The builders Day 7

  • The builders Day 7

    When the caravan driver finally arrived at the city near where the gold was supposedly hidden, it was already completely dark. He quickly found a tavern where he saw several people who were about to start a fight. The caravan driver, who was used to such things, wedged his way into the crowd.
    "Guys, not everything should be solved with fists! Maybe I can help somehow?" he asked.
    The crowd stepped back. In the middle of a circle Mark Atilius saw two piles. One of them consisted of three bodies, snoring their heads off, the other was full of different weapons.
    "You see," spoke someone from the crowd. " Brannohen, Grathlon and Aurelius - our three new recruits - drank too much wine today. Now we need to bring them home with their weapons, but we can't remember what exactly belongs to each of these three recruits."
    "So, you remember nothing?" wondered Atilius.
    "Well, not exactly," the same person replied. "Some things we do remember."
    And then the whole crowd started talking at once.
    "Grathlon is the tallest of the three!
    And the swordsman is taller than the pikeman, that's for sure."
    "Brannohen always mocks guys who carry a sword or a pike!
    The clubswinger and the one who wears a hatchet argue a lot, and Grathlon always makes peace among them."
    "Yes, and Brannohen can use neither staff, nor hatchet!"
    "Will you help us, please?"
    "Okay, very well. That's actually enough information to decide which weapon belongs to which recruit," explained Mark Atilius. "I'll solve your problem."

    There are six different weapons in the pile: a pike, a sword, a club, a hatchet, a staff and a hammer. The three new recruits each own two types weapons. Which weapon belongs to which recruit?

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  • Brannohen- club and hammer
    Grathlon- staff and sword
    Aurelius- hatchet and pike


    Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

    Pay respect to those who gave life so you could sleep in peace today.

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  • Brannohen mocks those with a sword or a pike, suggesting he holds neither and cannot use a staff or hatchet, therefore Brannohen must own the club and the hammer.

    Since Grathlon makes the peace between the arguing club owner and hatchet owner it's likely he is a member of the more peaceful Gaulic tribe who doesn't use a hatchet. Since he is the tallest of the 3 and the swordsman is taller than the pikeman, Grathlon must own the sword and the staff since teutonic troops don't benefit from a staff, so Aurelius is left owning the hatchet and the pike.

    tl;dr Brannohen club + hammer, Grathlon sword + staff, Aurelius hatchet + pike.

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    bran -club/hammer aurelius - hatchet/pike, granthlon staff/sword