Meme's Idiot Guide to Building a Gaul Account

  • I've done something similar and without gladiator helmet 2nd villa on 9th day. (Settler departure on 8th)

    Seeing this topic I think I even learned it from here. :D


    Thought I made it,

    but I'm feeling stupid now.
    Drinking till I'm falling,

    cause my mind is so polluted now.
    I just wanna be free.

  • Hello Cretin,

    I have question. Did you mean that instead of building all this progress from Day 5 village to Day 6 village, we should build all resources to level 7 and only then build Day 6 village progress ? Or don't build Day 6 village progress at all if we build all resources to level 7?

  • What he meant is you should bring a 2 wing alliance to a U.K. server, sim all round and delete as the leader after 2 weeks of actual warfare

    I’m just kidding cretin, you know I love you