Kill my own troops (Scouts)

  • I have far to many scouts (Pathfinders) after collecting them on my Hero's adventures. I was wondering if there was any way off killing most of them as they are only consuming wheat. Tried Attacking with them in the hope that they may get killed off, but of course they only scout, so they always come back to me.

  • if its uk1

    i got plenty of stuff for you to scout

    the best way would be to reinforce them and then send the hero after to kill them

    or any troop they have very low combat stats


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  • Send scouts in attack with a single troop of any other type; this will stop them from using the scout function. Personally I'd do as trouble suggests and rein a village with all scouts and kill them off with your own offence. This way you solve your wheat problem and get attack points but make sure you use your hero in the attack so you get the xp and possible level up.

  • Personally I'd not be killing the scouts! You're gaul meaning you'll need more infrastructure than those who will have scouts before you.

    The wheat loss aginst the gain of having the scouts is worth it.