked, and my offers are cancled..

    Merchants on their way: ‎***3‬‬/**5‬‬‬‎
    Own merchants moving:

    Trouble Return from New Village
    Arrival 0:08:25 hrs. at 10:07 am
    Resources 108 200 200 200
    Thematic006 Transport to 02- Baa
    Arrival 1:40:05 hrs. at 11:39 am
    Resources 0 1250 0 0

    The game is scamming me for a merchant.

    Any one else having problems?

    Its only this server for me.

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