WvV R52 game thread

  • Tonight I will be voting for Tombo.

    He has always been up there on my wulf list since his return after two nights of inactivity, he was the only one on the forum who apparently had not seen his role on night 1, so I believe has a high chance of being the alpha.

    Aswell as this he made a few dodgy comments regarding the vote on Inky yesterday which sounds wulfy to me.

    Also still no sign of the seer at this stage. If the seer needs a voice, then seer me so we can get the boat moving. If the seer has already got a goodie room but no wulf then i'd suggest seering CBA as he's next on my wulfy list.

    When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.

  • Just to clarify, I saw my role and posted privately to a few people that I couldn't be around for 2 days then I was completely off the forum for 2 days, meaning it was impossible for me to vote. Jake is wrong however I don't have anyone to suggest as of yet, but I do think Jake is a wolf.

  • Just to clarify, I saw my role and posted privately to a few people that I couldn't be around for 2 days then I was completely off the forum for 2 days, meaning it was impossible for me to vote. Jake is wrong however I don't have anyone to suggest as of yet, but I do think Jake is a wolf.

    Suggest me then? ;)

    I'll be voting Tombo because I think he's making excuses and the only people who could back his stories up are players who are dead already. Coincidence?

    When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.

  • Night 5

    Chapter 1 - A new vote

    The fog was thick and the feel of it seemed to burn his eyes. For the brief periods in which he managed to open them he could still see no further than 2 or three feet in front of him. “Bloody fog!” he exclaimed to himself, in doing so he only managed to get some in his mouth and now had the same bad taste that was disrupting his eyes irritating his mouth as well. Shalln’t do that again he thought to himself. The journey would be painful enough without further aggravating himself. Although he was not sure where he was going, nor why he was going there. The only thing he knew is that he had to get there. It was as if some internal force unbeknown to him was forcing him onwards so onwards he went.
    The floor was damp, old roots seemed to creep back out of the ground although the trees were few and far between. It wasn’t a forest but surely some kind of woodland area. If only he could see properly. Bloody fog he thought to himself. The journey had been treacherous so far. The constant falling and tripping thanks to the fog masked hidden floor below was making each step forwards an almost impossible goal.
    Time had long since been a lost concept. Although he occasionally thought he was able to judge the changes in day and night due to the darkening of the mist the time differences between were far too short to be so. That wasn’t what annoyed him most though, somehow the pain in the eyes, the sour taste and the endless trek through unkind terrain didn’t compare to the wind. It was not that the wind was cold, although he was cold, there was a strange sound to it that a send a chill down his spine. He thought the wind was not quite whispering but silently screaming. As if someone was unable to scream and yet using every ounce of strength in their body to scream at the top of their lungs. In his own mind he tried to explain it to himself but he could not, it was more of a feeling than anything else and one that try as he might he just could not shake.
    Just keep moving, Just keep moving. The voice kept ringing in the back of his head, at this point he had almost got used to the pain and feeling of hunger. The force that kept him going was somehow overpowering all of his senses. He trudged on and on, tripped again on yet another root, “BLOODY FOG!” he yelled immediately regretting once again. He pushed off the floor to get himself to his feet again except the floor wasn’t damp this time. It had the unpleasant feeling of recently unearthed soil but it wasn’t damp. Everything was damp. Why wasn’t this damp. He couldn’t understand. He forced his eyes to endure the pain of the fog, there was a mound of soil, dying flowers lay around it and atop was an eroded concrete slab. A grave. The moment he realised his stomach dropped as if he had been on one of the amusement rides the travellers set up near his home. The thought of home comforted him.
    He removed himself from the mound and carefully navigated around to the cement slab covered in moss, brushing it away to see the faint inscriptions that still remained. ‘Here lies trouble, the scourge of ROA”. What madness was this? It had not even been a full week since he had seen his good pal trouble, surely he was absolutely fine. It’s a big world, he thought to himself, there must be loads of people called trouble. Just keep moving, Just keep moving. The voice echoed again, the rhythm was catchy. He thought it he ever made a cartoon he may make a characters catchphrase something similar. Onwards he went, through the fog. Somehow the silent scream in the mist felt louder now, as if it was getting nearer. Bloody fog, he thought again.
    Push further he did, recovered from the initial shock of finding the grave. His good pal trouble was of course fine, it would be impossible for a grave so old and tattered to be that of his friend who he had so recently. He thought of his home, of village. Oh how he missed it. The green hills that lay to the west, how he used to watch the sunset in the village with Inky and then run up the hills to watch it a second time with Slinky Snail. He missed the faces and the smiles, he even started to miss the creepy old spam bells that had become the focal point of stories used to scare the children of the village.


    The voice was cold and sudden. He turned to look but he couldn’t see, bloody fog he thought again though it wasn’t the fog that he disliked now. He tried to retreat but tripped again on the freely venturing roots yelling as he did and letting that sour taste back into his mouth. Now he was starting to panic, he grabbed along to root hoping it would lead him to a tree but it seemed to sink back into the ground a couple of feet further from where it emerged.


    The voice was nearer now. It was definitely the silenced scream he thought he had heard previously but it was not silent anymore. Somehow it had a familiar ring to it. Where was it from, how was it familiar. It was too hard to focus on these details, he struggled to his feet. The fog appeared to be easing up, something he would be very grateful for if it was making way for anything other than darkness. He thought he could see a vague silhouette in remains of the fog, “is.. is anywhere there” he whimpered.


    The voice screeched. The shadowy figure stepped forward.
    Yellow from head to toe but somehow misshapen, much rounder than a normal person and the skin seemed rough. As the figure moved neared the feeling of horror truly sunk in. It was his friend Lemon except it wasn’t him, the face was the same but the body was so swollen and yellow. “Where were you?” the scream had gone as had the fog with it, the voice was less terrifying now. It was suffocated in pain and almost inspired pity. “what do mean?” he replied. The voice simply repeated itself “Where were you?” in the same groaning tone. Where am I he thought to himself, a sudden realisation came across him. “Where am I?” he demanded from the distorted, yellow figure he somehow recognised as a friend. The figure lent forwards and charged this time screaming one again “WHERE WERE YOU!” as in charged. He raised his hands to his face and braced for the impending impact. The impact never came.
    He opened his eyes, his body was covered in sweat and his heart was racing. What was that? What just happened? The pain in his eyes and throat was gone. He looked around, it was a strange cold room with a square marble table in the middle which he was rested upon. The entire room was empty except for one half eaten apple on the floor. What had happened he thought again. It didn’t matter. Just keep moving, he remembered the voice and finally understood.
    The people of Village needed him, and he needed to get back to them, how long had he been gone, at this stage he didn’t even know.

    PFK left the room and set his sights on home.

  • Chapter 2 – The Return of the Wolf

    The sun was setting in the once vibrant village of Village, a time which would usually see the children of the village running around and playing whilst others would sneak off to the hill to watch it for a second time. Today though the mood felt very different. The flowers that would follow the sun throughout the day lay flat and lifeless still facing east the tavern which is usually filled with laughter was restless apart from a very hungover Cantbeasked crawling out in search of medical supplies to remedy his condition.
    The majority of the village had gathered behind the temple of the Gods, a great shining monument to the two greatest people who had ever lived. Originally the gods were people themselves but were just so awesome that they had risen to the status of gods, Crunch and Hawkery, no villager would dare risk the wrath of the gods and none would want to and they lived their lives almost entirely to worship the gods for being just that cool. The temple itself was a towering golden structure that almost reached the clouds themselves with two statues outside, that made the giants of old like tiny in comparison, which did all that was humanly possible to capture just how friggin’ awesome these guys were. The gathering behind the temple was not so awesome however, a forth and a fifth villager had been buried. The night before they had managed to bury a wolf too which was a slight upside. The wolf, Razor, was one of the most recently departed. He had passed on the same night as his great love Onlymeeee. Although the villagers had despised the wolves they had still allowed these two to be buried next to each other so they can be together in the afterlife for all eternity.
    “Too many! Too many!” could be heard from Morgz in the corner. He stood eight foot tall and wield a great double sided battle axe that stood 7 foot tall itself. On occasion, after a few drinks at the tavern, the villagers would try to lift Morgz’s axe and although some had managed to raise it off the ground none had managed to lift it above their head in the menacing way he would when going in for a kill. “Too many! Too many!” he repeated over and over, each time with more furosity than the last. Jakeyyy and Morgz had been friends for some time and usually when Morgz found himself on a repetitive loop it was Jakeyyy’s Randomness that would finally break him out of his cycle however tonight Bob Hawken had forbidden Jakeyyy from coming out, “We need to learn all we can about these wolves, you must study on them so we know what we are facing” he had told him. In truth Bob had sent Jakeyyy away as he knew the recent return of Tombo was sure to cause drama and he did want that to mar the funereally of the dearly departed.
    Apart from Jakeyyy, CBA & PFK, who no one had seen for some time now, the entire village had gathered to show their respects. Just as the final flowers were thrown on the graves of Lagushki and Inky the ground itself started to rumble. “What is this?” said Andi “the wolves do not attack at this time, 9:30 every day, like clockwork”. The group looked around trying to understand what was going on. “Get to your Lynch posts!” bellowed Mercedes over the panicked mutterings of the villagers. The majority of the group immediately turned to run.
    Only Morgz, stick stuck in his cycle, and Killjerry remained when Morgz finally stopped. KillJerry looked over to him to see his face white as day staring towards the graves. A paw had appeared through the buried soil of Razors grave, seconds later the soil ground around the paw was falling back upon its self and the figure of Razor reemerged from beneath. “Now what Morgz?” Razor growled, Morgz turned and run launching his axe into the air. Razor leapt forward to chase but in an instand KillJerry has lauched herself into a half summersault haf frontflip, caught the axe in the air and brought it down and the unsuspecting reanimated Razor who had eyes only for the chase ahead. The blow split the wolf in half. “They can’t come back to life, this isn’t fair!” screamed killjerry with a tear dripping down her eye. She was no longer in the mood, she headed towards the temple of the gods to seek guidance. She made her offering and asked “how many are there!”. The response was silent. Have the gods deserted us, she thought, at a time like this. The tears were still slowly dripping but her fury had taken over and she was barely aware.
    By the time the group had returned to the scene the threat had vanished. Mercedes stepped forwards, “My fellow villagers. Here me now”. The group fell silent and all turned to pay attention. “you may be scared, I would be lying if I said I was not. We face great evil, the kind of evil that no person should ever be forced to face, if you aren’t scared they you’re stupid!” she bellowed, the crowd stirred at this a bit, caught in the conundrum of not wanting to seem scared but also not wanted to look stupid. “It falls to us to protect this realm. If we sit here and get picked off one by one will shall never prevail. We must take the fight to them, travel to the heart of the wolf lands, find their leader and really mess his ring up! Who’s with me?!” with that the crowd burst into cheers, the clang of steel weapons against iron shields ringing a tune amonst the cheers. “Can you stop it! My head is killing me!” yelled CBA but no one cared, shouldn’t drink so much mid-week they told him.

    With that, the fellowship of the lynch was formed.

  • I've been out all night again, I voted to lynch you by the way if you are interested

    Thanks for doing your job for me and outing yourself as a wolf also ;)

  • Chapter 3 – The villagers strike back

    Deep into the territory of the wolf they travelled, far from the comforts of village. The land here was like nothing they has seen before, the terrain was harsh and unforgiving. Water could scares be found, and everywhere there was bones and grave from previous battles of villagers. It seemed every round or so they travelled that graves littered the floors. Jakeyyy found one part exceptionally peculiar, at the scene of one of the battles there was an empty grave that had be preemptivley dug but never filled. ‘Here lies Merry, sacrificed for the greater good.’ All of the villagers could agree that it was madness for the grave to be empty.
    The father they went the higher tensions got almost as if the deeper into the land they travelled the deeper into their souls the land travelled. It wasn’t long before the villagers were once again at each other’s throats. Just as Bob Hawken had originally feared Jakeyyy and Tombo had started at it. “Why weren’t you here when trouble died?” Jakeyyy demanded of him, the whole group know that whilst at college together Jakeyyy and trouble had become very close. “if I could have been there I would’ve retorted Tombo feeling unjustly accused. Jakeyyy drew his sword and leapt forward slashing from right to left in attempt to take Tombo’s head off. Tombo ducked just in time and drew his own blade, and holding it pointed straight at Jakeyyy, “if you come at me, you will fall” he simply said. Jakeyyy though enraged was having none of it, he pounced again slashing wildly at Tombo, each blow met with a careful parry until when Tombo got mad and leaped back. He managed to catch Jakeyyy on the leg, little more than a flesh wound but enough to send Jakeyyy to one knee temporarily when Bob circled his hammer of war of sent Tombo’s blade flying fropm his hands “That’s enough” Bob demanded of the pair.
    Jakeyyy thought he won, until Bob turned his hammer on him, “how dare you behave in such a way!” Bob yelled, not familiar with the feeling of losing control of his emotions he drew a strange high. Tombo by this point had recovered his blade and was running back towards them both. Sides were forgotten and a 3 way brawl erupted blades and hammed colliding in a frenzy whilst eh rest of the villagers just watched, the draining feeling of the land around them preventing from intervening and calming the scene.
    As suddenly as the rage had erupted it had all calmed and the villagers felt themselves again, a sudden feeling of embarrassment fell on them all. As they regathered their senses the noticed a strange pink flying dust floating around them. They knew what this meant. The fairy king had returned. “It is I, PFK. I have returned in this hour when your need is greater than any. We must decide on a lynch.”

    So, under the towering dark beacon of the wolves stronghold the villagers gathered once more to cast a lynch.

  • Chapter 4 - The Lynch Awakens

    Too drunk to write now so I apologise

    Lynch is as follows ....

    Bob "Is this all the studying you did today Jakeyyy? Outrageous! I lynch you"

    Tombo "Go! lynchymon, attack Morgz"

    INQO "Andi you got a bigger part than me in the story, I lynch you!"

    PFK on his epic return, votes Tombo for arriving earlier

    Mercedes is fed up with alcoholics, waiting for a drunk god is enough, putting up with a drunk villager is the final straw! Lynch hungover CBA!

    KillJerry "Morgz was the only one there when razor was reanimated and he fled! What kind of manly man would flee whilst I axe a wolf in half? Lynch morgz!"

    CBA, "morgz. What a girl, lynch him"

    Andi, "Chris is meant to be a lad. Runs at the first sight of danger? Must be a wolf! Let's lynch him!"

    Jakeyyy, heartbroken that he wasn't defended in the argument with Tombo votes, morgz

    Andi - Morgz •
    Bob Hawken - Jakeyyy
    itsnotquiteover - Andi
    Tombo457 - Morgz •
    Mercedes - CBA
    Cantbeasked - Morgz •
    KillJerry - morgz •
    PFK - Tombo
    Jakeyyy - Morgz •
    Morgz - sleeping
    Slinky Snail - sleeping

    Morgz had been elected as the village lynch.
    He drove a Mercedes to the afterlife

    Lynch - morgz (villager)
    Alpha - Mercedes (Taxi)

  • In case anyone isn't looking on Skype:

    I am a confirmed villager.

    Medic to protect me and contact me please.

    Jakeyyy has been seered and is a confirmed wolf. All to vote for him tomorrow please.

    (Should have listened to me today! :P)

    Many thanks all.

    Roger over and out!

  • Quoting this again since Village Elder went mad on the reservations...