Winning Dual Account searching for 1 more dual.

  • Greetings,

    We are already gearing towards being one of the best accounts out yet on ukx, but are looking for 1 more person to dual with us.

    We us skype, and have good chats on strategy and victory.
    We would prefer a gold user. We use gold, and it would be good if everyone played their part.

    Account details:
    Have a 9 cropper with 150% crop bonus already.
    Spawn also has 150% crop bonus. :D
    Farmlist user.
    Have 2 sitters and a winning alliance (Top 10)

    To get in contact,
    add joshua.du.toit1 on skype, send me a private message here,
    or if you have more questions, post a reply to this thread.

    Come join us and win.